Bouncy Ball Game Review

A Spider Man Bouncy Ball.
A Spider Man Bouncy Ball.

Bouncy ball is a fairly old game that fortunately still runs on many operating systems in the modern world.This review of bouncy ball will not only teach you the basics of playing with a bouncy ball, but also compare it to other similar games available on today's rather inflated games market.


Single Player

Bouncy ball has a variety of game modes available both in single player, multi-player and multi -species player, unlike many console and pc games, which are really only useful for a single species and sometimes a single player.

Single player often consists of such games as throwing the ball, catching the ball, rolling the ball, and in some cases, kicking the ball. These games usually have no set objective, they can be regarded as 'sandbox' games, in which the player is free to create their own gaming experience.


Bouncy ball converts easily to multi-player, no restart is required in the case of additional players joining the game, though existing players may request that any scores be reset in the interests of fairness.

There are many multi-player bouncy ball games, including piggy in the middle, a game in which one one of the players is designated as 'piggy' and thenceforth taunted by having the ball thrown over their heads repeatedly. Should the 'piggy' catch the ball, the player who failed to catch the ball becomes the piggy. In some versions of the game, the player who threw the ball becomes piggy, and it is not uncommon for there to be clashes of rules in any given game.

Family pets, such as dogs may also enjoy playing a game known as 'fetch'. In fetch, the bouncy ball is thrown and the faithful hound sets off in hot pursuit to catch the ball and bring the ball back. Some dogs will play this game for eternity, others won't play it at all, and some will play for a few minutes before hoarding the ball. Check with your dog's programming to see which model you have.

Family Friendly

Unlike other games, which may introduce violence and pain into the lives of your family, bouncy ball is an eminently family friendly game. Smaller members of the family can often join in rolling the ball back and forth, or if one wishes to play a more robust game, can become designated 'piggies' in the middle.

Installation and Known Bugs

The bouncy ball comes with all necessary software and hardware pre-installed. It is usually bug free, though it is possible for a bouncy ball that has been played for extended periods to develop glitches associated with deflation.

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