Blizzcon 2011 Mists of Pandaria - WoW's Newest Expansion

World Of Warcraft Mists Of Pandaria

This years Blizzcon 2011they announced the World Of Warcraft's newest expansion "Mists Of Pandaria". Some was thrilled to see while others kept thinking of Kungfu Panda which will be explained in a bit. Blizzcon had many changes not only to World of Warcraft, but information on the newest Star Craft 2 expansion, and Diablo 3. The bulk of course was covering WoW's Mists of Pandaria.

Here you will find major highlights of this years World Of Warcraft panel at Blizzcon 2011. Later you will see more in depth information on things like the companion pet battle system, new pvp battlegrounds, and more.

World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Preview Trailer

Blizzcon World Of Warcraft Highlights

Here are the major highlights of this years World Of Warcraft panel at Blizzcon 2011. Later you will see more in depth information on things like the companion pet battle system, new pvp battlegrounds, and more.

  • Pay for 1 year of World of Warcraft, which can be paid monthly and get Diablo 3 for free! Note this will lock you into paying for it. You also get Guarenteed Access to the upcoming World Of Warcraft - Mist of Pandaria expansion BETA, and an exclusive mount.
  • New Race - Pandaran (Can be any class except Wargans, and Goblins) Does not choose faction until level 10.
  • New Class - Monk
  • Talents 2.0, as they have been totally overhauled again.
  • Level Cap raised to 90 (They have said level 100 is max cap period)
  • Pet Battle System
  • Two new PVP Battlegrounds
  • New PVE Battlegrounds
  • Challange Modes - Timed dungeon runs
  • Scholomance, and SM wing 1 & 2 turned into heroics.
  • New Raid Finder similar to the one used for dungeons. Has the feature to look for raids both normal, and heroic
  • You now choose your spec at level 10 when creating new classes
  • Account Level Achievements
  • Lore based on the actual war between Alliance, and Horde.

Talent System 2.0 Revamped

Talents are TOTALLY GONE! They have been replaced with their new talent system, what they call talents 2.0. Talents are now split into 3 categories class abilities, spec abilities, and chosen talents. The core class abilities everyone of that class will have, while the spec abilities will vary based on spec. There may be some overlap here but only when necessary as they stated. None of those do you choose they are given to you.

The chosen talents is the only place to change talents. You get a talent point every 15 levels, for a total of 6 chosen talents at level 90. It may not seem like a lot however it is almost all optional, not required talents. A good example is at level 15 the warrior has three talents to choose from, all of which give a different form of Mobility. This is Blizzards way to try and break the typical cookie cutter builds. Only time will tell how well it works.

Blizzcon 2011 Class Changes

  • Druids have always felt like they had 4 specs, and now they do!
  • Hunter Minimum range GONE!
  • Hunter Melee weapon GONE!
  • Relic slot....GONE!
  • Warlocks now have three distinct different resource systems, one per spec. An example of this is the Demonolgy now uses Demonic Fury as their resource, while Affliction uses Soul Shards.
  • Shamans, I did not forget you my brothers and sisters who love the punishment always handed down on us by blizzard for being a hybrid...Buff Totems....GONE! All totems are now for utility, including one of our talents allows us to "throw" our totems to a new location! It is about damn time for that.

Soon Blizzard said they will be creating a talent calculator, when they do I will make sure it is included within this section. It will explain what every talent does for each class etc. Stay tuned

Companion Pet Battle System

Ok so whoever thinks Pokemon when they think pet battle system is nearly correct. Here are some of the finer points of how the pet battle system will work.

  • You will collect, level, and fight with companion pets
  • You can alter things like Name, abilities
  • Each pet has six abilities, of which you can choose 3 per pet to use while in combat.
  • You level in one of two ways fighting in PVP in teams of 3, where there is a Q to join with others, or fight wild pets. You also can build your own team of three pets if you wish, but you will have to level each one. They can be leveled together though if you have them all fighting at the same time as they level.
  • You can use your pet to catch other wild pets you battle while leveling up at the same time. (Pokemon anyone?)
  • Nearly all pets in game existing now, and in future will be able to join in the Battle System.
  • Blizzard feels the game is so fast paced in PVP that they are using a turn based system for pet battles.

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wowbettergaming 4 years ago from Eonar, Alliance (EU)

Nice overview - looking forward to seeing more articles here :)

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Nice overview Jason

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