Black Ops Kino Der Toten Zombies Upgrading Weapons

Every weapon in the Kino Der Toten zombie map for Call Of Duty Black Ops is upgradable. This means any weapon you get off the wall, or from the mystery box can be upgraded. Upgraded weapons are much more powerful than the basic model. The weapons receive new names when upgraded. For example, upgrading the crossbow will make zombies run after the arrow. This works in a similar fashion to the monkey bombs(averts zombies attention, then explodes) Eventually, everyone will need to upgrade there weapons because simply put, the zombies take to many shots. The weapons also get more ammo when you upgrade. In a nutshell, the weapons get more powerful, have more ammo, larger clips, and receive a new name. In addition to all of those features, the weapons may look different, and ammo may be purple. You will not be able to upgrade your weapons right at the start. If anyone of you have played the Nazi zombie map der riese, you know about upgrading weapons. However, this map is slightly different for upgrading weapons. Well, the steps for upgrading them are anyway.

When you first spawn in the lobby, you will need to defend here for a few rounds. After the first few rounds, you will need to make a choice in which direction to go. Whether you go right or left, you will still arrive at the theater stage. You need to make it to the theater stage in order too turn on the power. The power unlocks the stage, lobby door, teleporter, electric fences, and perk machines. Basically, turning on the power is mandatory if you want to use anyone of those.

To the theater

As mentioned, either direction you go at the beginning will lead you to the theater. Basically, you are making a semi circle around the map to to get to the theater stage. Along the way, you will encounter doors that need to be opened. Do not rush to get to the theater, because not all the players may have enough money to open all the doors. A good idea would be to defend at one of the rooms/areas for a few rounds until you get money. Once you get to the theater stage you will see a large curtain closed. The power switch is near the curtain. Turn it on, and bravo!


Upgrading Weapons

Now that you have the power on, you will have access to everything. Players can now go across the middle of the theater. In order to upgrade weapons, you need to press x on the teleporter, and then go across the theater back to the original spawn room (Lobby). Once your there, stand on the pad and activate it. Go back to the theater where the teleporter is. The teleporter is now activated and can be used. The teleporter is free to use, unlike Der Riese was, however, there is a cool down. You may want to make sure everyone is in the teleporter if they wish to upgrade weapons.

When you teleport, you will be in the projector room above the theater. This over looks the theater, and allows you to shoot at zombies below. This room is safe, however, you will only be in here so long. I am not sure on the exact time, but you need to hurry and upgrade your weapon(s)

Pack a Punch Machine - Upgrading Weapons

In the room, there is a machine to upgrade weapons. This is known as the pack a punch machine. It costs 5000 points to upgrade a weapon. Put your weapon in the machine, and a few seconds later it will come out as an upgraded weapon. Be quick though, you will automatically be teleported out of there if your not fast. I played with someone who lost there weapon. I don't think everyone can upgrade the weapon, there is simply not enough time. I know at least two people can upgrade though.

Bonus Rooms

After the room automatically teleports you, sometimes you will be teleported to a random room. Sometimes these rooms hold power ups. You will not remain in these rooms very long though so look quickly. Sometimes the teleporter skips these rooms, and sends you to the lobby right away.

If you miss the chance to upgrade you weapon, you can always teleport back.

If you want more information on Nazi Zombies, check out my website which is still in construction, but will be refreshed with new content often.

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xXBlackHeatXx 6 years ago

u spelled two wrong

Garrett 6 years ago

wow thanks for the info it really helped

Ali 6 years ago

Thanks for the info dude!

Wurrdz 6 years ago

all 4 can upgrade but the each person needs to be quick about it

Clare 6 years ago

David, i think it is always good to upgrade weapons. I am not playing it but i see my husband playing it. I am sure he will be interested about it.

KLeichester 6 years ago

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

kable 6 years ago

thakns man!

gordon 6 years ago

only upgrade guns when nessacerry because aleast get 10,000 pionts before going to upgrade it helps

mikey 6 years ago

dude i heard theres a clock in da punch room above da machine when it stricks 12 u teleport back and grab the film clips

cod BO 6 years ago

thanx man i well beat these f zombiez

john 6 years ago

if you play local multiplayer with two people can you still upgrade weapons because i go to the teleporter and it does not show the press x to teleport sign what im i doing wrong?

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Sorry, I edited a sentence. You need to stand on the teleporter, press action.

Then, run back to lobby room and press pad in that room to link. The teleporter will work. So the answer is yes


god of cod  6 years ago

thanks its really to round 16....not pathetic i play on wii

BornSpartan300 6 years ago

in some extra rooms there is a round plate looking thing next time you telaport to the pack a punch hold x on the video camera. You will get a recording and slide show of zombies

Jayhawker 5 years ago

when you buy any weapon it says the price to buy, price for more ammo, and a price for upgraded and when can you get the upgraded ammo off the wall at the original buy spot?

slayer2208 5 years ago

you wanna get the random boxes over and over again until you get the thunder gun and ray gun then go up on ur own and upgrage them both to get the zeus cannon and summit else! once you have done thhat just keep sayin goodbye to zombies! is a great way to get into mid 40 rounds atleast!!

Amr 5 years ago

also don't forget the bowing knife it takes good care of crawlers and saves ammo. but what's are the films collected from the random rooms for??!!

yomomma123 5 years ago

i play on wii but i cant find the freaking door in the room to the right of the lobby where the mystery box is... can anyone help me have ways to find that door?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

The mystery box is never in the same spot at the beginning. It always is in a random room each game.

zane204 5 years ago

i play call of duty black ops zombies

Bubble boy 5 years ago

Hooever plays on wii needs to get a life

jacob 5 years ago

i think the best gun on kinder token is the thunder gun and the ray gun

Arjie 5 years ago

My favourite set up is Ballistic Knife with HK-21 when I play multi with my friends, 1000 rounds, give or take a hundred, and gotta love the insta revive knife.

shahenathor 5 years ago

the best combo is HK-21 with upgraded crossbow arrow!!!!1

no one knows 5 years ago

call of duty black ops is so fun to play solo because you don't need to revire people

lowkiller12 4 years ago

Nice info dude how do i get classic zombies reply bak.

David 470 profile image

David 470 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Buy the Rezurrection map pack for Black Ops Zombies. It comes with the zombie moon map and the 4 original maps -- assuming you did not buy the special black ops edition which already has the classic maps.

Token 420 4 years ago

OMG thanks to whoever put this up i thought i had to wait in the teleport machine and i was surronded and kill thank god now i can finally upgrade!

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