Bubble Witch Saga Tips and Tricks

Bubble Witch Saga is a fun bubble shooting game with a twist. You will shoot down bubbles in a dark forest and while doing this collect delicious potions and hit down spiders to earn points. You will need to match bubbles to keep the witches’ cauldron alive. To join a group of witches, you will need to clear levels, collect magic potions and earn stars.

This Facebook bubble shooter game has over 70 fun-filled levels (there will be more levels soon). There’s a map that guides players through different levels. In each level, you will have to clear the screen by shooting down all bubbles. You will have to aim and target three or more bubbles of the same color. Hitting them will make those colorful bubbles fall into the witch’s cauldron and turn into magic potions. You can obtain these potions and in order to do so, complete levels and earn stars.

How to Play?

Make sure you shoot all bubbles. If you fail to do so, you lose a life. Of course you can get extra lives, but then you will have to spend your Facebook credits. A much simpler way is to ask your Facebook friends to restore your lives.

The game also allows players to buy in-game coins. These coins can then be used to play bonus levels and purchase special potions. This well means that players won’t have to add friends. However, I would add friends then buy these premium coins. Adding friends can be a good choice because it is free. Here are some more Bubble Witch Saga tips and tricks that might help you go past difficult levels and earn stars:

(Update: Exciting news for all Bubble Gamers - check out the last comment posted by Lyn Puddlepuff)

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Tips and Tricks

1. You should score high in every level. Scoring high will help you earn stars. Players usually earn one, two or three stars based on the score they achieve in each level. Depending on the number of stars earned, players unlock power-ups and new levels.

2. There will be desperate times when you have only one life left. In such circumstances, it is imperative that you play easy stages. Remember that you will have to beat the easy stages to avoid losing energy. Playing hard stages with just one life left would be quite foolish in my opinion. Just play those easy levels, earn stars and coins and use them to buy power-ups. In this way, you can take on the difficult stages once you’re ready.

3. If you have friends on Facebook, ask for more lives. You will be notified when your friends send you life. They will be saved into your account. Sometimes, you might get lives more than the limit per level. For example, if the life limit is 5 and you get 8 lives from your friends, then you can use only 5 lives because of the upper limit. But as soon as you complete a few levels, the limit will increase to 6 or probably 7. To get more lives, you will have to unlock them by earning stars.

4. Avoid falling prey to any cheat or hack that promises you more coins, stars or any other goodies. Patience, a keen eye for bubbles and clever use of stars and potions is the key.

5. Some players keep on posting questions on getting past level 43 or 55. Well, the solution for their problem is simple – keep on bursting bubbles. There’s no shortcut to success, of course you can buy or unlock some power-ups to make things a bit easy.

6. New tip: In the recent levels added to the game, you will find some colorful bubbles encrusted inside crystals. To break the crystals, all you have to do is shoot the adjacent bubbles (the ones which aren’t encased by the crystals). Once the crystals get crushed, you can see the color of the bubbles. This aspect makes gameplay difficult, yet interesting.

7. New Tip: Hey Bubble gamers, check out the video below to get a visual walkthrough of level 115.

8. New Tip: Also, check out the Level 55 video walkthrough and hints in the More Tips section.

Guide to Charms

Charms are special power-ups that provide additional help for a short period of time. In Bubble Witch Saga, there are plenty of charms to buy and use. The image below provides information about each charm and explains what each of them is used for:

(Image Below: Courtesy, Official Fan Page/King Online Games)

Bubble Witch Saga Charms Guide
Bubble Witch Saga Charms Guide

More Tips

  • You can unbolt the Rainbow Ball once you gather at least 130 stars
  • On the top left hand corner of the map, you will find the Charms shop. Click on this button to check what new charms and goodies Wilbur the one-eyed cat has to offer.
  • Buy the Charm of Precision charm to quickly and easily burst down bubbles. This charm improves your bubble aim, especially when shooting in angles by the way of the wall. You will have to reach level 19 to unlock this item. You can then buy this charm for 119 FB credits. (thanks Lynn)
  • I repeat, make sure you gather more stars to unlock magic potions. The best way is to replay all completed levels. This gives you more chances to collect stars and unlock these potions.

Any Suggestions?

I will update this hub with more tips and tricks, so please bookmark this hub. Surely, you can share your own stuff and help players unlock more goodies, levels, magic potions and earn stars. If you have any suggestions or questions, then do leave a comment and I or my friends and readers will answer them.

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WindowLicka 2 years ago

You have to invite your Facebook Friends to send you a ticket to unlock the next episode to continue playing the Saga. If you have an iPhone that is jailbroken (or non-jailbroken but you have iFunbox or some other file manager that'll allow you to look at the files), there is an EASY fix for this where each episode automatically unlocks for you after completion. I found this looking through the files for BWS.

P.S. Sorry Android people. Can't seem to figure out how to view BWS file via your file manager.

Here's the video I posted to YouTube to unlock the episode & get unlimited lives: http://youtu.be/wQwPXi0GmA8

Emmanuel 2 years ago

I am having a problem getting pass level 34, and do not know why.

Dpalladino 3 years ago

Why is there such a long delay between certain levels. For example I completed level 225 and I've waited days and days for level 226. In the meantime I play eternal aisles and the daily, but those stars don't count. Why the delay? Since there are no spells to unlock, are there anyway to speed it up?

Tracy 3 years ago

Help. Stuck on level 120. What to do?

sarina 3 years ago

I am on level 19 I knock all the balls down then it tells me I been one star ....HOW DO I GET STARS TO LEVEL UP ???

ravi kaushal 3 years ago

i have complete 78 levels of this game is this possible to finish this game and have any shortcut to complete this game and what is the advantage to compete this game

profile image

cullymom 3 years ago

Eternal Isles 35 Level 2...every time I hit the linked bubbles the program shuts me out of the game... Has this problem been reported. I also can not find a place to report what is obviously a programming coding error...which this is. Any suggestions?

Cathy 3 years ago

Why can't I get my rewards anymore

profile image

catfarm1 3 years ago

I am on level 135 and had 7 permanent lives until yesterday. I now only have 5. What the heck happened??? Somebody, any body, please help!!

catfarm1 3 years ago

I am on level 135. I had 7 permanent lives until yesterday. Now I am back to only 5. What the heck happened and how do I get my other 2 lives back??? Please Help!!!

Sarah 3 years ago

I am stuck on level29. How do I get past it? I have completed the level but the map doesn't show me where to go now....help!

Cozybabe 4 years ago

hi I have been playing bws for about 6 months a d I find the last one on each terrain is the hardest to do I am stuck on level 105 for ages totally doing my head in always finish it but no star my bubble disappear instead of dropping I have looked on YouTube to see how it is done but still no joy any ideas anyone

Lynn Puddlepuff 4 years ago

It's been a long time since I've checked in here - but I am now on level 190 - and there's still more content ahead of me to unlock.

I rarely use my potions unless there's no other way to get a big enough score to get at least one star without using them - that way when I do get stuck on a level I know I'll have enough bonus points to use them. (The 4 jars I have cost 6500 to use all at once and that can deplete your points really fast!)

The absolute hardest set of games was between 160 and 175 - you just need to keep replaying until you get the right combination of balls to win the round.

This game has been worth the time and the few $ spent on potions and charms (I couldn't do this without the charm fo precision and the charm of scrolling up) and here's a tip for you...

At the beginning of the round scroll up once and hit print screen - use whatever rendering/photochop/paint program you have to make a .jpg out of it and put it side by side on your computer screen - then you will always know if there's a bomb waiting above and which colours you'll need to get around it :)

Happoy bubble bursting!

Bugbear 59 4 years ago

Like some others I don't have 3 friends to break a spell what do I do? I love this game but this kills some of us that don't do a lot of face book:(

santi santana 4 years ago

Can't get the three spirit when I ask for help..

Lunar 4 years ago

I can't find any instructions for the bonus level. what are the bubbles with bumps? How do I get rid of them. How do I keep the bomb from exploding? I don't understand how to play this.

Also on the regular game How do you make a wish that they talk about?


Star 4 years ago

Can't beat level 6 :(

me 4 years ago

Tried to do level 145. But it sucks. I have waited 35 balls before I got a yellow one.

IB 4 years ago

I passed level 35 and got to first swamp, where it ask me for help from 3 friends. I alteady asked for that help but nothing is happening. Any suggestion how to get through swamp?

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 4 years ago Author

@All I have updated this article with a "Guide to Charms" section. Take a look at the screenshot on it.

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 4 years ago Author

@Karen The charm of webbing weaves a spider web on top of cauldrons. falling bubbles bounce off the spider web and hit spiders, allowing players to earn stars/points.

Karen 4 years ago

What is webbing, I have it free for 24 hours but don't have a clue what it is?

Connie 4 years ago

Any suggestions on how to get through level 137. I get through it but cannot seem to get enough points. Frustrating. Got thru many times but not enough points to get a star.

Mhp39532 4 years ago

Do we have to buy the in app purchases to succeed in passing all levels of bubble witch saga?

Anna-Louise 4 years ago

never got what i paid it's a joke never paying for credits again silly thing im warning all its a rip off

Wendy 4 years ago

They will find me dead trying to get past level 77. Its driving me crazy. I get past the first bomb, its the ones on top. I am playing under 3 different names for practice. I fear I am hopelessly hooked.

Dianne Mckay 4 years ago

I have been playing Bubble witch for quite a while and am now on level 37. However in the last week I am unable to play. The map of the forest comes up and the birds fly around but no matter how many times I try to play nothing happens. Its as if I'm being ignored!!...lol I have no problem playing other games Anybody have any idea what is happening?

Penelope 4 years ago

in level 6 in the 'extra' area outside the main game ..there are bombs with some of them containing numbers. What are these?

Chelly chellz 4 years ago

will some of you add me so i requests u to add me so i can move out onto level 26.

Kain 4 years ago

Level 6 on eternal isles you have to use the potion who unlocks 3 ceiling holes and hit only one half so the other half falls at the end giving points to earn a star.

Whoever designed lavel 10 on eternal isles has serious mental issues.

Tracey Hill 4 years ago

I am stuck on level 45 , I have completed the level but it will not let me move on it keeps saying ask friends for help but it will not let me ask anyone . What can I do getting really fed up now !.

Maria 4 years ago

Do I have to play eternal isle or just go straight to level 79???don't understand. can't seem to get through level 79 anyway. Is there a benefit to play eternal isle or what's the go?

jood60@comcast.net 4 years ago

63 so far is impossible any hints i burst doom bubbles every time makes me want to stop playing

sck 4 years ago

when i logged into facebook to play bws it says web page not found.

m.i.a. 4 years ago

a green checkmark means that you have just send them a life.

jmk 4 years ago

On the map, I clicked one of my friends and a green checkmark appeared. Do you know what that means, doesn't let me uncheck it.

Badaws 4 years ago

I've been stuck on level 138 for about 3 weeks now when it usually only takes me a couple of days, at best, to complete a level. I don't use any of the special charms other than the ones you earn by collecting stars. Which means I only have the (4). The 1st one is the "Golden Spiders" of course, then there's the 2nd, "Extra Bubbles" then the 3rd, "Extra Ceiling Holes" and the last one, the 4th, is the "Rainbow Bubble". My problem with this game is how it will deliberately NOT give you the bubbles you might need even after consecutively giving you the same color bubble after 6 or 7 rotations. Even with the help of the "Rainbow Bubble" unless the game cooperates with you, instead of trying to FORCE you to buy the little extra potions, it's damn near impossible to pass level 138. So if anyone knows the sequence to the bubble color change as they appear and if there's a way to manipulate how they show up by what you use or play I would appreciate any advice you may have.

cathy 4 years ago

I'm stuck on level 38 for weeks now, can't seem to get all those sculls down

vfair 4 years ago

i do 129000 one time never better

Rose 4 years ago

How can you get 135 score on eternal ilses. I think its impossible. I have been on this forever, please help.

gerri 4 years ago

what is the purpose of the coins? what do you use them for? All it ever wants you to do is buy more. WHY?

Hannah 4 years ago

I am stuck on level 25 my two friends sent me help two break mmagic spell and I cannot get the third person to help me contenue playing !! please help !!!

Carol 4 years ago

Stuck on level 6 eternal islands, cleared it so many times but no nearer to getting 1 star... used all potions possible. HELP im going crazy lol

Spec 4 years ago

Stuck on level 6 of eturnal isles pleaseeeeeeeee help

lillian 4 years ago

how do you get out of the eternal isle and go back? if i try to go back i end up at the level i already beat level 79

Kate 4 years ago

@Diva, when you click on the level you get the opportunity to purchase the potions with coins, or you can purchase with fbmoney by clicking on the potions in the toolbar that is either at the bottom or to the right of the screen.

Diva 4 years ago


I'm playing this game, but I can't figure out how to buy the potions.. i'm at level 58 and have 20,000 coins. Where and how do I purchase them?

Many thanks

kate 4 years ago

I have reached and completed level 155 but it does not allow me to move on. Is 155 the end??

Cathy 4 years ago

Where do you get Facebook credits to get all these charms?

profile image

giveup 4 years ago

have reached the required points on level 124, but it will not let me go on - how come, am ready to delete this game

kut 4 years ago

level 120 dam to hard after 4 years still not finsh

christine 4 years ago

I'm stuck on level 40 help me please!!!!

Susan 4 years ago

What the coins used for?

Tboy 4 years ago

One tip that took a while for me to realise is to clear the bottom as soon as possible in order to see the balls further up.

Also, the app developers are scheming twats... Imagine you paid for everything they suggest to enjoy the game... You'd be paying nothing less than £150. So what would the game cost itself????

Rune 4 years ago

Also at level 155. Rounded board #3 at the eternal isle, but is stuck at level 2 at #2 and level 6 at #1. Any good hints of charms to use or something?

DIRECTORX5 4 years ago


DIRECTORX5 4 years ago


rosemary 4 years ago

can't see the top of level 54 help

kiwibeeper 4 years ago

Is there any use for the coins in the game or is it just the coins you have to buy? Stuck on level 45. I hate that you can clear the whole board with bubbles left over and you still don't get enough points for a star.

PAM 4 years ago


Ankie 4 years ago

Is there more after Eternal isles 3 ?????????????????????

jill 4 years ago

is there anything after Eternal isles 3. I've reached level 10 with 3 stars lots of times, but the arrow to go to level 4 doesn't work

Myriam 4 years ago

I can't acces the gama anymore. "Page not found" on Facebook. What happends?

Julie Fiddaman 4 years ago

I need help - my friends send me coins, but the coins never show in coins. So what is the sense of sending coins. I really could use them, so how can I get them up in the coin slot? Thanks

Melanie artzt 4 years ago

Quick somebody tell me how to get through level 78!!!!!????? HELP!!!!

Charms aren't necessary 4 years ago

It's defnitely unecessary to buy charms, although they would make playing easier. Not everybody wants to sell their email address to advertisers or pay real life money to get ahead in a game. I'm up to level 145 and haven't bought any charms. It's possible to trace the star trail to the edge of the playfield in Paint, then copypaste and flip a piece of the line to see where it would lead. You can use landmarks like towers or tree branches to tell you where to put your cursor.

rodger first 4 years ago

i won 155 went to the islands got to 5 and sent back to 155 if i win 155 it stays

Pia S 4 years ago

WHAT and WHEN will something happen after Eternal Isle?

Please answer!



semaya cevap 4 years ago

sema sisman, ben 85deyim ve bir kurus para harcamadim. bazi kavanozlar oluyor, ek baloncuk, ek örümcek, tavanda hazirdan 3 delik, ve 130 yildizdan sonra gökkusagi-baloncugu alabiliyorsun, oyun icinde kazandigin altinlarla... onlari alip denemeni tavsiye ederim. biraz altin biriktir, birkac "power up" birden al, daha kolaylasir.. para pul harcamana hic gerek yok...

julie 4 years ago

I have tried several times to use facebook credits to buy lifes yet nothing happens. Any suggestions?

ramoana endorf 4 years ago

I'm stuck on level 77 I been on that level for over 3 weeks can't get nowhere.So I guess I will have to quit playing the game.I think the develapers needs to fix this game.When your on level77 it play down to 21 bubble and that it Then it tells you bomb with off WTH

Melody Carney 4 years ago

My play area is not all there. I cannot see the items I purchased on the right lower corner or the bottom...Any help?

jenny o 4 years ago

how do i get to play the new levels? eternal lsle

Geegee 4 years ago

How do I get into the Eternal Isle?

mcbobbish 4 years ago

game says buy 10 extra bubbles how I bought 5 extra bubbles

Lynn Puddlepuff 4 years ago

@Grammy - I have been stuck in the same place for a week now - no matter how many potions I use, there simply are not enough points to be earned to get even one star - so I have no clue how we're meant to finish the game... and none of the tech support is responding.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who gets a star on level 6 of the Eternal Isles.

Grammy 4 years ago

I have completed the game and now stuck on level 6 of the Eternal Isles. I can not get even one star on this level. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

lee 4 years ago

natalie make sure you got the rainbow bubble and the 7 extra bubbles, this will give you the edge, now make sure you clear most of the bubbles before you hit the chain, when the chain break there are few bombs on each side try to stop the bombs from ticking down by putting the bubbles there, now try burst the bubble on left and right side as you go up but remember you do have the rainbow bubble to use which help a lot, as you go up, you will notice questions mark bubbles, now it up to you if you want to burst them at your own risk but i would not bother because nine out of ten it will be bombs, and then its nightmare, so want you get to the ceiling you should do it but i find the rainbow and extra bubbles would help, so i hope this help you

lee 4 years ago

there is more levels after 155 you will go to island enternal level 1

coco 4 years ago

what do u do with the coins u collect? there is not a shop.

natalie 4 years ago

cannot get past level 150 HELP

Lynn Puddlepuff 4 years ago

@Lynne - stuck on the level itself (game play) or stuck unlocking the next map in the game?

To complete a level just keep trying different strategies (only focus on one side? or straight up the middle? use different potions?)You'll eventually clear it.

To unlock new map sections there are only two options - getting 3 friends to help or using facebook credits ($1.20)

Debbie 4 years ago

I agree, eternal isles #6 is ridiculous! I have been stuck on this level so long, I'm about to quit playing all together. I can almost always clear the top, but NEVER seem to come close to getting a star!

Lynne 4 years ago

I am stuck on level 25 how can I get through it without using 3 friends

Lynn Puddlepuff 4 years ago

Like the others, I've been stuck at level 6 - Eternal Isles. Have reached the top dozens of times and knocked every bubble down but never have enough points for even the first star. I've used all 4 of my potions plus the rainbow ball and net to no avail - I agree, it's pretty frustrating.

sharon johnson 4 years ago

the new level 6 is way 2 hard on eternal isles i'v been 2 the top so many times and no mater what i just never get enough points this is crazy no fun any more has anyone passed this level

jean mannion 4 years ago

im stuck at level 12 how do i brake through and how can i buy lives or bubbles with my coines

JESSICA PINEDA 4 years ago


jayne 4 years ago

why wont it let me use my facebook credits to go onto 26? I have enough but it just goes back to 25

It's driving me nuts HELP

sharon johnson 4 years ago

the new level #6 is almost impossible 2 beat no matter how many times i get 2 the top its never enough they have made it to hard this sucks have 2 find a new game wast of money and no fun

ellen 4 years ago

At 300 stars you get 50.000

jwst 4 years ago

only 1/2 of the bubbles left in the cauldrom get out after finishing the level Laura..i`m curently at level 145,i wan`t to know what you get at diferent number of starts..for example at 200 you get 50.000 coins at 250 stars you get max of 8 lifes..somebody knows what`s after 250 stars?

Jojo 4 years ago

I am on level 37 - i am storing a score and i have got 1 2 or 3 stars on this level but have not progressed

Hillhome 4 years ago

Just checked in on BWS and found new levels!!!

DeeDee 4 years ago

can anyone help me with level 55 before I stamp on this laptop!!!

Laura 4 years ago

Why does it show 30 bubbles left in my cauldron after dropping all the bubbles, but only 10 come out in the "last hurrah"?

Maggie 4 years ago

I have finished level 155...I am having BWS withdrawls...when will more levels be created????

groklan 4 years ago

the rainbow makes the ball go into any colour you want...when you shoot, it will fit everywhere. You have to look at the right of the window, there you push at the rainbow when you want to use it, twice per game

reg 4 years ago


PAULINE 4 years ago

What is the rainbow bubble for??? I've bought it but it does ZILCH!!!

bzbee 5 years ago

am I missing the point here? I don't understand how to reach the ceileing? The spiders seem to fall randomly, and the bubblesdont fall even when i have reached the ceileing. What am i missing??

allan plasma 5 years ago

i'm using google chrome,fix for half screen is,

go to tools top right (spanner) and select zoom 100%

fixes it

allan plasma 5 years ago

cannot get full screen,only half of screen,

any fix for this

Lara 5 years ago

I'm wondering if there is anything after level 155 ( as mentioned above)?

Katie 5 years ago

I beat level 155, what's next???

ritika 5 years ago

i am on level 13...its very hard to earn star for me.....how to get much score to earn star???

sharon 5 years ago

yea finished 155 and waiting this sucks

Denise 5 years ago

Loving the game :) How do I send coins to my friends. I keep getting them FROM friends, but can't find a way to reciprocate.

May 5 years ago

I have also beaten level 155 and nothing more coming up. I can see a small island down there with "ghosts" but no chance to enter.

Hillhome 5 years ago

Just beat level 155 and the game seems to end. Tells me to continue to save the kingdom but their isn't anymore map. Has anyone gone past level 155? If so how?

pauline 5 years ago

what does the rainbow ball do if i buy it?

witchywoman 5 years ago

can't unlock level 117 locks can anyone help

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 5 years ago Author

@Jeannie - hopefully this video walkthrough will help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oLWL5MBgmQ

jeannie 5 years ago

on level 77 for a week,get higher then the score required and two star's but still won't let me pass to 78,what's the problem.

Mimi 5 years ago

I finished level 55 (with 3 stars yeah!!!) It won't let me unlock the magic spell - i tried to buy and it does nothing - anyone else have this problem?

Mairead 5 years ago

How do I buy bubbles

Marvie 5 years ago

does anyone know about level 69, five times I have reached the target points and twice have reached 97,000 and get told not enough points....what is up? Help please

antonia rivas 5 years ago

quisiera que me explicaran como hago para pasar el nivel 43 ya que tengo un mes jugando ese nivel y nada que lo paso de todos los niveles ese a sido el mas dificil para mi

jorge mendes 5 years ago

I have finished level 155 and it seems that the game goes on but there is no Map. Has anybody gone above 155. How does the game end??

viviana 5 years ago

Hace semanas que estoy estancada en el nivel 55, como hago para pasarlo............Pliss

juliet 5 years ago

at level 117 there is no chance to pass,howw to lock that bubble when it is every time another color match at key?

irritated 5 years ago

why? when ive nearly got rid of all the bubbles and theres only a few left do they all fall down with a lightening flash? very frustrating! Help please

mamcccpr 5 years ago

Reached and completed level 145 with 3 stars and nothing. Witches disappeared and it said something about moving on to save the Kingdom. No fanfare about completing? What a letdown.

mare 5 years ago

@Paul - got 3 stars on level 70, don't ask how :) with all potions, precision charm and net.. took me abt 3 days ... just keep trying and don't give up ...still struggling with 3th star on levels 13 & 14

Linda Patterson 5 years ago

I shoot a bubble by the time I get it shot another one comes out and its the wrong color this is not fair since I have purchased lives they shouldn't jump out without me shooting them if u know what I mean !

twittybirdlady 5 years ago

help stuck on 105 its making me crazy

Susan 5 years ago

Do I have to buy Facebook credits?

jennie 5 years ago

For those trying to view bubbles above the screen you can try using the "Paint" program on your computer...it can copy the page as it is loading and may help...you can flip screens between the game and paint...google info on how to use paint program...actually very easy.

ghs7219 5 years ago

Iam on level 145 but can't move forward :-(

sharon 5 years ago

beat level 145 with 2 stars and won't let me go on not impressed

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 5 years ago Author

Google+ users rejoice! You can now play this game on Google Plus!

Floortje 5 years ago

I'm trying to get to the Old Forest (after level 25), but I've only got 2 friends playing Bubble Witch Saga. Is there any other way I can break the spell en pass the 'ghosts'?

peg stewart 5 years ago

I used coins to buy the app that allows you to go up to the top 3 times each level. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to use it. Can anyone help me?

CR 5 years ago

I am stuck on 77 for over a week, any suggestions?

Pam Lamke 5 years ago

I love this game soooooo much. I hate having to ask for, or wait for lives or to wait for 3 people to help me advance to the next level, but I'm hooked. My friends and family think I'm addicted to it and maybe I am. I hate having other plans and can't wait to get home and play it. I hope it never goes away!!!!! Good JOB !!!! :)

thebestbrock 5 years ago

I am on level 135 and have 3 stars on each level. what is next? waiting on the next set of levels. love this game!

thebestbrock 5 years ago

it shows that you can get 4 stars for each level, I have 403/405 possible stars at this point. how do I get 4 stars on each level instead of just 3?

suzie 5 years ago

Have collected 70 stars but can't get they level 70. Have scored in excess of the amount required and in fact have scored 2 stars but at end of game it says not enough bubbles and can't proceed. Is there any way to get thru this level it seems jammed?

Stacy 5 years ago

Bubble witch took my credits to break a spell for the next level and still wont let me through. I sent them a report, and all I get is a generated email in return....

KS 5 years ago

I WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO PLAY THIS IN FULL SCREEN MODE!i play on facebook, and i find myself accidentally clicking on a link at the top of the page or i accidentally click on the stumble button on my menu bar then the page redirects and i lose a life! this has got to be the only game i've ever played where there is no fullscreen option..

saga fan 5 years ago

Is there any more levels past 135? can't wait to get moving again. Love this game.

Dodie1128 5 years ago

I spent 39 coins to get the 4 magic potions to use all at the same time. It took my coins but I don't have the ability to use the potions. Anyone else get rooked out of their coins ?????

MzWort 5 years ago

Never mind. Answered my own question by passing on the 52 try - without the use of any spells or potions. .

MzWort 5 years ago

I'm on my 43rd attempt at getting past level 135. I figure I'm missing something obvious. I can get up to the last bomb and have managed to get 7 top row stars...it's those last two that are killing me. Is this like a couple of the other levels where you just have to be patient until you get the right configuration of bubble colors?

patricia 5 years ago

I too can't see the whole screen therefore miss the last three columns of bubbles , have to guess but having no luck passing level 37

susan milne 5 years ago

the entire screen is not available so i cannot see the last row. any suggestions on how to open the full bubble screen?

Diane 5 years ago

Why is it that when playing that you can play and play and for 10 shots or more you keep getting only two bubbles the same color and it will not give you a different bubble so you can burst the bubble you need.

Is it better to go for the biggest break of bubbles first or what is the best way to channel through the bubbles?

Paul 5 years ago

I've completed all the current levels (up to 135) and am now going through all the past levels to top each one up to 3 stars. I've got 386/405 stars, and i've got 3 on every level up to and including level 115 at the minute, EXCEPT level 70!!!! I've got 2 stars, but can't get 3!! Has anyone got 3 on this level??

dennis 5 years ago

I just can't get through level 35 - either not enough bubbles or no star achieved - can anyone help with a solution.

andy 5 years ago

why doesn't it let you on level 5

james adams 5 years ago

why can't i reload game on level 85

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 5 years ago Author

@Lynn, Thanks for this wonderful information.

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

They've just opened up a whole new section above level 115 - and two more jars to unlock (200 stars and 250 stars)

200 stars gets you 50,000 coins and 250 stars gets you the 11th heart.

There's also a charm you can buy for 339 FB credits which gives you unlimited hearts forever.

The new section is truly fun - worth getting to.

BubbleWitch-to-be 5 years ago

There is actually a trick for sparing lifes until you need them, I am about to reveal that secret in a few days, but I think it would count as promoting my site if I told you where. 8) I already have revealed the secret of having six hearts in Bubble Saga Witch without using Facebook coins, that is at least googlably and therefor no secret any longer.

shopkeeper 5 years ago

Is is better to shoot down a large group of color and have it disappear or to have it fall?

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

@ anurag2008 - not beyond level 57 where you can unlock the charms jar for 30 stars. You continue to collect stars but there seems to be nothing to do with them after this charm.

At level 115 you can see there is more of the map divided into sections - there's an ocean, a snow-covered mountain, etc. but the game has just stopped short at level 115.

I'm thinking they made this to be a quickie FB game for Halloween and never bothered to finish the upper levels. Shame too it was a fun little qame.

Logan 5 years ago

How do I send coins to friends?? I only see where I can request lives.

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 5 years ago Author

@Lynn Puddlepuff: I haven't tried yet, but I think you can unlock "Charms" with the stars you've earned. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

So there are no levels past 115 - even though the terrain looks like they planned on making more - this seems to be it for now. Still have no clue what to do with all the stars I've accumulated...

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

@Shirl - you need to have unlocked the jar of golden spiders and to have purchased the charm of precision.

Go straight up the middle to clear some room then pick a side and concentrate on getting it down so you use your precision arm to reach the other side - only one bubble holds the row of black bubbles in place (on each side)- once you knock the second row away the top opens up.

shirl 5 years ago

Help me!!! i need trick for level 20. I've been stuck there for 2 days

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

@pazz -

2nd jar needs 50 stars - the thing that reads '49/50' means you have 49 stars and you need 50 to unlock the bonus.

I'm now at level 105, have 235 stars and haven't seen a bonus jar or extra life since the 130 (stars needed) bonus jar appeared at level 57

pazz 5 years ago

It says I need 49/50 stars for the 2nd potion and even though I've gotten about 20 stars it hasn't given me the potion. What am I doing wrong?

Lynn Puddlepuff 5 years ago

Just reached level 100 - I have accumulated 220 stars anhd was wondering what to do with them? There were only 4 jars to open with stars (UP TO 130)in lower levels and now there are none at all.

What do we do with the stars in the upper levels?

Kaat 5 years ago

As in other games I would like to send every day an extra life to my friends. unfortunately there is only "invite".

To tick the heart next to a nale of a friend is requesting them to send me a life and this I don't like to do all the time as I do not see their request for one!. There were somle difficult stages but now I'm stuck at level 77! until maybe next week? ;) but that's just the fun about it.

marsha 5 years ago

i have only 2 lives and never seem to get the extra ones...also is there anyway to make the time shorter between lives?

sema şişman 5 years ago

77 yedi geçilmiyo paral? almayam? zorlan?l?yo anlamad?m nas?l geçecez püf noktas? varm? yutuobe dede izliyemedim 77 yay?nlanmam??

Anurag2008 profile image

Anurag2008 5 years ago Author

Extra Lives

There has always been a problem with Extra lives, which I have explained in this article. As far as I know, if the upper limit is 5 lives and if some of your friends sends you a total of 7 lives, then you can use only 5. I don't think you can delay accepting. Surely you can make more friends and request lives from them.

Extra lives? 5 years ago

When I enter the game after getting notification that a friend has sent me a "request", I can see that, for instance, a friend has sent me an extra life. However, it never seems to happen - I play my five lives and then that's it.....it's like I just wasted those extra lives from my friends simply because I logged into the game. Is there a way to delay accepting the extra life until I actually need it?

nana 5 years ago


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