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Speed Stacking in our Schools?

A couple of days ago, my kids came home from school raving about a new sport they were learning at school.  As they explained it to me, I was surprised to hear that it had everything to do with stacking cups.

Skeptical, I wondered how they could call that a sport, and also wondered if they were replacing regular Phys Ed activities with the Speed Stacking.

Upon further investigation and research into Speed Stacking, I realized that this was not only a new sport, but that it was becoming a phenomenon in schools across the country.

So I just had to learn more about it.

What Speed Stacking Is...

The sport involves the competition of stacking and unstacking 12 specially designed high tech cups called 'Speed Stacks' in predetermined sequences at lightning speed.  Competitors stack and unstack the cups all the while being timed by the StackMat clock to try and beat their best times and those of their competitors.

What Speed Stacking Does...

Because it requires the use of both hands, Speed Stacking activates the use of both sides of the brain.  It has shown to improve hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity and response times.  It has also captured the hearts of teachers who notice that those who Speed Stack have improved academic performance, lovingly referred to as 'Stackademics'.

Speed Stacking is practiced in over 32,000 schools and youth organizations around the world.  It is so popular because of its reach.  Anyone can speed stack.  Big or small, tall or short, this sport is not limited to the jocks.  It is definitely worth trying and is sure to be a hit with your children.  If your school is not currently practicing Speed Stacking, they probably will be in the future.  Or maybe you could be the one to start the revolution in your child's school.

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