BioShock 2 Impressions

Scheduled for release in November

In the E3, it was released a trailer that revealed single-player mode in action, and part of the multiplayer mode. The single-player mode takes place 10 years after the events in the original game, where we find a decaying and collapsing Rapture. Now, you take a role of one of Rapture inhabitants, the original Big Daddy, the first one to use those massive diving suits, who has regained his free will ( well, "your" will on this case). He now can use a variety of weapons, like the Big Daddy drill, the rivet gun and an all-new set of plasmids, and as before, you can choose to protect the Little Sisters or to take their Adam.

Now, for the multiplayer, unlike the single-player mode, it happens 1 year before the events in the previous game, during a civil war that originated the downfall of Rapture. There are 2 ways to enter multiplayer, one is through a standard menu option and the other one is through Jacob Morris's apartment which is a visual representation of all of the multiplayer options. You also have your own bathysphere to launch you into a multiplayer match. In there, you can make loadouts of weapons with plasmids combinations, before entering a match. And it looks that you're "sponsored" by a group named Sinclair Solutions, who has an interest in the outcome of the civil war, and in the end of every match, Sinclair group will analyse your performance, rank you, and provide you with better weapons and plasmids, like the Modern Warfare game.

During the match, you have 2 firing modes, a quick fire and a charge fire. The quick fire lets you shoot more quickly but less powerful, and the charge mode lets you shoot a powerful and extended attack but you have to wait a little to attack again leaving you vulnerable to enemies. This attacks cost Eve, and you can replenish yourself at the Circus of Value scattered in the map, and you can also use the turrets to aid you defeating those enemies, just get near one, hack it, wait a few seconds and it's yours. A new thing is the Big Daddy diving suit that's available to players, which gives you endurance and strenght but also makes you slow and doesn't let you use plasmid powers.

Now we only have to wait until November, to get a closer look at this game, it's going to be released to PC, X360 and PS3.

Sourced by Gamespot at E3

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