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Golf - The Beautiful Game

The Playstation 3 has many games to offer us players, and fortunately for us sport lovers - Golfing Games are high on the list. As each year progresses we find the golf games becoming more and more realistic, and soon i expect we will all be couch bound and the game will only be played from our livingroom armchairs! (Lets hope not).

The true reality is that golf games on the playstation 3 really are incredible and make for an out of this world experience. You have to learn how to master the clubs, which gives you a huge advantage if you already play golf in real life! Also, the wind and the surface on which the ball lands can have a huge impact on your game. There's water, there's bunkers, there's ruff patches and there's green - there is basically everything that you would find in a normal game of golf.

This is your chance to check out the golf games available on the PS3 and make a purchase if you wish to do so. Enjoy!

Tiger Woods - PGA Tour '10

The Newest Edition the Tiger Woods PGA Games. Arguably the best and the most realistic game on the PS3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the most realistic golfing gaming experience so far. New features, new courses and new competition. One of the top games for 2010. Great price on this new game.

Our Review : A really special game! Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Tiger Wood PGA Tour 09

2009's Edition to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Games. Fantastic game that can only be bettered by its own 2010 version. Some prefer this one over any other edition and claim it's more fun! We will let you be the judge on this one! Slightly cheaper in price - great value for money.

Our Review: Great game play, super game Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Launchpad for PS3 !!!

How serious are you about your golf? Check out this new Golf Launch Pad which is designed for play on the PS3. Practice whilst at home and take gaming o a new level. More product information when you go to buy the product.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. A fantastic game that many people are still playing religiously, even after the release of the PGA Tours '09 and '10. These games make for great collectors items and make up for one fantastic package of golf. At this price you can't say no! Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Hot Shots Golf : Out of Bounds

Hot Shots Golf : Out of Bounds is a unique golfing game, that brings fun, enjoyment and excitment to the table. The rules are a little different, and characters are cartoon like, but it doesn't mean that this doesn't make a fantastic game of golf! Great Pixels, great golf swings, great challenges. Overall Rating : 8.5/10

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