Black Ops Kino Der Toten Zombies Perk Machine Locations

The new map "Kino Der Toten", for Call Of Duty Black Ops nazi zombies, is one of the largest and most complex maps yet. This map is available right from the start and does not require any unlocking. Kino Der Toten is larger than Der Riese was from Call Of Duty World At War.(also on black ops hardened edition) Most players may find this map a bit confusing at first. The map is actually just one big circle with the main part of the theater in the center. Of course, there are a lot of doors that need to be unlocked to travel across the whole map. The perk machines are located in various locations on the map. One of these actually is right next to where you spawn. The perk machines can not be used until the power is turned on though. The power is located on the stage of the theater.

Quick Revive- The quick revive is located to the right, where you spawn. This room is known as the lobby room. The quick revive will cost you 1500 points to use it when the power is turned on of course.

Double Tap- This perk is located outside in the alley. Yes, there is an outside part, looks like 28 days later. The fastest way to get to this is to open the double doors on the left at the bottom of the lobby(spawn room). Proceed down the hallway and you will enter another room. The double doors in the corner give you access to the alley way which has the double tap next to the wall. You can also get to double tap by going the whole way around the map on the other side. These perks are useless until the power is turned on though. Your gun will shooter faster with this - costs 2000

Speed Cola- Speed cola is located in the room before you open the dressing room. There are two stair cases in this room, an mp40, and a pump action shotgun at the top. This perk is next to a barricade in between the stairs at the bottom. I don't believe this room really has a name, so just remember which guns are in it, and its between two stairs that spiral down.This costs 3000 points to use - allows you to reload faster.

Juggernaut- This perk is located in the middle of the whole map - theater seats. You need to turn on the power. The power is on the stage of the theater. Once you turn on the power, the curtains will open. Go across the theater and at the end, on the right, will be a juggernaut perk machine. This gives you extra health and costs 2500 points, by far the best perk.

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mrchi47 6 years ago

theres also a pack-a-punch perk in the broadcast room kinda thing, the first place where you go when you take the teleporter, i think it increases weapon damage, but when i unlocked it, it didn't seem to make a difference

benny 6 years ago

pack a punch upgrades your weapon, benefits include: higher damage, more ammo, larger magazines, reflex/red dot sights and also undergun attachments. pack a punch is really useful big time! upgrade m16

Gavin 6 years ago

Do the perks expire after a certain amount of time? I was playing last night and I was hit twice, had Juggernaut but still died!

R4mp4ge 365 5 years ago

All perks you buy go away if you go down and need to be revived. Even if someone revives you, you still have to re-buy all the perks you had, if you want them again. I know, bummer right.

BalisticFighter 5 years ago

Anyone know what happens after you get all the film reels?

JuanStab 5 years ago

What's the best way to kill the hellhounds? I keep dying when they show up.

sean 5 years ago

the best way to kill the hounds is to get stakeout. Then you stay in any corner. After you kill one hound then reload unless there is another one behind the first one.

Ringwraith117 5 years ago

Do you guys know were the double tap is in kino der toten

Bob 5 years ago

in the alley

josh 5 years ago

dude if you think kino der toten is hard try to play shangri la it is so hard if you can't play kino then you will probably die on ascension,call of the dead,shangi la,moon you will be lucky if you even get to round 20

Foxy 5 years ago

Guys, Kino Der Toten is the easiest map. All you gotta do when your playing solo is do laps of the stage (where the screen is).

coolchick 5 years ago

its sooooo easey

elliot 5 years ago

Mule kick has just been added? onto kino

sassytassy 5 years ago

that allows you to have 3 guns just added today to the game. yes in kino it kinda cool

elliot 5 years ago

i know i just found it on ps3 its sick

ashley 5 years ago

when i play solo if i buy the quick revive a certain amount of times it goes away will it come back?

brett 5 years ago

Yeah mule kick is badass. When did they add it?

allen 5 years ago

ya i love it

paul 5 years ago

where is mule??

MiffedCandy03 5 years ago

ashley. on solo, you can uses the quick revive only 3 times before it goes away.

Lou 5 years ago

Where's mule kick

tholmas 5 years ago

right in the door were the rifle is but in the door that leads to the stair case

henrique richter 5 years ago

i stay in the lobby and kill the zombies just with knife for 3 rounds than i go outside and stay there until round 8 than i turn on the power and use the teleport to upgrade my guns and use the turret

joe 5 years ago

aye play kino not on live can aye get mule kick n how do aye get it

Nick 5 years ago

Hey... where is mule kick? my brother and I only saw it once and it was in the square, like in the lobby the door to the left that is upstairs that is where we saw it, did somebody move it?

Jpatrick1967 5 years ago

The best way to kill the hounds, if you can get it, is with the bowie knife. It's on the wall next to Jugernaut and cost 3000 points.

In later rounds, the best place to start each round is up in the projector room (teleporter) and lob grenades down to the mob of zombies that gather in the theater. This creates a lot of crawlers which gives you time to rebuild barriers, etc., after killing all the runners. There are extra grenades on the wall in the projector room. Then just keep running in a circle from the lobby, up the stairs, down to the dressing room, through the theater, and back to the lobby. Make sure you have plenty of machine gun ammo, because this gives you the most points. Let the zombies follow you and try to shoot them in a line. You can really rack up the points this way.

By the way, on solo, you can buy quick revive right away and it's only 500 points.

lol 5 years ago

how much mule

kickasss 5 years ago

had mule kick been removed from kino coz i was on single player this morning and i went to get it and it wasn't there :S

bitch45 5 years ago

How do you get more time in the projector room

man 5 years ago

A this can't be real i made it too level100 with all perks

bi_chmasta 4 years ago

Idk y they don't add staminup to kino u need it more that double tap for the thundergun rpk hk21 the only reason y I get double tap is because of the hk(non pap) in other maps more important but kino least important just sayin

GDOG 4 years ago

where is mule kick on kino der toten

dan 4 years ago

i can't find the mule kick, ive used it before but now its gone

William 4 years ago

seriously? the mule kick is easy to find. Jus unlock the first upstairs door from spawn, go all the way to the second door before you open it and turn left. It never left the game...

Justin 4 years ago

I've found that with the mule kick it is easier to get to higher levels because your able to have more ammo

Justin 4 years ago

The best perk is juggernaut. It is good because if in a swarm of zombies you have higher health and are able to have a higher chance of escape

Martin 4 years ago

There is many good perks

SEAL 4 years ago

does anyone know if mule kick is on the wii

Garrett 4 years ago

Mule kick isn't that great caus when u go diwn you lose mule kick and the xtra gun which sucked for me cause i lost a porters X2 ray gun (upgraded ray gun) :(

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