Black Ops Zombies FIVE Pentagon Panic Room Strategy

The "FIVE" zombie map for Call Of Duty Black Ops is a very large map. This map is best played with 3-4 people, however, its anyone's choice. The strategy for this zombie map will require 3-4 players, and 4 is the suggested number. This map has three levels within it. The office at the top, the defcon computer room, and the labs at the bottom. Where your going to defend requires the power to be turned on. Once the power is turned on the defcon switches need to be activated in order to go to the panic room. All the teleporters will send you to the panic room with a pack a punch to upgrade weapons when defcon 5 is on. This room will be safe temporarily, but eventually a hidden door opens, and allows zombies to come in the front. This is a prime area to defend given you position yourself correctly.

Rounds 1-5 Approximately

When you first spawn in the office, defend the windows with your team mates for a few rounds. If possible, do not buy any weapons off the wall. Use your pistol and knife the zombies to make money without spending money from buying weapons. There are a few walls that break, however sometimes one of them may not open. I believe this is random. These are on the side. A few players will have to run back and fourth to defend these. Eventually, when round 5 or 6 comes, open the doors to the hallway. Grab a sub machine gun off the wall. This weapon is not that great, however, its much better than the m14 or the double barrels shotgun. Go to the elevator at the end. (barricade needs to be opened first)

Elevator and computer defcon room

Everyone should now be in the elevator. This can be a decent place to defend & kill zombies, except your weapons will not defend you well. Use the elevator with everyone in it. The elevator takes you to the defcon room. Do not open the barricade at the stairs yet. Zombies will come up it if you do that. This room has 4 barricades at the top. A perfect place to defend because you have maximum of 4 players! There are two weapons at the top level balconies. An mp5 on the right from the elevator, and another sub machine gun on the far side of the balcony.

Black Ops Zombies FIVE map

Defending Computer Defcon Room

This area is great to defend for a couple of rounds. You can not stay here very long though. Everyone can defend a window. There are 2 on the left side of the balcony, and 2 on the right portion of the room. The mp5 is great for taking out zombies and making money. Basically, you want to make enough so you can open the barricade and proceed down to the big elevator and go down to the labs.(where the power is) Try to save as much ammo as you can, so you do not waste buying ammo off the wall. Before you decide to go down with your team mates,make a zombie a crawler.This allows you to go down the elevator and turn on the power with time.

To The Labs, Turning On Power&Defcon

Open the barricades and go down to the large elevator at the bottom. Proceed down, and go to the room with a number 3 on it. Turn the power on. At this point, you can try and find the magic box if you want. Go back up to the computer defcon room. Turn on all the defcon switches in the room. Once you reach defcon 5, all teleporters will send you to panic room.

***Panic Room Camping Spot***

This place is amazing to defend if done right. You can upgrade your weapons at the pack a punch machine. This will cost 5000 points. In a few moments of arrival, a hidden door will open. Zombies will come in, and they also come through the two barricades in this room. The teleporter in the back can be used in the back for last resort escape.

Two people need to defend the windows.(Or at least one does) The remaining players need to defend the front entrance. Juggernaut can be purchased here.(increased health) The front entrance is where most of the zombies will be coming from. The players with the most powerful guns need to defend the front entrance. Zombies will continue to pour in from the defcon room, so the players guarding the front are important.The players in the back need to make sure the zombies do not attack the players in the front. This room is very good to defend, however, if your getting over run, use the teleporter in the back. The players defending windows can make crawlers. The players in the front can also try and create crawlers with grenades.(will be harder though)

(It is vital to save crawlers during this time if you wish to use the magic box in the labs.) Then you can come back to this room, and upgrade weapons and etc.

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evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL

Great tips. I've only managed to make it to level 8 on any map. Maybe now I can shoot for level 12! Getting lost on the map seems to be my biggest problem. For example: trying to run away and end up getting trapped in a corner.

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

The map may be confusing, but to be honest, the labs are the most confusing.

The top floor is not that bad, and the computer room is just balconies and a bottom floor.

They did a great job with the map. I always have a hard time finding the magic box though. Its always in the Labs basement, but it spawns in different places, then of course it moves

Mike_94 6 years ago

Thanks for the help, you can find the box easier by looking at the several tv monitors around the defcon room and also in the labs (basically the equivalent to the beam of light in Der Reise etc.)

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

ahh, never knew that, I wondered if they gave a clue or not.

Jemmy-T profile image

Jemmy-T 6 years ago from Lovely Home

Very addictive games, glad I find your hubs some of your tips save me :)

RSHunter88 profile image

RSHunter88 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

When I beat the campaign, I was by myself, so I lasted only a couple of rounds in the zombie mode. Then I died. It would be impossible to try and play it by yourself.

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

You can play zombies yourself, but the only way to do good is survive the beginning rounds and run around later. There is no way to really defend an area by yourself unless you have players covering other points.

I have done well solo on the older zombie maps, but these new ones for black ops are very hard solo.

I think I got to lvl 7 solo on here

stewart 6 years ago

i just found out that when playing solo, the quick revive machine will sell you a revive, so if you go down, it'll get you back up.

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Really? That would be cool, cause in the past, I was always pissed cause quick revive was useless by yourself.

tyler 6 years ago

Ya I made it to level 12 on solo .But you have to use quick revive. When you go down you get to use duel pistols that shoot exploding rounds so you can clear out the zombies around you. You can get the duel pistols with exploding rounds if you pack a punch the starting pistol

Don't shoot to close to yourself or you will kill urself :(

james  6 years ago

iv been here by me self its no a good idear lol u need 4 of you to stay alive

bgigstead profile image

bgigstead 6 years ago

Great hub David, my son and I will try it next time we are online.

bgigstead profile image

bgigstead 6 years ago

Great hub David, my son and I will try it next time we are online.

Sinisterchopper 6 years ago

You can play solo with the right strategy.. I have made it to level 18 solo, 32 with a good team.

David2 6 years ago

well hey not to be mean but its call the mystery box. and this is a wonderful plan. i found it before i saw this guide but nonetheless amazing. good job. also solo doing this. ive made it to 21. just sayin.

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

I know, I also call it the mystery box. I have found people call it one of those.

Tony77577 6 years ago

Actually playing by yourself is the best way. On kimd der toten ican get to round 36 myself easily. On fve ican only get to 25 as it's still new to me. The trick is to run dodge and dodge some more, round them up turn around and kill. Using the pack a punch rooms as much as possible. Incredibly simple system when u learn it. Remember it's not the horde in front that gets you. It's the bitch from behind. Turn around constantly or u will lose.

R3vh3ad 6 years ago

Yeah. Solo is heaps easier on der reise than 4 player on der reise. Not as many zombies. Esecially zombie dogs, only half as many of them! The easiest way on der reise is to create a loop starting from door above spawning point, and heading down the staorwell. Just walk around the loop while shooting, running only if necessary.(otherwise zombies turn around and cit u off). Also, make sure to get quick revive and juggernaut, then start pack-a-punching. If u still have points, then get speed cola.

A person 6 years ago

You really need to get some good weapons on five to do well... LMGs should cover the front of the PAP room, and only need 1 person with shotgun/ballistic knife-bowie to defend the two windows for the first 20 rounds.

nicholas 6 years ago

I have been trying to get on top of the table in five. I cant seem to get on top of the door jam to get to the first table. this is really irritating after trying to do it about a million times!

lewis r 5 years ago

i got to lvl 26 on kinder der toten by myself it really isn't that hard if you pack a punch the m16!! and a thundergun help too. i find five really hard on solo tho, it takes the p*ss!

Chris 5 years ago

When i beat the campaign i made it to round 12, not with friends i can make it to round like, 23-25 and beable to try that pentagon thief!

fizz 5 years ago

Yea I've made it to round 18 with friends, on five,and round 27 on Kino der toten(theater of the dead)...and round 18 on ascension...and I agree with Tony77577,it mostly the zombs in front of behind u..a good tip is to never go down stairs in the defcon room alone,u will get traped to there...ur lucky if u don't.

fizz 5 years ago

I meant behind u...

fizzy4u 5 years ago

Idk if ur going to take this advice...but I'm just posting just in case...

Kino der toten strategy: first off get the meteor fragment under the stairs next to the door by using the use button...then stay in the first room until round 5. Then open the top door.if u hav enough money,open both of the doors leading to the mp40 room...i usually stay in there till round 9...then open the next room...there should be another me another meteor in that room next to the window left from the entrance...then camp until u get over powered..and then the power room


don't turn the power on yet.hav 2 people guard the entrance,and 2 on the windows...then wen its around round 12 or 13...turn on power...


FIRST THINGS FIRST...HEAD FOR JUGGERNOG. THEN WAIT AT THE TELEPORTER, Until u get overpowered. Use the PAP machine... And then spam grenades down at the zombies... Recover the tapes.that way bent time ur in the pap room u can turn the movie on..not sure wat they do...and then u can open all the doors for extra running room..the last meteor fragment is in the room between the stage and the alley ...of course there's the mystery box and the perks..and u should do fine by then...hope I helped even though no one asked me to type a strategy about Kino der toten....... MADE IT TO ROUND 27.


Jackhammer13 5 years ago

This is impossible in single player and I don't have xbox live so I guess i'm screwed.

This is slightly a fail 5 years ago

a BETTER plan would be-

AFTER turning on the power, stay by the front of the first elevator, with your prefered MB weapons, perks, and claymores.

Zippy_Dk 5 years ago

Need some people to play with in Five. My highest lv 26 online 36 single player.

Add me on psn Zippy_Dk

FlipOfficial 5 years ago

Need someone to play zombies with my psn is:FlipOfficial

Ggffffgg 5 years ago

Hey guys

vova 5 years ago

even if in uae( i live there) my max level is 64 in kinder de toten and level 59or61 for map five

aalva1 5 years ago

kino is the best at solo no lie and matter fact my best solo game was on level 42

Repakepaqw2 5 years ago

I will play zombies with anybody my psn:xxsniperex55

bossness_guy145 5 years ago

im no good at five but on kino i get to round 64 on average my best is 71

Dean Davies 5 years ago

On the first zombie level on black ops I got two level 28 on my own I find it harder on FIVE though thanks for the tip lol

ggthhfhmfhg5gjf6jngu7 4 years ago

i don't mean to brag at all but that kind of info made me survive up to lv.38

Jessica Pugh 4 years ago

in "five" you can get ontop of the tables and post up on the tables until you have enough points to go open all the doors and try the mystery box until you get the gun that you want but in order for you to go open all the doors and be able to get right back up onto the table you have to save yourself at least 2 or 3 zombies and keep them running if not they will start to die off on their own. in order to get onto the tables you have to go to the door next to the door that cost 750 the one with the clocks next to it on the wall break ONLY the bottom two glass repair and if you did this correctly two boards should come up and you can jump ontop of them but in order for you to jump on the boards you have to be at the corner of them then when you are on the 2nd board you can jump to the frame of that door then turn to where you are facing the clocks hold your joystick to the right then jump keep doing this until you land on either the 1st or 2nd clock then turn very slowly and carefully towards the table make your guy look up up and jump and while you are jumping push forward and if you did this correctly you should be on the 1st table don't stay posted on the 1st table the zombies can still get you there jump to the next table and you will be safe there when you are on the table watch the door that you used to get there so that no zombies come and break the glass or tear the boards off or you will have a difficult time getting the right boards back.

i hope this tip helped you

logan 4 years ago

Lvl 42 by myself on level 5

khalid 4 years ago

hach call of duty zombies

zombiekiller 4 years ago

ive made it to round 31 solo with plasma and commando and all powerups...

the easiest way to defend by ur self is in the first room by the elevator! have fun and good luck

Emox 4 years ago

Got to.lvl 56 using this method



Libby 2 years ago

Sm-kacdab what I was looking for-ty!

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