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This game is so simple yet so addictive it is completely crazy. All you do in this game is cook food and gain points as you cook then you serve the food and make money as your facebook friends mini person strolls in to your cafe for a bite to eat. Then you get to decorate your cafe in any style you wish as you gain more money you can decorate your cafe even seasonally. Cafe world offers gifts to send your friends for free which makes it a lot of fun to place with your friends.

This game is so simple yet you find yourself setting the alarm on your phone just to serve the food & cook more in your tiny virtual cafe. Life could not be anymore simple right.This is such a cute entertaining game it will keep you coming back day after day for more.

Cafe World
Cafe World

As crazy as it may sound there is a method to this tiny cafe madness. There are dishes that are better to cook than others. You can make more points or better use of your time just making sure you are cooking the most productive dish you have available at the time. Since your experience points change with each dish it pays to check out which ones are best for you to cook. Once you gain a higher level you can move up to cooking a better dish that makes more coins as well as more experience points.

However, having said that it is also possible to so called buy your levels so you can cook higher level dishes that pay better so you can cook more dishes at one time. To buy your levels you simply cook a dish then delete it you won't get all the points for this but the points you get will further advance you to your next level as it is based on cook points.

A Few Useful Tip

1. Set your cafe up where your cook is surrounded by the stoves to be more productive and serve faster. To do this make sure all your stoves face inward. Line each stove up where they touch so there is no way for your tiny cook to walk around other than inside your stove area.

2. Set up your cafe so all your servers are in the middle of your serving counters, take care that the plates face inward toward the inside of your circle of serving counters. You will see there is a tiny open spot on the counters front with a stack of plates this will be the front. Make sure your counters are touching so your tint servers can only walk inside the serving counters. This will effectively trap your waiters so all they can do is walk within your circle to serve people making it so much faster. Try it you will be amazed at the time it saves in serving even if your tables are away from your servers the plates will just appear on the tables not time for servers to have to walk to the tables and back.

3. Use a link for extra food search Cafe World on Face book and you will find people who share trust me it's worth the effort. Use the VIP dinner link once a day to get free serving of VIP dinners so you can gain more money to buy more food for your cafe faster. Advancement is always good.

4. Try to cook the dish that is most productive for you at the moment. Make sure you check to see how long it takes vs how much you make.

5. Try to spend your money on cooking first, then stoves and counters as you gain money and experience you will be able to gain more money to decorate.

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for highlighting this game and giving tips to improve the performance.

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Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

you are very welcome =)

Have a wonderful day

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