COD Black OP Perks List

Black OPS Perks serve a multitude of purposes. You are able to choose three perks one from each tier, each with their own benefit. The first tier perk however holds an additional bonus of affecting your general appearance. There are tons of custom choices as to your appearance in Black OPS, but your general overlook changes based on your first perk. A good example of this is Flak Jacket makes you appear to have additional armor, while Ghost adds a shroud to aid in blending in with terrain.

Call Of Duty Black OPS
Call Of Duty Black OPS

Tier 1 Perks in Black OPS


The Lightweight Perk in Black OPS will allow you to move faster than others. The speed at which you move varies though based on your current weapons mobility, Sub Machine Guns work best with this. This is great for the run, and gun style players.



The Scavenger Perk in Black OPS will replenish your lethal grenades, and ammunition when you walk over bags that are left by dead players. It does not refill equipment or launchers though. This is best used with guns that will run out, or low on ammunition quickly like sub machine guns.


The Ghost Perk in Black OPS is one of the most frequently used Black OPS Perks in game. This perk is similar to Cold Blooded in Modern Warfare 2. Ghost Perk makes you undetectable by spy planes kill streak when you have it equipped. Although it is best to use a silencer as you will still show up on radar without one if you fire a gun without a silencer.

Flak Jacket:

The Flak Jacket Perk in Black OPS will reduce explosives damage taken, and will highly increase your chances of surviving any indirect explosive damage. Even with the Flak Jacket perk, bolts from crossbows are deadly if you are hit directly, and it explodes.


The Hardline perk in Black OPS is another favored by those that survive for long periods of time, and frequently get kill streaks. Hardline reduces the number of kills needed for any given kill streak by one, allowing for easier access to kill streak rewards.

Tier 2 Perks in Back Ops


The Hardened perk in Black Ops is an awesome perk for when people decide to hide behind walls. It allows you deal damage through walls. This is similar to Deep Impact in COD 4. Bullet penetration is increased, however it does not increase damage dealt.


The Scout perk in Black OPS is primarily a sniper perk as it allows you to hold your breath longer while scoped, and steadying your weapon. Most snipers will either use this or the Warlord perk as their Tier 2 perk.

Steady Aim:

The Steady Aim perk in Black OPS allows for increased accuracy, and will reduce the spread from shotguns. Best used with those dual wielding guns like shotguns, sub machine guns, or pistols as you have a reduced accuracy when using multiple guns.

Sleight Of Hand:

The Sleight Of Hand perk in Black OPS is very useful for weapons with guns with really long reload times. It will reduce your reload time in half, it most useful when using shotguns, or light machine guns.


The Warlord perk in Black OPS is one of the most favored next to the Ghost perk. It is similar to Bling in Modern Warfare 2, as it allows two attachments to be equipped to your primary gun. It however does not allow for multiple attachments when using under barrels like the flamethrower, grenade launcher, or shotgun. Best used with stealth classes as they allow the silencer to be used, while still getting the benefit of a second attachment.

Tier 3 Perks in Black Ops

Tactical Mask:

The Tactical Mask perk in Black OPS is not all that commonly used, however it does protect you against Nova Gas.


The Marathon perk in Black OPS increases the total sprint time, but does not increase the speed at which you move.


The Ninja perk in Black OPS allows to sprint, jump or walk nearly silent. This is similar to Dead Silence from COD4, and works best with Ghost. This is one of those perks you want to make sure you get the pro version of.

Second Chance:

The Second Chance perk in Black OPS can be useful nearly in any scenario as it gives you the ability to survive from death. After taking a fatal blow you will drop to the ground with a pistol for 10 seconds, allowing you time to kill those that may have killed you.


The Hacker perk in Black OPS will give you the ability to see enemy explosives, tactical insertion or equipment. It will highlight them in red similar to SitRep in Modern Warfare 2.

There also are pro abilities with each perk listed above. These pro abilities can make a huge difference depending on the perk, and should be weighed when making your perk combination selection.

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