COD Black OPS Zombie Perks And Powerups List

As many know killing zombies can be fun, even knowing that you will eventually die. The game never ends, a never endless assault of zombies trying to eat your brains. There are though many different perks, and power ups to help you fight off the zombies in Call Of Duty Black OPS. The question to what round can you, and your team survive. Many have even been reported to have made it to the low twenties, while others have a hard time only making it to round ten. Coordination, communication, and teamwork is crucial to success when fighting zombies in Black OPS. Below you will find a summarized list of the various perks and power ups that can be found throughout each zombie map.

Black OPS

Call Of Duty Black OPS
Call Of Duty Black OPS

COD Black OPS Zombie Perks List

***--Note From Author--

Please note this article has not been updated in awhile due to the age of Black Ops, and will be updated once Black Ops 2 is released. This will however still cover nearly every single perk within the game minus any changes or new additions since release. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Quick Revive:

Costs $500 in solo mode/ $1,500 in Co-OP.

Allows you to revive yourself, or speed up the time it takes to revive a fellow teammate.

Pack A Punch:

Cost is $5,000

Allows you to upgrade your weapon.


Cost is $2,500

This perk makes you resistant to damage, therefore allowing you to take more hits and survive.

Double Tap:

Cost is $2,000

This will increase the fire rate of your current weapons.

Speed Cola:

Cost is $3,000

This will allow for quick reload times. This perk is similar to the Sleight of Hand perk in online multilayer. If you are using heavy guns like machine guns this is almost a must have perk, otherwise you may find yourself swarmed before the reload is finished.

COD Black OPS Zombie Power Ups List

Random power ups will drop as you kill zombies, these power ups can make a huge difference. Some will totally turn the tide in your favor, while others are simply utility power ups each having their own distinct advantages.


This will look like a glowing bomb floating in the air. Best used when there are a huge amount of zombies on the map, or if you feel that you will be overwhelmed. Using this power up will destroy all zombies on the map.


A very useful Black Ops zombie power up in Call Of Duty, as it will repair all barricades back to full instantly. Carpenter will look like a big gold hammer, of course it is always best to do this manually if you can.

Insta Kill:

Just as the name says a single bullet will kill anything you hit. This is the perfect time to show the zombie's who is boss with your pistol to save ammo on your primary gun.

Double Points:

Every zombie you kill will give double points while Double Points is active.

Max Ammo:

This is the most commonly found power up in game currently. It will refill your ammo to max, great when used with mystery box weapons.

Death Machine:

Death Machine is a chain/mini gun that allows you to devastate zombies for a short time.

Fire Sale:

This is a random box that will show up in various locations on the map, and only costs $10.00 but also does not last very long.


Not really considered a power up however not to be forgotten either. Different traps have various effects, which is why they are best saved to be used when you surpass round 15 that way you don't waste money. Traps can make the difference between life, and death so never forget to use them when needed.

**Note this was accurate as of game release, and will soon be updated**

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Salvador 3 years ago

I Like All PERKS

Brandon 4 years ago

Fire sale

NBDx McNamara90 4 years ago

Currently on wave 34 on call of the dead with 6 perks ATM , jugg, phd flopper, mule kick, stamin up, deadshot and quick revive bloody hard now tho just made a crawler nd my make is keeping him busy while I have a cigarette break lol add my psn it's the same as my name here :)

Zuse 4 years ago

Yer u forgot mule kick and the pdh flopper is like bouncing Bettie's and you forgot the multiplying bubushca bombs

mogelly831 4 years ago

what's the phd flopper for ,and the dead shot dacarie and where is the mule kick

Georgeqwert 4 years ago

I only get to lvl 7 w/the multiplayer and we have done strategies that we have seen on the Internet HELP!!!!

anonymous 5 years ago

It's not multi- kick, it's mule kick and it allows you to have 3 weapons to alternate between.

CaseyNixon 5 years ago

You forgot to put multi-kick on the list of powerups.

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