How to Build a Chaise Lounge Chair

Are your mad of handmade? A chaise lounge can be a wonderfull addition to elegant look of your home, but, these chairs can also be kind of very expensive for you to buy.

But you can build a chaise lounge chair yourself. This requires some hard work, but it can save you a lot of money.

All you need for building chaise lounge chair:

Table saw
2x4s, 1x2s, and 1x3s
Measuring tape
Complete drill set
Stain or paint
Pencil and paper

Steps of building chair:

Select the wood.
Oak is able to stand up better to the elements.
Cherry and maple are two other kinds of hardwood that can be used to build a chaise lounge chair.
Teak can be used as well as long as it is weatherproofed.

Measure the lengths of wood using a tape and a pencil.

You should sand and stain this wood before the chair is assembled.

Cut the pieces of wood that will be used for the chaise lounge chair.
The base of the lounge needs two 2x4 boards. These boards should each be about a half-foot long.
Making the back frame, cut two 2x4 boards that measure about four inches long. The longest pieces that go along the back of the chair should be about 6 inches long. However they could be cut to be longer for a wider chair.

Make shure that the dowel is the same length as the wood that goes on the back of the chair - and then add about four inches to match up with the 2x4 boards. The pieces that are going to be leaned on should use 1x2 wood.

Repeat this process with the four 1x3 boards . T hese boards will be used as the seat.

Supports the backrest.
The supports should be the same length as the longest leg of a right-degree triangle and needs to start from where the base of the backrest begins. Take two 1x2 boards and cut them from about four inches behind the backrest that reaches the end of the frame of the seat. Cut half circles into these boards every few inches. These holes will be used to set the way the chair reclines.

Now cut the legs with four 2x4 boards.
Their height depends on what you like. Two armrests also should be cut about 18 inches long. Two vertical pieces also should be cut that will determine how high the arm rests will be. Chaise lounge chairs typically have fairly high armrests.

Final step

Screw holes must be drilled to attach the vertical and horizontal pieces.

The end pieces of the two frame sections should be drilled and screwed into the 2x4 frame pieces on each side. Then drill and screw in the legs into the frame of the seat. Screw the backrest as well as the seat to the frame.

Drill a one-inch dowel hole at the back intersection and nail the back's pieces to the seat.

Use the dowels to attach the backrest supports, and enjoy your hand made chaise lounge chair!

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