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Black OPS Release

Many know how difficult Black Ops Zombies are to kill when they horde you. There are many different weapons along with upgrades for each that will aid you in your zombie killing spree. Make sure though that the weapon you choose to upgrade is one that you will keep for a long time due to how expensive it costs. For $5,000 you can upgrade your weapon which adds additional effects. The effect of each upgrade varies based on the gun you choose, and certain perks work best with certain upgrades.

Zombie Weapons and Upgrades List

Weapon: M1911

Upgrade: Grenade Launcher, small magazine, duel wielding. This upgrade is nice for taking out groups of zombies in Black Ops, however be careful not to blow yourself up with the grenade launcher.

Weapon: M14

Upgrade: Larger Magazine, and increased damage output. Keep in mind larger mags require more time to reload so it is recommended to use the Speed Cola Perk for faster reload times. This gun is not recommended for the the higher rounds.

Weapon: Olympia

Upgrade: The range along with power is increased, added in incendiary rounds. Another slow reloading gun, make sure to use the Speed Cola perk with this gun.

Weapon: AK74U

Upgrade: Higher damage, with a larger magazine, and precision site makes this a deadly weapon in any Black Ops Zombie map after being upgraded. This is what some will call a love or hate gun, as you will either love it or hate it.

Weapon: MP40

Upgrade: Larger Magazine, and increased damage

Weapon: Stakeout

Upgrade: Larger magazine, additional power, and damage increased.

Weapon: MPL

Upgrade: Upgrading this gun in any Black OPS Zombie map will include a larger magazine, and precision sight for increased accuracy.

Weapon: Mp5k

Upgrade: Increased magazine size, with higher damage output.

Weapon: PM63

Upgrade: This upgrade allows you to duel wield, however remember by duel wielding will reduce it's accuracy.

Weapon: M16

Upgrade: This upgrade will turn the M16 from burst to full automatic, increase the damage output, and add a grenade launcher. As with any gun with a grenade launcher be careful not to blow your self up when firing at close range.

Weapon: HK21

Upgrade: This upgrade provides larger Magazine, and higher damage output. Any machine gun is lethal in zombie maps so long as you have the Speed Cola perk for increased reload speed. This is one of the guns if you can get to hold on to as long as possible.

Weapon: RPK

Upgrade: Another awesome gun if you can get it. This upgrade will give higher damage, and a larger magazine.

Weapon: M72 Law

Upgrade: Not a recommended weapon although if you have no other choice make sure to have Speed Cola perk with it.

Weapon: China Lake

Upgrade: This upgrade provides like many others higher damage output, and a larger magazine.

Weapon: CZ75

Upgrade: This upgrade makes it resemble a sub machine gun, which adds higher damage, and turns it into a fully automatic.

Weapon: CZ75 Dual Wield

Upgrade: As is similar to the prior version it has a higher damage output, and fully automatic after upgrading.

Weapon: Python

Upgrade: This upgrade is a great secondary weapon with its higher damage, larger magazine, and fast reload times.

Weapon: Aug

Upgrade: This upgrade adds an under barrel shotgun for great close range damage, a precision sight, and higher overall damage output. This is a great weapon to have in Black Ops Zombie maps.

Weapon: FN FAL

Upgrade: Although I is a three round burst it still has a high amount of damage output with those bullets. This is hard to accomplish but those that can usually do very well with it. The upgrade gives a larger magazine, higher damage, and precision sight.

Weapon: FAMAS

Upgrade: This upgrade increases the damage, increases the magazine size, and precision sight makes this a deadly gun for those who know how to use it.

Weapon: Commando

Upgrade: Includes a higher damage output, and double magazines, and larger magazines.

Weapon: G11

Upgrade: My personal favorite gun, and is very deadly in the hands of the right person. This upgrade increases the magazine size, makes it automatic, and increases damage. Combine all that with Speed Cola, and you have one of the most deadly guns to those that know how to use it. The only major limitation though is like all assault rifles, their shear lack of total ammo allotment.


Upgrade: Includes a precision sight, and higher damage output.

Weapon: SPAS

Upgrade: By itself not a very good weapon to use, however with the upgrade can change the appeal totally around. This upgrade will double the magazine size, while increasing damage, increasing reload times, and making it fully automatic.

Weapon: HS 10

Upgrade: This upgrade adds the duel wield ability, and a larger total ammo capacity.

Weapon: Dragunov

Upgrade: This upgrade adds the ability to quick scope, and increases the total damage per shot. This gun is not recommended as they are fairly worthless in later rounds.

Weapon: L96A1

Upgrade: This upgrade adds higher damage, a larger magazine, and the ability to quick scope.

Weapon: Ray Gun

Upgrade: This upgrade makes the weapon very deadly in Black Ops Zombie maps. This is a must have gun if you can get it from the mystery box. The upgrade will give you a second ray gun, this is probably the most deadly gun available.

Weapon: Ballistic Knife

Upgrade: This upgrade will glow, and has a faster melee potential. You also can revive a teammate believe it or not with this weapon.

Weapon: Crossbow with an explosive tip

Upgrade: This upgrade will actually attract the zombies to where you want them making them easy prey for your teammates to blow them away.

Weapon: Thundergun

Upgrade: This upgrade will give a double magazine, and increase the damage output. The damage can take out multiple zombies, however the Speed Cola perk is also recommended with this gun.

Weapon: Winter's Howl

Upgrade: This upgrade increases the amount of time that zombies are frozen in time. With Speed Cola perk as many other guns are, it's effectiveness in increased substantially.

As you can see there are a ton of weapons and upgrades in Black Ops. Some are better than others, the best solution is to just combine them until you find a good combo which works best for you. Don't forget your revive Perk, and good luck with the dogs!

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Elpistolon 4 years ago

I seen alot of talk about the thunder gun but for those who play call of the dead you need to pack a punch the vr11 that thing is the best gun in zombies once pack a punched shoot a teammate he gets instant kill on any round plus you get points for how many zombies he kills hands down best gun wish they put it on every map.PSN,Elpistolon_Elmafioso2011

B.O.B 4 years ago

this helped i think ervery one knows what the thunder gun upgrades into though lolz jk

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