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Pleo Life Form..

Pleo the Dinosaur is a wonderful real life robotic pet that UGOBE describe as life form. Pleo has been on the market since 2006, yet there are still millions of people who have never heard of him! Pleo is an adorable little dinosaur that has a personally of his own based on his life experience. Depending on how you treat Pleo you will see him behave and react in different ways. Before you know it that extrodinary little dinosaur becomes one of the family who you learn to love and care for in the same way that you would with a real pet, such as a rabbit or a dog.  Take a look at pleo the dinasour in action....

See Pleo in Action....

Pleo has sensors which means that he is able to detect where he is walking and where he is going. Therefore if you was to place him on a table an wake him up, you will find that he will walk his way around the table but will not fall off! Pleo also makes noises just like a real pet. For example if you are stroking Pleo and he is happy, he will do his own version of "purring". On the other hand if you were to pick Pleo up by his tail he will screetch because he simply does not like it. This is not just some robot toy that becomes boring - this really is a pet that you will create a bond with. Pleo will get to you know in the same way that you know him, and enjoy cuddles and playing with you - he will also let you know when he is tired! He will not toilet all over your floor or garden also which is an added bonus!

Pleo is a wonderful gift for any child or adult to receive, and whilst Pleo retails at around $350, he is worth every penny and much cheaper and easier than buying a dog or a cat. Pleo makes for the ultimate christmas or birthday gift that will never be forgotten, and all for a relatively cheap price. He really does have a personally based on his life experience - It's amazing.

Pleo Alternative...

Is Pleo a little bit out of your price range? If so then what about this awsome alternative to Pleo. The D-REX Interactive Dinosaur...

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

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