Blokus Trigon - Strategy Game

If you are looking for a great strategy game for your next family games night that all ages can play and enjoy then we love Blokus Trigon.

If you are familiar with the original classic Blokus then Blokus Trigon has taken it to the next level by making the pieces triangular and changing the board to hexagonal so that it now has six sides instead of four. This brings new challenges and excitement to the game and also makes it a bit more strategic.

Both Blokus and now Blokus Trigon has won awards (see below) for its great educational achievements because it encourages creative spatial thinking in children. But don’t tell the kids, because they’ll just think they are having lots of fun, not learning at the same time! Younger children can also play this as the rules are easy to understand, but they will probably get more out of it around the ages of 8 and up as they improve their strategy and understanding of the game. While placing the pieces on the board is easy to understand for all ages, sometimes working out ways to block your opponents is best left to older children.

How do you play?

Each person starts with 22 blocks of the same color.  The objective is simple enough; you just need to place as many of your pieces on the board before the game ends.  Each player takes turns to place one of their pieces on the board making sure that it touches a corner of another block of the same color.  It can only touch the corners, and not the sides.

Each block is a different shape and size so you need to try and plan ahead where you will put your next piece while also seeing if you can block your opponent for placing his or her next block.

It’s recommended for children over the age of 5 to adult (although slightly older children will get more out of it), and you can play with 2, 3 or 4 players.

What you get with the Game

Blokus Trigon comes with a hexagonal game board that has 486 triangular squares that fit the 88 blocks (22 of each of the four different colors), an instruction guide and a storage tray to keep it organised.


Blokus Trigon has won many awards including:

- the Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity
- The Dr Toy Best Children’s Product Award
- Tthe Most Celebrated Toy of the Century Award
- Teachers Choice Award
- Parents Choice Gold Award
- Top 10 Children’s Choice Award
- And many others

You can find out more about Blokus Trigon including where to buy and how much it is below.

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