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Most every little girl loves the story of Rapunzel, in fact I can remember being fascinated with her story as a young child. But it may surprise you to learn just how long this story has been around. Although most people associate Rapunzel with the German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

She has actually been around in one form or another for much longer with one very similar Persian story that dates back to 900 A.D.

But the story that Rapunzel will always be remembered for is of course the one by the Brothers Grimm which was published almost 200 years ago. And has been delighting young girls ever since. Now thanks to the recent Disney release of the very popular animated movie Tangled, Rapunzel has a brand new generation of fans.

Like most Disney movies the toys and merchandise from the movie Tangled is a hot seller this Holiday season and because of its extreme popularity you can expect that Tangled toys will most likely sell out before Christmas.


buy disney tangled toys online
buy disney tangled toys online

Buy Tangled Dolls

Fans of the movie are going to love these gorgeous dolls of Rapunzel and Flynn. The only problem is which one will you choose?

The doll sets offer that contain both Rapunzel and Flynn offer the most value for your money with the Royal Celebration Set being somewhat less expensive than the first set.

The Flynn and Rapunzel dolls that are sold separately tend to be a little more expensive than the sets which of course makes them somewhat less desirable. Except to a collector who would of course want to collect all versions of the dolls.

The my size Rapunzel makes a great gift for any fan of Tangled and this is one doll that will delight any little girl luck enough to get her.


Buy Tangled Toys on eBay

Don't forget to check out eBay while you're shopping for Rapunzel or Tangled toys.

eBay almost always has a good selection of everything, and many times that hard to find item that you've been searching for everywhere. May only be found on eBay.

A lot of people are wary of shopping on eBay but if you check out the sellers feedback and reputation before ordering you should have no problems.


Buy Rapunzel's Tower

Rapunzel's tower is a must to go along with your Tangled dolls and other toys. Standing over 3 feet tall this gorgeous tower contains 5 play rooms complete with furniture and the cute little chameleon Pascal from the movie Tangled.


Maximus the Horse from Tangled

Next on the list is the beautiful horse Maximus from the movie Tangled. Maximus is absolutely gorgeous with a long flowing mane and tail that can be groomed by his owner.


Rapunzel Styling Head

This Rapunzel Styling Head makes a great gift for any little girl who loves girlie stuff. Styling head comes with a crown , brush and 4 hair extensions for her beautiful long golden hair.


Buy The Disney Tangled Video Game

The Disney Tangled game which is available for Wii and Nintendo DS features an adventure filled journey through different locations from the movie. The game also features interactive puzzles and mini games for a fun gaming experience for young girls.


Tangled Clothing

Delight her with some clothing from the Tangled movie like a cute t-shirt or maybe a new pair of Rapunzel pajamas.

Or maybe she would like her very own Rapunzel costume. So that she can feel like a princess each and every time she wears it.  Little girls love to play dress-up which is why a Rapunzel costume makes the perfect gift for any young girl who loves the Disney Princesses.

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