Black Ops Zombies Update: Mule Kick Perk On All Maps!

Apparently, there was an update for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies where the mule kick perk is now featured on every single zombies map! The mule kick perk allows the player to carry 3 weapons instead of two. The mule kick perk was first introduced on the Moon map, but now has been implemented into all of the other maps. This includes the classic zombie maps as well.

Perhaps Treyarch thought it was suitable to put the mule kick perk into the older maps to increase replay value? Of course, I'm sure fans of Black Ops Zombies requested this many times. In fact, many players have done glitches on maps to acquire more than two weapons. Well, now you can get 3 weapons legitimately. Most patches fix weapons glitches anyway.

The mule kick perk costs 4000 points to buy. You will lose your third weapon if you go down with the perk.

This video below shows the locations of the mule kick perk on each map. Imagine being able to play Nacht Der Untoten with three weapons! Great job Treyarch!

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What's next for the Call of Duty Black Ops maps?

Considering Treyarch has now added the mule kick perk to all the new maps and old ones, could there be more updates in the future? Maybe there will be an update where they include more perks on Nacht Der Untoten? Of course, some people may not like the idea of changing the maps, however, the layout of the maps will probably never change.

The ability to have three guns on all the maps will definitely put people higher in the leaderboards.

What I would like to see is a pack-a-punch on the maps made before Der Riese. Imagine being able to have upgraded weapons on the old maps! Then again, maybe it's best for the maps classic feel to remain the same....

It's hard to say, but due to the success of Black Ops Zombies, there could be an actual game in the works. If players love the game mode so much, there is a possibility of it happening. Either that or there will be more zombie maps on the next Call of Duty treyarch game.

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Comments 7 comments

kukarn 5 years ago

why not on pc

Gabg 5 years ago

Same: WHY NOT ON PC????? Comon Treyarch!!

Heftyheftyhefty 5 years ago

I was playin zombies on der riese and I tried to get mule kick but it said I needed more kills???

Heftyheftyhefty 5 years ago

I was playin zombies on der riese and I tried to get mule kick but it said I needed more kills???

zombieshero8 5 years ago

its great but on nacht der untoten killed it! its supposed to be old

XanConn 4 years ago

i cant find the mule kick and i just got black ops yesterdat

Carrieann 2 years ago

Why does this have to be the ONLY reiblale source? Oh well, gj!

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