COD Modern Warfare 3 Perks

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

How MW3 Perks Work

Modern Warfare 3 is just like in previous titles such as Black Ops, and Modern Warfare 2 you must unlock each perk, and it's pro version. Pro perks require certain challenges to be completed to be unlocked, with some more difficult than others.

Some perks are accessible from the beginning, while others become opened up with rank. You get the choice of three perks per class. Divided into 3 different slots, you have a choice of 15 different perks to choose from.

Tier One Perks

Recon:Any enemy who takes explosive damage is marked with an arrow. This will also show which direction the marked enemy is facing.
Recon Pro: Same as recon but bullet damage also will cause them to be marked with an arrow.

Sleight of Hand: Reloads weapons 50% quicker. This is particularly useful with light machine guns with their high reload times.
Sleight of Hand Pro: Allows you to swap, or pick up weapons 50% quicker.

Blind Eye: This will make it so enemy sentries, and air support is unable to detect you.
Blind Eye Pro: Great for anti-air. Additional damage combined with quicker lock on of launchers makes machine guns quite effective against enemy air support.

Extreme Conditioning: Double sprint duration.
Extreme Conditioning Pro: Get over terrain, and obstacles quicker.

Scavenger: After killing a player little bags are dropped that will refill your ammo. Launchers though are only refilled if the player that died already had that gun.
Scavenger Pro: Additional starting ammo.

Tier Two Perks

Quickdraw: Allows you to focus the aim of a scope faster, great for the snipers out there.
Quickdraw Pro: Recover quicker from the use of a grenade or equipment.

Blast Shield: Dramatically reduces damage received from explosives
Blast Shield Pro: You become immune to flash, and stun grenades.

Hardline: Killstreak kills required are reduced by one. If something like a care package requires 4 kills, it would only require 3 with the Hardline perk.
Hardline Pro: Every two assists add one kill toward your killstreak. This also reduces the amount of deaths require for deathstreaks by one.

Assassin: You become undetectable by Thermal scopes, UAV's, heartbeat sensors, and portable radars. Once you fire a gun though you will be detected. Those with the Recon Perk, or Recon Drone killstreak can still detect you.
Assassin Pro: No red crosshair when you are targeted is a big advantage. Pro also will make you immune to EMP, and Counter UAV.

Overkill: Allows you to use two primary weapons, but only one can use attachments.
Overkill Pro: Both primary weapons can use attachments.

Tier 3 Perks

Marksman: Show the names of enemies from greater distances.
Marksman Pro: Able to hold breath for twice as long than usual with a scope.

Stalker: Quicker movement while aiming down a sight.
Stalker Pro: Delayed response of triggered items like claymores.

Sitrep: Enemy equipment, and explosives become highlighted in red.
Sitrep Pro: Louder footsteps by enemies.

Steady Aim: Increased accuracy when firing from the hip.
Steady Aim Pro: Quicker scoping after sprinting.

Dead Silence: Reduced effect of enemies using the Recon perk, and makes your movements silent.
Dead Silence Pro: You take no fall damage.

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