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Harry Potter Lego sets

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego set
Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego set

All about Harry Potter Lego sets and games

One of the most popular types of kids toys is Lego sets and games. You can find many different Harry Potter Lego sets for that Harry Potter fan today. In fact it's a bit amazing how many different sets and layouts you can find that depicts all the Harry Potter scenes and adventures.

Most of the Harry Potter Lego sets have many pieces and come with at least a few Lego figures. There is always a colored diagram in each set that helps the kids build their Lego sets. Often you can configure each set a few different ways if you want to.

Each Harry Potter Lego set also is compatible with the others. So you can buy several different Harry Potter Lego sets and combine them together for a big display. Once you get one set you want to get them all!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle sets

If your getting your very first Harry Potter Lego set, you should start with a Hogwarts Castle Lego set. After all, Hogwarts Castle is the main place where all the action takes place in the Harry Potter movies. So that should be your base set to start with.

There are a few different Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle sets to choose from. Some can be as small as 300 pieces while the big sets can have as many as 1,290 pieces! That should keep your kid occupied for hours, which is another nice thing about Lego sets!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwart's Express set

If you have a little boy, you know they love trains. If he also is a Harry Potter fan then he will LOVE a Lego Harry Potter Hogwart's Express train set! You can find several different sets of these, with different number of pieces.

You can even find a motorized Hogwarts Express Lego set, which will be a collectors items someday. If fact the one you see below is not made anymore, so if you like it you better get it now!

Most Lego Hogwarts Express sets come with several different Harry Potter Lego figures, plus cool accessories like suitcases, food carts and so on. They can have as many as 600 or so pieces to a set.

Hogwarts Express Lego set trains

Other Harry Potter Lego sets

There are many, many more types of Harry Potter Lego sets and games to choose from also. Some I never even thought of. For instance you can get The Durmstrang Ship Lego set, with 550 pieces.

Or how about The Lego Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Lego set with 600 pieces. For smaller Lego sets you can choose the Professor Lupin's classroom Lego set with 155 pieces, or the Lego Harry Potter sorting hat set with 49 pieces.

Other Lego sets include the Harry Potter and Hungarian Horntail set, Rescue from the Merpeople Lego set, Harry Potter knight bus Lego set and my favorite, the Lego Harry Potter Dumbledore's office set 4729!

Get your Lego Harry Potter sets today!

As you can see there are many cool Harry Potter Lego sets and games to choose from. If your child is a Harry Potter fan they will love a Lego set with Harry Potter scenes. You can get one set at a time and slowly build a fantastic wonderland of Harry Potter scenes.

These Harry Potter Lego sets will keep your kids busy for hours and they learn how to build and put things together at the same time. Most of them are good for the ages of 7-14, so get one today and let you kids start building their own Harry Potter Lego land!

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Mungo 6 years ago

Great hub - I'm just re-discovering lego - after 25 years - with my boy. It's moved on a bit since I last looked.

All the best

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