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Bubble Blowing Recipes

With summer on the way, one of the most budget friendly and fun activities for kids of all ages is blowing bubbles. Both young children and older can spend hours blowing bubbles, chasing them, trying to catch them and popping them as well.

You can buy specialty bubble mix at most leading toy stores, or if you are feeling creative you can make some at home.

This page will give you some recipes and tips for some great bubble mixture for super sized long lasting bubbles.

The most basic recipe for making bubble mix is simply detergent and water. Any detergent including your everyday dish soap that you use to wash the dishes is perfectly acceptable. Getting the balance right is tricky but you are looking for about 1/4 detergent to 3/4 water. Although experiment a little with your dish soap until you get a good consistency.

Of course this bubble mixture doesn’t produce strong bubbles, but it is quick and easy (and very economical) to make.

Here are some tips for making your ‘basic’ bubble mix better:

  • Don’t swish the wand around in the bubble mixture because the suds will create weak bubbles. Try and be very gentle dipping your wand in and out of the mixture.

And here are some more tips for making a better and stronger bubble mix.

  • If you really want good bubbles then use distilled water instead of tap water. The reason is that it’s pure without any chemicals or other things that could weaken the bubble. Also you need ‘soft’ water to create long lasting bubbles and if you live in an area that has ‘hard’ water then your bubbles will pop way too soon.
  • Add glycerin to your bubble mix. You can get glycerin in most pharmacies and it is usually quite inexpensive. Adding a bit of glycerin to your bubble mix will ensure that your bubbles are strong and last a really long time (it makes them slightly harder to pop as well which can produce lots of laughter and giggles from children).

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