Buying Your First Metal Detector

What to Look for in a Metal Detector

You've been looking for a new hobby that will keep you excited, get you exercising outdoors and maybe even let you make a few bucks on the side. Metal detecting may be your answer.

In the past you would be lugging a heavy setup around and honing in on a coin or gold ring would be hit or miss. But today's metal detectors are lightweight, easy to use and can pinpoint a twenty-five cent piece a foot down in the ground.

Metal detecting, like many other hobbies can cost you an arm and a leg, but it's possible to get started with a nice piece of equipment for a couple of hundred dollars or even less. So besides cost, what should you be looking for in a metal detector for the beginner? Lightweight is definitely high up on the list.

A detector like the Fisher F2 Metal Detector weighs in a meager 2.6 pounds, which will make you happy after a few hours of detecting. The Fisher F2 is also simple to use and includes both visual target identification as well as four tone audio id. The F2 is a great beginners metal detector that will cost you about $200 and in most cases will qualify for free shipping.


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