Wooden Toys for Kids

Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys

Whether your getting gift ideas for your child or for another child you can't go wrong with eco-friendly wooden toys! Wooden toys look so much better than plastic toys and they seem to hold up better too! Many are made from recycled rubberwood trees so they are great for the environment.

These adorable wooden push toys for toddlers and babies will sure to please your little one. They are so cute and easy to push. They make noises and encourage children to learn to walk and turn. Get something different this year and buy your child a few wooden toys to go with their plastic ones!

I have selected some high quality, eco-friendly wooden toys for your kids this Christmas. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Shopping online gives me time to read product reviews,create wish lists and really decide what I want without someone rushing me down the isle. I hope you find something here your little one will love!

Wooden Push Toys - Baby walkers

Push toys are a great way to teach babies how to walk. It seems like every second hand shop or garage sale I go to has the same exact old tired plastic push toys. I really like these wooden ones, you don't see them every where like the plastic ones and they are so much better looking. I remember when my kids were babies they all used these push toys to learn to walk. It helps them keep their balance and makes learning to walk fun.

These wooden push toys are sturdy so you don't have to worry about them falling over like a lot of the plastic ones do. The little wooden Lionheart Wheely Bug is so cute and fun for little toddlers. I bought this for my niece last Christmas and she absolutely loved it. They have several different styles and colors to choose from! Sure to be a big hit in your house.

Wooden Castle by Melissa and Doug

This wooden castle by Mellisa and Doug has a really great price. Tons of play space inside the castle for castle guards. My son uses little green army men to guard his castle. Whatever your little one decides to puts inside, this wooden castle is sure to provide hours of fun.

Wooden Toy Blocks

I don't think toy blocks will ever go out of style. All my kids love to play with them. Out of all the different types of blocks they have owned their favorites are the wooden ones. The wooden blocks also have held up the longest. The possibilities with blocks are endless. My kids like the blocks that have different shapes and sizes, they use them for all sorts of things from army bases to fences for a zoo and more.

Giving children a box of blocks forces them to use their imagination to come up with something fun to do. You will be surprised at what kids can use their imagination to come up with. You can also help get them started by sharing your own creative ideas on what to build or do with the blocks. My son and I like to make a zoo out of blocks , he uses the blocks for little cages and houses for the animals.

Wooden Dress up Sets

Melissa & Doug Mix 'n Match Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle With Storage Case (45 pcs)
Melissa & Doug Mix 'n Match Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle With Storage Case (45 pcs)

This wooden set contains 45 mix-and-match pieces to assemble mama, papa and baby bear. This set is really nice because you can change the facial expressions along with the outfits!

Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set
Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Joey can be a police officer, a super hero, a knight, fireman, a construction worker or a pirate!

This dress up set includes a magnetic wooden dress-up figure with a wooden stand and magnetic clothing pieces for pretend play

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Princess Elise Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll Play Set (24 pcs)
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Princess Elise Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll Play Set (24 pcs)

What little girl doesn't want to be a princess at some point! This 24 piece magnetic dress up set will bring hours of fun to your little girl. What a great gift for less than $10

Melissa & Doug Best Friends Forever Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Play Set (55+ pcs)
Melissa & Doug Best Friends Forever Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Play Set (55+ pcs)

These adorable play sets feature magnetic dolls with doll stands and Hundreds of dress-up options. Best of all they are wooden so they won't tear like paper dolls do!



This game is perfect for traveling and makes a great stocking stuffer. It's for ages 7 and up and comes in a really cute little banana bag.

Toy Story 3 Room Decor

Toy boxes are a necessity in a child's room so why not let them get creative and get a toy box with their favorite character on it? When my son was a toddler we got him a matching bedroom outfit that included a toy story 2 toy box. He was so excited to pick up his toys and put them away in his new toy box that I thought we hit the jackpot with the idea!

Of course the excitement of cleaning his room didn't last for more than week but the matching Toy Story 2 bedroom outfit did! I was able to pass it down to my nephew a few years back for him to enjoy and it was still in excellent shape.

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