Retro Classic: Road Rash

Following on from my wave of nostalgia with hubs such as " I miss my Commodore Amiga" and " David Braben's Frontier: Elite 2 ". I thought I would highlight another game from my youth i really do feel is in need of an update for the modern gamer's of today ( and nostalgic thirty-somethings who should be sorting the kids dinner out!). The game in question is the trans-state motorcycle racing game Road Rash, this was very successful on the Sega mega drive and I believe that a game of this type once updated would appeal to a wide audience. I think that motorcycle enthusiasts and the " Grand Theft Auto: Vice City " generation would find a certain charm in its content. And i think general games would grow to love in especially in a multi-player mode.

Road Rash for PC Windows 95 screenshot
Road Rash for PC Windows 95 screenshot

Playstation version

In the second game of the series ( Road Rash 2 which I preferred )The racing took place in through much of the United States. One of the major changes i can recall from the original was that the races could only be won by placing first, second, or third in each race. ( in the first game, which would still allow you a placing in finishing fourth). After all five tracks were won, the player would advance to the next level, where more money was at stake and the pressure to win was increased by the AI been increased on the CPU controlled players. The second Road Rash game also introduced new style of fighting to the originals. The addition of a second weapon the bikers favourite the chain. Where in the first game one strong hit would deplete the opponent's life bar, in this game each weapon's attacks dealt a set amount of damage. Which made a lucky shot ruining your race less likely.

I have just found out that Electronic Arts are rumoured to be bringing out a new update of this title on the Xbox 360 and PS3. They are currently remaining tight lipped about the project but I hope they really allow the multi-player online side to be what i know it can be. I am now quite chuffed that the game is in the pipeline. If you look at the Windows 95 version of the game in the picture, the game as it is has not aged well, and i know that you can download the game off Xbox live. But I for one am looking forward to awesome sound and graphics, and more importantly the addictive and lasting game play that Road Rash was famous for. Nice work Electronic Arts you have made an older man very happy. The power of my hub has worked this time.

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Retro Classic: Road Rash


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