Best Rocking Horse Toys for Toddlers

Rocking horses are one of the ultimate classic toys for toddlers. Watching your child play on a rocking horse will bring back memories of your own adventures as a cowboy or cowgirl. There is a perfect rocking horse out there for every young child, just waiting to join in on hours of fun. Here are some highly rated favorites: 

KidKraft Derby Rocking Horse

This is my favorite rocking horse, and it’s the one I bought for my child. This wooden rocking horse has an attractive classic look to it. I even keep it my living room, so it doubles both as a decoration and as a toy. The wood comes in different stains, such as honey, cherry, natural, and white. I bought the cherry, but the honey is very attractive as well, especially if you have other wood accents in your home. The wood rocking horse has a very simple, but sturdy design. The rockers are just the right shape for fun rocking without the fear of tipping. It has a contrasting yarn mane and tail and a nylon rope bridle. The manufacturer rated this for ages 3 and up, which is probably accurate. I bought this for a younger child, and it was just too tall. This is the one to get if you want a beautiful wood rocking horse!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3 and up

Good things:

  • Heirloom quality rocking horse
  • Attractive
  • Yarn mane and tail
  • Sturdy rockers

Not as good things:

  • The seat looks like it could be uncomfortable
  • Too tall for young toddlers
  • Needs to be assembled- wasn’t too difficult

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

There’s something about this wide-eyed blue Little Tikes rocking horse that makes me laugh. He looks very surprised to be used in such a manner. But, he is cute and kids think so too. This Little Tikes rocking horse is made of a durable plastic that’s sturdy and easy to clean. It’s just the right size for young toddlers, and has a seat that they fit just right into. With the upright seat back, it’s a great beginning rocking horse that even a small toddler can manage. My child loved using this Little Tikes rocker at daycare. Sometimes, simple designs go a long ways!

Manufacturers recommended age: 1-3 years

Good things:

  • Durable, easy to care for plastic
  • Sturdy base to prevent tipping
  • Perfect seat for little ones
  • Kids don’t fall off it as easily

Not as good things:

  • Cute, but not centerpiece attractive
  • Will outgrow quickly

Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse with Sound

As a kid, I remember spring horses being the most fun. They can rock and bounce. What could make a spring rocking horse better? Oh, horse noises? Extra safety features? Check and check. This Radio Flyer rocking horse comes with sound clips, such as neighing and hoof beats, which kids really enjoy. Parents can enjoy it too, as the sound has two volume settings and an on/off switch. Parents can also appreciate the improved safety features of this classic rocking horse. It has a sturdy and well-balanced stand to prevent tipping. The springs are covered with thick fabric to prevent pinching. If your child likes rocking and bouncing, this will be hard to beat!

Manufacturers recommended age: 2-6 years

Good things:

  • Very sturdy- will last forever
  • Fun sounds with volume control/off switch
  • Kids seem to find the seat comfortable
  • Plastic is easy to clean up
  • High satisfaction from kids
  • Pretty yarn mane and tail

Not as good things:

  • Needs to be assembled- will probably take two people
  • No longer comes with a leather saddle
  • The rails on the floor are not padded
  • May be too tall for toddlers younger than 3- could be a long fall
  • Large size- takes up a lot of room

Tek Nek “Rock N' Ride” Brown Pony

Here’s a plush rocking horse that’s great for small toddlers. The size is much smaller than traditional rocking horses, so your child will feel more secure riding it. This makes a great toddler toy, because it’ll be easier for him to get on and off and will be less likely to fall. Stuffed rocking horses are nice because when your little one gets it really going, he won’t hurt his mouth if he hits it on the back of the horse’s head. It makes horse noises and sings a song when it’s ears get pushed. The weight limit states it goes up to 65 pounds, but you child will probably long outgrow it before then. This is probably the main disadvantage of this horse- your child will probably quickly outgrow it, but it’ll be cute and fun while it lasts!

Manufacturers recommended age: 1 ½ - 3 years

Good things:

  • Small and safe size
  • Plush body for no injuries
  • Toddlers this age really like soft things
  • Fun noises for kids

Not as good things:

  • Song gets annoying for adults
  • Will outgrow quickly
  • Plastic rockers scoot across floor

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