Buy D-REX Interactive Dinosaur Online - Great Cheap Gift!

D-REX the Interactive Dinosaur is a life like pet that really will liven up any house hold and put a smile on all the kids faces! D-REX can be controlled by the control that he comes with but can also be put onto automatic mode, from which he can roam around freely expressing his peronality to the full. D-REX talks, walks, senses everything around him and makes for a great house pet! He doesn't poop or wee and requires no feeding! Yet still giving the same attention, satisfaction and companionship as a real pet such as a dog or a cat... See D-REX in action and watch the video below!....

D-REX interacts with you in the same way as real pet. He has his very own instincts and personally and before you know it you will be bonding with him more than you could have ever imagined! D-REX is a robotic dinosaour who behaves independantly and reacts to voice and touch, with built in sensors to stop him from walking into things and falling from tables. This wonderful pet really will liven up your home.

D-REX vs Pleo Dinosaur

  • The Pleo dinosaur is much more expensive than D-REX. Pleo's retail at around $350, whilst you can adopt a D-REX for just $150! This means that the D-REX is cheap, and by far a cheaper options than the Pleo.
  • D-REX can be controlled with a remote and has more settings than Pleo.
  • Boys prefer D-REX, Girls Prefer Pleo!
  • D-REX and Pleo both speak and interact with you, but only D-REX can be put onto different setting which will affect his behaviour!
  • Use D-REX to scare your friends when they are least expecting it.
  • D-REX looks more fierce than Pleo, and is a true boys toy!

D-REX the Interactive Dinasour makes for a fantastic gift idea. More than 200 dollars cheaper than Pleo makes him more acessible and more wallet friendly! Give the kids a gift that they will really enjoy for their birthday or christmas and give them a D-REX!

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