Black Ops Zombies Moon - Rezurrection - Wave Gun and New Perk!

Black Ops Zombies Moon - New Map!

Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection will release on August 23rd of 2011 on the Xbox 360 console system. It will later be released on the ps3 and PC the following month. The new zombie map is called Moon, and yes, you guessed it, it will take place Earth's Moon! The Rezurrection map pack will also include the four original zombie maps. The map pack will be free, however, if you already have the collectors edition (hardened) of Call of Duty Black Ops. This is because the hardened edition already included the four original zombie maps and it would be silly for a person to pay 1200 points for maps they already own, except Moon of course.

As with every new zombie map, Moon will include new features, weapons, and more! There will now be gravity on the map where you can float around the map with the hordes of zombies. This will make the game challenging in a different way, unseen in previous zombie maps.

The Nova Six zombies make a return in Moon. They were those gas zombies that would disrupt your vision if you got to close to them on the Kino Der Toten and Five zombie maps. They would appear with the zombies, unlike how the hellhounds had their own round.

"For our fans who purchased the Black Ops Hardened or Prestige Editions and already own the four re-mastered maps, the other contents in the Rezurrection pack will be included at no cost, including Moon, the soundtrack and the theme."


Black Ops Moon Wave Gun and New Perk

Many new zombies maps often feature a new wonder weapon, moon will be no exception. A new gun called the wave gun can be used against the zombies. It appears to look like a dual wielding ray gun almost (as seen in the trailer for rezurrection). Of course, this could imply that this is the upgraded version of the wave gun. Throughout the history of the nazi zombie maps, most weapons that get upgraded often recieve new features such as sights, dual wielding, or a new ability when they are pack-a-punched.

A new perk will also be featured in the Black Ops Zombies Moon map. It appears to be very similar to the speed cola perk machine, but it is glowing. There is a picture of a weapon on it, which could possibly hint that you can carry an extra weapon!

Treyarch has said that this map will have many of the features of nearly all the previous zombie maps. Moon will likely be a very large map.

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timzers 5 years ago

i think the new perk will allow you to pack 3 times

Noname 5 years ago

Or just twice. One is the normal gun, two is first pap, third is second.

cheese man!$$$! 5 years ago

i bet the new perk will allow you to get more dameageon the zombiesor it will just give you the abilaty to get three wepons.

jimmy 5 years ago

it,s a perk where u can have three wepones and u can pack a punch all three :):):):):):)

robh 5 years ago

the perk lets you have three guns

andrew 5 years ago

when exaclty does the map pack come out for ps3? and is it really free?

ant2dalokz 5 years ago

man it sux all u get is 1 map

andon 5 years ago

Wtfmoon is the best map pack EVER!

Kfkfkfk 5 years ago


paddy 5 years ago

how do you get the moon map

moomoo 5 years ago

what does moom look like

elijah 5 years ago

i got moon

ELI 4 years ago

deth to all zombies ablow to to the head with the python

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