Bubble Island Tips and Cheats

Bubble Island

Bubble Island is the ultimate bubble popping game, brought to you by Wooga and available to play online, most commonly on Facebook absoluely free of charge! There are over 4,000,000 registered fans of the game that visit and play the game on a regular basis. The game works on a point scoring system, and then a rankings table is produced in which all the best players in the world are named and famed! When you take a good look at the leaderboard you have to take a step back and think to yourself - Are these scores really possible?! and if so how! Here we will take a look at some of the tips, cheats and bots that are used to make you the best on bubble island.

Basic Tips

  • Unlike other bubble popping games such as bubble spinner or aqua bubble you can actually shoot through small gaps and clear bubbles that you would not have been able to in other bubble shooting games. Bare in mind this will require a lot of concentration and it is by no means easy. Plenty of practise will help you to do this and once you get the hang of it your bubble popping potential opens up on all levels.
  • Make good use of the walls, and bare in mind that only the side walls will allow the balls to bounce off. The top wall will not.
  • If you have grey or black bubbles that you simply cannot shoot, then you will be pleased to know that this is because you will never get a grey or black ball to fire from your cannon. You can simply match any colours with the grey and black balls to clear them.

How to Skip Levels on Bubble Island

Cheat - How to Skip Levels!!

The video below shows you how to use a cheat engine in order to shoot up through the levels with little or no effort involved whatsoever - Just simple plain level up. You can use the cheat on all levels of the game with no restrictions. Wow your friends with this cheat hack. Although it takes some of the fun out of the game it sure looks impressive! Set the video to full screen so that you can watch closely. This is simply an example of the cheat engine in progress, but you would be required to download it to enable this to work.

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Comments 5 comments

gina 5 years ago

I paid to remove a flag and it took my money and didn't let me go up a level?????

chloe ross 5 years ago

Wooga never got back to me with an answer to this burning question - I am on the Mts and on level 7 and is there actually a way to clear this level. Someone must know. I am no IT genius - but I have made it to there and wouldliketo carry on.

Chaos 5 years ago

there is an error in this article. It is as follows:Make good use of the walls, and bare in mind that only the side walls will allow the balls to bounce off. The top wall will not.

you can bounce off the ceiling as long as the ball does not touch another ball that is already attached to the top, or it attaches to another that places in the position of touching the top.

tae na mabaho 5 years ago

ang baduy

malik sayang 4 years ago

ah ccd lhu smeua:)

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