Bloodfire Twilight: A Simplified Sheet For DNDers That Just Want To Roleplay

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Bloodfire Twilight: Originally used (and playtested) with a group of guys in a campaign that was post-apocalyptic, incorporating elements of shadowrun, road warrior and zombie apocalypse games/films, so it's really built to handle that kind of scenario. I've also used it to run purely fantasy and purely sci-fi/cyberpunk RPG campaigns, with the only tweak being that the "previous occupation" bar was used for class. This sheet works great with the BP system D&D modification used by my primary gaming group, giving you plenty of room for proficiencies, languages and skills. Another thing that seems to be popular about it is that it's minimalist approach puts everything right up front where it's easy to see and easy to get at. Players using this sheet don't forget what spells or abilities they have lost in the sheets, what magical items, keys, etc. they might be carrying, because it's all right there.

And if you really do end up needing more room, this sheet leaves the entire backside blank for whatever you need to put in there (contacts, notes, maps, etc.) The fact is, there's really just something to be said for a cool looking sheet that lends itself to simplicity, availability, and ease of use. With the Bloodfire Twilight D&D sheet in your game, your players can focus more on playing and less on searching or struggling through something they could have avoided if someone had just had that timeless "ah ha!" moment and remembered the obvious shortcut you, as the GM or DM, handed them outright at some prior point in the game.

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Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

That is a really cool looking sheet. Nice hub, thanks for posting this!

Steven King 6 years ago

Where can I find the game Bloodfire Twilight, sounds badass

Earl S. Wynn profile image

Earl S. Wynn 6 years ago from California Author

Google 2nd Edition D&D and throw out about 90% of the rules, lol.

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