COD Black OPS Pro Perks

Black Ops perks are revealed right from the very start, however the pro ability descriptions are hidden until you have unlocked the pro perks. Most pro perks have enough of an impact that it would be a huge tactical advantage to make sure you have the pro perk on each of the three that you have chosen.

Call Of Duty Black OPS
Call Of Duty Black OPS

Tier 1 Pro Perks in Black OPS

Lightweight Pro:

Having Lightweight Pro will reduce all fall damage to zero.


Scavenger Pro:

Scavenger Pro perk in Black OPS will double your starting ammo with additional magazines. It also will refill any tactical grenades equipped.


Ghost Pro:

Ghost Pro perk in Black OPS is a favorite by many as it makes you Undetectable by sentry guns, aircraft, and infrared scopes. If that isn't enough of a perk, it also makes it so when a cross-hair is put over you it does not turn red, nor does it show your name.


Flak Jacket Pro:

Having the Flak Jacket Pro perk in Black OPS will deflect a portion of fire damage, and throw a grenade thrown at you back at them after refusing the grenade.


Hardline Pro:

The Hardline Pro perk in Black OPS reduces the kills needed for kill streaks by one. An example would be the Spy Plane requires three kills, however if you have Hardline Pro perk equipped it would only need two kills.

Tier 2 Pro Perks in Back Ops

Hardened Pro:

The Hardened Pro perk in Black OPS allows your weapon to do additional damage to turrets or aircraft’s. The flinch received when being shot is also reduced when you are hit by a bullet.


Scout Pro:

The Scout Pro perk in Black OPS is primarily used by long range rifle users, or snipers. Switching from say a sniper to your crossbow would be a very slow process. Although some long range shooters still prefer the crossbow, but dislike the slow speed at which guns are switched. This would help increase the speed that you are able to change guns, on top of the normal Scout Pro perk ability.


Steady Aim Pro:

The Steady Aim Pro perk in Black OPS allows you to aim quicker after sprinting. It also increases the recovery rate after performing a knife lunge.


Sleight Of Hand Pro:

The Sleight Of Hand Pro perk in Black OPS increases the speed that you aim down your sight by 50 percent. Note though this could be useful, it does not work for weapons that have scopes on them.


Warlord Pro:

The Warlord Pro perk in Black OPS allows you to begin with an additional tactical, and lethal grenade. There is one exception though you still only get one smoke grenade, with no additional even with the Warlord Pro perk.  (Willy Pete)

Tier 3 Pro Perks in Black Ops

Tactical Mask Pro:

The Tactical Mask Pro perk in Black OPS reveals positions of a stunned, or flashed enemy on your map. Tactical Mask Pro also will reduce the effects when you are hit with a concussion or flashbang grenade.

Marathon Pro:

The Marathon Pro perk in Black OPS allows you to have unlimited sprint.

Ninja Pro:

The Ninja Pro perk in Black OPS will make your movements totally silent, and others movements around you louder.

Second Chance Pro:

The Second Chance Pro Perk in Black OPS allows for you to stay alive longer after being knocked to the ground with your pistol. It also gives others the ability to revive you after being knocked to the ground, they will be aware of it by the revive tag above a fallen comrades head.

Hacker Pro:

The Hacker Pro perk in Black OPS is an interesting perk as it allows the ability to sabotage any care packages the enemy may have, or turn it into a friendly care package. There is also a second addition as you will become invisible to enemy motion sensors.

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