Call Of Duty Black Ops Kino Der Toten Zombies Strategy

Kino Der Toten Zombie Map

Kino Der Toten is the new map made for Call Of Duty Black Ops. This map does not need to be unlocked or anything. In this hub, I will explain a strategy for surviving on this map. Kino Der Toten is quite a complex map. Unlike other maps, this one forces you to move more. There really is not any place you can camp later on in the game. The mystery box spawns differently each game(new), and it also moves when you get a bear.(like in previous zombie maps) This map is best done with four players because it may be difficult to guard all the windows with fewer players. Every game will be different depending on when the demon dogs come, where the box spawns, and what doors you open. Below I will explain which paths to choose, and how long to stay there approximately. I recently made it to round 19 with four people,however, I was pretty much doing it solo cause they died.


(1) At the beginning, everyone spawns in the lobby of the theater. Have each person defend a window. There are two windows at the bottom, one at the top right, and one below the stairs. This is a total of four windows. Use your pistol and knife to eliminate the zombies at the windows. Let them come in to get power ups. Just make sure your careful when doing this. You do not want to get over run by zombies when your only using a pistol. Demon dogs will come randomly at round 5, 6, or 7. Everyone should leave the room at round 4 or 5. If the dogs do come when your still in a room, grab a double barrel shotgun off the wall near the bottom. If everyone has a shotgun it will be easier to eliminate the demon dogs.

(2) Everyone should leave the room at about round 4 or 5. The person with the most points should open the the double doors at the top right. When you open the door, do NOT camp(defend) there. If the mystery box is there, hurry up and use it. Proceed down the hallway and there will be another room. On the other side is another double door. Open the doors which cost 1000 points. Go down the stairs where there is a room with a pump action shotgun, and an MP40 at the bottom of the one staircase. Have two people at the bottom guarding the barricades(2) from zombies, one person guarding the stairs where you came down from, and one person guarding the 2nd floor window near the shotgun.

(3) Defend here until about round 8 or so. The person guarding the stairs is important though. If that player dies, then everyone may get over run. That player should be using a shotgun or MP40. The other players should also use these weapons to defend the windows. (This is location is to the right of the lobby, see map below for better idea)

Kino Der Toten Map Layout


Kino Der Toten

(4) If possible, make a zombie a crawler by throwing a grenade at it. In this fashion, you will be able to have time to prepare for the next round. Once you're done in this room, which should be about round 7 or 8 cause it gets difficult later, open the door at the bottom. You will now be in another room with two windows, a broken hole in the ceiling in which zombies jump down from, and another door leading to the stage. (also, possibly a magic box if it spawned there) Open the door in this room that leads to the stage of the theater. There is a power switch near the curtains. Turn it on to give power to the entire theater.(all perk machines are now on) The power also opens the curtains to the theater itself. If you go through the theater you arrive back at the lobby where you started.

(5) Now, to the main strategy. Basically what everyone is going to do is make a semi circle around the theater. The path that you just came through, and the theater leading to the lobby is where your going to run through to survive the following rounds. Keep in mind, you should of made a crawler so people have time to buy weapons and prepare. Everyone needs to stay together when running this route. When the next round beings, start running through the theater and you will make it to the lobby(where you started). Then proceed up stairs to the right, down the hall to the next room, and down the stairs at the end. This is the same path you took before, except your running through it now. Then go through the next set of rooms until you arrive at the theater again. Shooting any zombies that are in your way, but MOST, of the zombies will trail behind you. Your essentially rounding up the zombies behind you. When you get back to the theater and across the other side, throw grenades at the groups of zombies. Make sure to also shoot zombies following behind you. Do not take to long to stop though or you may get hit by other zombies...

Some things to keep in mind:

All your really doing is following a circle path until you get to the theater stage over and over again. You must make sure everyone is going in the same direction though, or else the zombies will surround you in huge numbers. Also make sure to buy an mp40 off the wall if you need ammo. This is below the staircase in the room with the shotgun and speed cola. It may be a good idea to stop for a few seconds every time your back at the theater and unload on zombies behind you. Also keep in mind that there are zombies that emit gas that can blind you. (they crawl on the ground)

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makutas267 profile image

makutas267 6 years ago

hey what's your gamer tag?

austin 6 years ago

what are the perks

Mike 6 years ago

Speed Cola (Faster reload)

Juggernog (More Health)

Double Tap (Faster Fire Rate)

Quick Revive (half the time of normal revive)

Kaleb 6 years ago

I actually get to the MP40 and then open the next two doors to the theatre. Have a guy on each window and two guarding the door. You will make it to about round 18 doing this, and then proceed on with the strategy given above. (DO NOT TURN POWER ON IN THEATRE UNTIL YOU ARE DONE WITH THE FIRST 15 ROUNDS.)

xboxps3wow profile image

xboxps3wow 6 years ago from chicago

man oh man, i have zombies sooo much.. i could never get past level 10!

ricki 6 years ago

io sono italiano e la tua è una strategia molto brutta,non cè una strategia esatta ma l'unica è aprire in basso e andare nel cortile guardare in alto in cielo dove trovi una strisci blu,e li vuol dire che ci sara la scatola,NON DOVETE COMPRARE FUCILI AL MURO!!!!! dovete andare sempre alla scatola con quel metodo che vi ho detto. arrivati al livello 15 girate per tutta la mappa e potenziate le armi lui,arrivato al livello 10 non ha detto piu nulla vi spiego io come si fa....lvl 10-15 arrivare a 2500 punti per jargenutt e poiarrivare a 5000 pe potenziare l'armi...le armi piu forti sono:reigan,pistola fulminante,hk21,rpk,scimmie,commando,le pistoline,....e poi sperare nelle munizioni solo cosi,ma dovete essere tutti e 4 bravi

antonio 6 years ago

a very good way to make money..

first round_ 4 pistol shots

2 round_ 5 pistol shots one knife

3 round_ 9 shots one knife

Always try to knife the zombies in the first few levels last.. that way you'll get the 10 points from each gun shot and then 130 from the one knife...

id say its better to open the 2 doors that are upstairs.. that way you go to the speed cola room.. and 1-2 people cover the downsatiars windows (2) and 2-3 people cover the stairs and the upstairs window... highly effective if done properly and if you encounter the random weapon crate you'll be able to get at least to level 13., essential to leave the last zombie alive at the end of each round so you can go reuild and use the crate as many times as you want if posible

mitch 6 years ago

good strategy, i have made it to 23 using the circle method

Riley  6 years ago

man u suck round 18 lmao that's like nothing ive made it 2 like 28 without the circle method me and my mates use the teleporter method and its so much easier to do it with just 2 players so u don't have more players to tell what to do all u need to do is get to about round 8 and u need to get a gun from the box about round 6 when u reach round 8 turn the teleporter on and go up and chuck grenades down at the huge amounts of zombies packed into the middle of the theatre u do this every round because usually there will be 1 or 2 crawlers left over to take time don't kill them straight away just wait for the teleporter to stop coolong down when u teleport back from the pack a punch room stay in the lobby and kill the zombies runing through the doors that lead into the theatre and up 2 the stage.

jwasham 6 years ago

are you kidding me only 19 with 4 people!!!! that's pathetic I made it to round 21 on my own, and its easier with 2 people not 4

jwasham 6 years ago

also don't turn on the power until a couple people can pack a punch, just camp on the stage WITHOUT the curtains opened with 3 people watching whatever side you came through and one person watching the opposite window. Once people can pack a punch turn on the power, get juggernog and run around, do NOT camp on this map you WILL die.

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

You can camp on this map, but only if you have a certain amount of people, and are in the right area

mw3 rocks  6 years ago

me and my stepdad cant make it past round 10 it gets so intence we cant handle it

Mcflurry561(ps3) 6 years ago

is there any way u could tell me to get past lvl 16?

profile image

MR_Shamzzz 6 years ago from UNKOWN

Does this really work? And so the main idea is to run around the stages over and over again and work as a team using the mp40/mysterybox and the stake out the shot gun you were talking about.....

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Yeah, but it depends how good you run/shoot etc. I made it to 28 with 2 people.

(This is harder to do with 4 people I think)

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL

Holding a zombie at a window is often easier than making a crawler. I'm still learning the circles, I end up running the wrong way sometimes. Good tips though

SOLOchuckles456 6 years ago


Reached Round #42 (quit cuz i it was 5:00am, not cuz i died.)

GOLDEN RULE – never camp! Always keep moving and don’t let the zombies get in front of you.

Knife kills only till round 3 (cross your fingers for a max ammo) Headshots as much as possible and accumulate as many points as possible. Go upstairs from the spawn and make your way to the stage, unlocking doors BEFORE you get overrun. (if you aren’t sure if you can hold the room, move on. Better safe than sorry.) If you are out of ammo for your pistol, buy an AUTOMATIC gun off the wall (mp40 is best for now). If you come across the gun box, use it at your own risk. For now, it’s better to know what gun you are getting. DON’T TURN THE POWER ON UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD JUGGER-NOG! (2500 points) Once power is activated, immediately buy jugger-nog and start doing “laps.” (a lap is when, starting at the spawn, you head upstairs(right) and make your way back to the stage, through the theater back to the spawn.) Always keep moving, this will make sure the zombies remain behind you. Only stop when you are sure zombies are not in front of you. Nothing is worse than shooting a whole cluster of zombies and getting hit from behind.

Once you have jugger-nog, it’s ok to use the gun box. The ultimate combination you want is the thundergun/raygun (primary) and a light machine gun (secondary). It is very important to have a primary gun that can kill 1 or 2 zombies very fast. If you do get the thundergun, only use it when absolutely necessary. Dodge the zombies instead of blasting them. Pull out your secondary when shooting large groups (more points). Don’t use the traps until you get to round 20+ it might make the rounds go by faster but you lose all those points. If you run out of ammo, upgrade. NEVER UPGRADE THE RAYGUN OR THUNDERGUN UNLESS YOUR OUT OF AMMO. (if it still kills in 1 or 2 shots, why upgrade?)

When the box goes to the alley, save up enough to buy the whole left side. I think it’s about 3250 points? not sure tho. I think it works better this way because you never want to get caught with your back to a door you can’t afford.


Don’t stop moving, don’t waste bullets, and don’t be stupid.

Xbox Live Gamertag: SOLOchuckles456

Co-op do the same except stay away from your teammates.

Joe 6 years ago

Made it to round 38 night before last with 3 of my friends, but the funny thing is my lobby leaderboard doesn't update anymore, still shows round 27 is my highes and that was like a month ago, add me Call Me MaINMaN

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Yeah, I made it to round 31 with 2 other people. (one left)

It said I made it to 31 on leaderboards, but they did not get an update. We went through hell rounds 27-31 too. Not sure why they did not get their leaderboards updated

lol the last round time was almost 18 minutes!

Kevin 6 years ago

hey. I made it to level 30... I need some good people to play with so we can get further. Who wants in? Leave your gamertag!

SAM79 6 years ago

I've made it to round 31 with 1 other player. after both players have got the ray and thunder (both upgraded) run around the map killing zombies infront of you, always use the thunder in the stairs after the alley and before entering the stage, its a good idea to keep the teleporter activated in case s**t hits the fan you can teleport and get a breather and also chuck grenades at the buggers collecting in the theater, always leave one zomie which allows for closing of windows and perking up incase you go down and get revived, its a good idea to keep checking the box for monkeys if you don't already have them i managed to revive my mate in round 30 using the thunder and 1 monkey (downed players with ray gun rember to do justice with the ray gun while your mates are reviving you) it also a good idea to chuck another monkey just after reviving your mate just to give you a breather, don't wast you money on activating the guns rather save to use fire before alley and electricity in the changing room after the stage.

bob 6 years ago

running around is really hard what you do is get one person in each corner of the map and then camp there because the zombies are spread out and easier to kill this way

bob is gay 6 years ago

bob your retarded just don't talk.

cap 6 years ago

i got to 28 by my self circle method lmg upgraded and mp5 not up graded

HiOnExTaCy 6 years ago

i made it 2 43 with 2 people gets hard as they just don't drop

scott 6 years ago

Kino is lame. Leaderboard doesn't update anymore

Nick  6 years ago

I made it to 28 with 3 people. We camped in the alleyway we did not open the door behind us so all we had to worry about was the window begind us and the alleyway. It is a good idea to pack a punch the mp40 and the ak74u because they are both powerful and with speed cola they are just as good as most guns but u can get ammo whenever you need it. Recently camping has not worked well so we just run around with those guns and do work

Madhatterni profile image

Madhatterni 6 years ago

good tips

KRAKR 6 years ago

Im with Nick on this one, perfect strategy to get to about 20-30 depending on firepower and exp., once they get over whelming open the door to the main lobby every one go up stairs and the through the speed cola room to the stage, then split up and go to work doing circles around the figure eight layout, I like to have two guys use the ally and theater, and two go upstairs to the room with the speed cola and the theater, if every one has mics. you can coordinate and make sure only one team is in the theater at a time and the other is on the edge of the map, this splits your troubles in half and everyone should still get all the points they need, rotate paths to get all the perks, and chances at the mystery boxes, monkey bombs and quick revive are almost a must in case some one goes down, so try to have those on both teams, I heard that you can shoot a downed player with the pack-a-punch ballistic knife and it will revive them, but I haven't tried this yet, try to walk as much as possible trying to keep them in a group because the slower ones will double back and screw the other team and you later on in the lap, expd. players will almost know when the round is over, so always, always, always try to have at least one crawler (two or more is better in case one bleeds out and your in the middle of planning) at the end of every round no matter what so you can figure who needs to go where and what every one needs to have, I cant express how important this is, try to make sure you have all of the perks, every one needs to go in the portal when its used so you can get the goodies in the rooms that they send you to for that brief moment, I like to have one gun off of the walls so I always have a chance to get ammo, either the pack-a-punched M-16, or the AK pack-a-punched, try to get a gun that will clear waves with no problems, ray guns, heavy machine guns, or at the least something with a grenade launcher, the M-16 pack-a-punched has a grenade launcher so that's my preference, there is almost now way you will get past level 20 without good exp. so don't get to overwhelmed, practice makes perfect, this game does have a lot of luck involved, sometimes the game isn't to generous with max ammos and what not, good luck

Eagle EyE 480 6 years ago

The zombies on call of duty black ops is a lot more elegant than that of World at War. In Black ops, there is no way you can keep all the zombies out. How far you make it really depends on two things, LUCK and SKILL. Your never going to get anywhere in zombies if all you get is the LAW or dual pistols from the mystery box. You are never going to get anywhere unless you get lucky with certain power ups, whether it be insta-kill or max ammo. Strategies are a dime a dozen, but if you don't get lucky, good luck getting passed level 10

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

I agree, but getting past level 10 is not to hard even with relatively crappy weapons.

John 6 years ago

Luck has nothing to do with this, Why? because I only buy the stakeout and M16 and get the juggernog + speedcocke. Than when you have enough points you upgrade your weapons in the P&P. Al this is done while circling the whole map. Also make good use of the traps and transporter. When you are circling try to walk instead of running to gather a big zombie crowd. Than when you pass a trap set it off. Use your macine gun to shoot for points while the zombie's get mascared in the trap. This works for two guys to arround round 30. Goodluck

JONAH 6 years ago

this method totally works, i was stuck on level 10 max tried this method my friend showed me, WAS AT LEVEL 24 3 TRIES LATER!!! HAVE TO GET LUCKY AND GET A THUNDERGUN OR RAY GUN AT LATER LEVELS, BUT DEFINITELY A GOOD STRATEGY!

O.O 6 years ago

everytime i play kino, i never find a mystery box, when i do, i ussually get the law and the python. Before i can use it again 4 somethin better, my team beasts on it until it disappears. They also leavewith crowds of zombies chasing me when i only have the starter pistol on me. As soon as I get a perk, i get downed. Also, when im trying to go laps, one of my teammates gets in my way an gets me killed in the stairway....with all of this, i can still make it to lvl 18 ish. If that's not luck, i don't know what is O.O

KRAKR 6 years ago

once you get a path through the theater and your making your way through the lobby, the key is to not shoot the zombies behind you at all and the ones in front of you as little possible, because the game only lets so many zombies spawn, if you shoot any they will keep spawning and too many may spawn in front of you, once you have made a lap or two and haven't shot any behind you they will eventually be done spawning and you wont run into any more zombies, they will all be in the group behind you, once you get to the stage turn around and give it to em, then try to stay in the theater as long as possible and before being over ran start making your lap again, once again shoot as little as possible so they don't spawn in front of you, and walk as much as possible so they don't double back

KRAKR 6 years ago

or once you get to the theater and you have money for the Gatling gun on stage buy it and hit the transporter, make sure its linked before you plan this, lol, when it puts you in the lobby don't shoot anything accept the ones you have to, wait for the waive coming from the theater and start making your lap again only shooting the ones you have to, in later rounds wait until you don't run into anymore before you start shooting the crowd so it will be easier to watch your back

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Check out my Nazi Zombies website. Instead of this page building up endless comments, go here.

Its still in the beta stages, but will be updated frequently.

subjectalpha1 6 years ago

I hate it when people are all such assholes, saying "Oh, you only made it to round 20? You suck, I've gotten to round 50," because first of all IT DOESN'T MATTER! Everyone is different. I've had BOZ for 3 days, highest round with 4 people is 19. Guess what, I DON'T CARE, in my opinion, for a guy who's never played any COD game before, I'd say that's pretty good. And it's pretty much impossible to follow these strategies to-the-letter without direct communication to everyone else, and even then it's still hard. I follow the same strategy, and had a mike, along with two other guys, and even with us screaming into the mike "DON'T TURN ON THE POWER!!!" he still did.

So sorry for the rant, and here's my tips:

1) Rounds 1-3: take 4 bullets, multiply that by the round number, then add one knife.


3) MP40 is your best friend for up to round 15. NEVER, EVER EVER use a shotgun off the wall. Yes, I love shotguns, but they are useless against Hellhounds.

4) Always run, never stop, but if you are dead set on camping, here's the rooms you shouldn't stay in:

-Fire Trap Room (Door under stairs in Alley)

-Alley (Next door outside Dressing Room)

-Lobby (Duh)

-Balcony (Door at the top of the stairs in the Lobby)

-Dressing Room (Right outside the Speed Cola/Stakeout/MP40 Room, right next to stage)

-Backstage (Right outside alley, next to Stage power switch)

If you want to camp, go to one of these places:


Location: stage...

Why: lots of open space to run; teleporter for a last-ditch resort; two mystery box locations; good wall weapons; a Trap.

Why Not: Zombies and Crawlers come from the rubble, may surprise you; when the Hellhounds come, they can come from any direction; Crawlers come from ceiling, so the can come from any direction, unlike Zombies, who come from doors windows or holes

Rating: 8.7/10

-Dining Room:

Location: Door right outside Balcony, leads to Dressing Room.

Why: TONS of space to run; some of the greatest wall weapons ever; easy camp spot; has Speed Cola; not easy to be cornered in; a turret; Crawlers don't come from ceiling.

Why Not: With both doors open, Zombies can surprise you; if you are overrun, you only have two choices: the Dressing Room (cramped, easy to be hit, Zombies fall from sky) or the stairs (close quarters, only 1way to go, blocking frequent)

Rating: 9.5/10

anime COD 6 years ago

my game keeps freezing in the pack-a-punch room. Does this happen to anyone else

imsoninja_88 6 years ago

I made it to 43 solo, but last night i made it to 41 with another person i randomly met online. ps3

Klevo618 6 years ago

Hey amine my game freezes too. I get the pack a punch, throw jades in the window, then go to buy more and it freezes every time. It really pisses me off. Can anyone help or know what's up?

BucketsofGuido 6 years ago

Next to Jug there is a weapon called the Bowie Knife.... its a one shot kill up to level 8/9 and super useful because it still is a one shot on crawlers and dogs into later levels

ijackson6 6 years ago

Here's a cheap trick to do to make it far but must have to make it far. On Kino Der Toten open the downstairs door, after round 4, go to the alley, buy the ak47u. two people in the back one on the window on watching the roof, two in the front of the alley, one on the window and one at the door. then after round 8, leave a crawler go open all the doors but the one to the square room. you can open fight them in there, the doors you can open would be upstairs, and then DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR AT THE SQUARE ROOM. once in the square room one person on the right side of the window and the other 3 people should be able to shoot towards the top of the lobby. leave a crawler every round and board the windows up, hit the box, and or go use the pack a punch

profile image

titansmc25 6 years ago

if anyone has a ps3 what's your gamertag we should hook up and play zombies

Serum 6 years ago

Best thing to do is turn on the power as soon as possible and buy the bowie knife. Instant kill until round ten. RACK UP THE POINTS. keep the pistol for quicker knifing until about round ten. also buy the mp40 because it is a good gun for points and killing zombies. when you have enough buy jug first out of the perks. SO basically, 1. buy mp40, bowie knife as soon as you can. 3.JUG. 4 rack up points and buy everything else that you want. after round 10 it only takes a few shots then a knife. so you get more points.

You have to have the points to be the BOSS :)

black ops shooter 6 years ago

What usually do is go to the top window when you first start(it usually gets the most) and shoot 5-6 bullets then nife. 2nd use a whole clip then nife. 3rd a clip and about 3 bullets. ifur still in the same room its 2 clips. by the next round u should leave or get an m14. if u leave go upstairs so u can get an mp40 faster (its the best weapon off the walls)Whoever has the most open the door but don't make him open all of them even if he still has the most. let the two people who have the least money go upstairs and the other two stay downstairs. anything else id rather say on a mic so if u have one add me psn:x76a_fin the most i got up to is rd 37

daron_zombie 5 years ago

guys guys when u play zombies buy quick revive and stay at the first place till round five then go open the doors and when u reach to the mp40 place go to the door that leads to the power and stay there (for 2 people)and at the angles and one shoot to the left and one to the right,each player will have 6 dogs,if u are 4 players then 24 dogs,1 player,6 dogs,easyyyy

CRIBBAGE 5 years ago

It is really good.

TripleP profile image

TripleP 5 years ago from Iowa

Great job on this man! I have been playing Black Ops for awhile now and have mostly avoided zombie mode, but now that I know what i'm doing I will take another crack at it!

Chidori_22 5 years ago

To be honest the best way to get points in the first few rounds is to use your pistol, and then knife for the final kill obviously but for each round the amount of bullets the zombies can take increases by 4 each round example 1st round 4 shots, 2nd round 8 shots, 3rd round 12 shots and so on...just wanted to clear that up for those who didn't know. Peace.

awsome zombie man 5 years ago

i got a xbox my name is LONLEY ASSASIN all capitalls

Shane 5 years ago

Me and my cuzn(2 players) reached round 45, but cant seem to ever pass it... we use all our ammo in one round and run around activating traps lyk crazy...

Has any1 else reach this level and can offer a 'level 43+ strategy'

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

I got to level 44 with a friend. I did the strategy above, however, I used the MP40 A LOT! I also did not upgrade it because it costs to much money.

I kept running backwards shooting zombies with the MP40, and had a thunder gun if I got over run. It worked well, and I used the MP40 as a money maker.


(1) Use mp40 to make money

(2) Use traps because most guns get to weak to kill anything in the far rounds

(3) if somebody has a thundergun they should use it ONLY in emergencies.

The thing is, I think using the MP40 can make a big difference using this strategy (in very far rounds), but you need a gun to to back yourself up with like a ray gun or thundergun.

I wanted to get to level 45, but I got stuck or something.

I am sure at the rate we were going 50+ was possible. But the game lasted 5 hours ...

Shade Sigma 5 years ago

Me and my cousin made it to 25. I made it to 21 by myself so far. And with 4 players we made it to 35. It's easier with 4 players. All you do is don't upgrade until like round 28. Have only two people hit the teleporter and rain grenades on following zombies while the other two split and make a break for it. We flank them and meet up in the dressing room. They only follow who they see so we split the groups up and at the near end of the horde we camp. We heat the teleporter back up and do it again. Everyone had perks and everyone had one quick weapon and a powerful one. I did my work only with the upgraded Steakout and the MP40. We used black holes only when one needed to be revived or in other cases the Thunder Gun. I believe the only reason we lost is because a few got tired and are game was slippin. Other than that the sky was the limit.

Shade Sigma 5 years ago

Also, for those who game freezes in the punch room I got the solution. I have it on XBox, but I used to think I had to just stay away from the projector but that isn't the case. You can't go to the window at all or it will freeze. Just buy grenades, upgrade the weapon and sit in the far right corner and the game won't freeze. Sorry but still use the room to your advantage because it easily groups zombies up to have them chase you.

mrmister 5 years ago

i've made till lvl 45 kino but with my own strategy ... that also includes using the traps!

magnakillah5521 XBOX 5 years ago

The window freezing up glitch ahs most likely been patched, to get rid of all patches pelase remove your XBOX hard drive. Removes all patches for those who like glitching. DO NOT DOWNLOAD A GLITCHER. HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

zombiespro 5 years ago

you all suck i made it to 28 with 2 people split-screen and made it to 42 solo. Good idea for 2 people: have hk21's or rpk's and a thunder gun. in the jugger-nog corner have one person shoot out one clip with their lmg then reload then the other guy takes over when the 1st guy is reloading i got to 28 doin this. having monkeys helps ALOT. teleport at least once every 3 rounds perferably every 2 rounds. when in the teleport room right before u teleport back down throw a monkey or as soon as you ar in the lobby again so the zombs don't come behind you i know this is long but atleast try it once. PS3: Seynogard7

someguy666 5 years ago

the strategy zombie pro says actually works really well i tried it with my brother a couple times ROUND 28 THANKS DUDE!

mr r83 5 years ago

add me im good at zombies kino der toten im only level 26 tho with about 700 kills so i do some work add me my name is mr r83

mr r83 5 years ago

also made it to level 35 by myself add me mr r83 or mrr83 i don't know if it has a space or not

unfectedloner 5 years ago

has anyone heard the metal music that plays? my friend and i were around round 20 and for a strange reason music started blasting O.o

animous 5 years ago

igot to round 18 on my own you've got to stabb in round 1 to 4 and save up 4500 then open the upstairs door then open the 1000 dor buy the mp40 and carry on when you have enogh go to the power room turn the power on then save up for juggernog then save up for a pack a punch if you see the mysterie box use it if you have enough $ then use the circle method !!!!!!!!!!!!

b2getpwned 5 years ago

I found that an upgraded mp40 and a m16 are the best choices for weapons in rounds 10-20. Anything above round 20 keep the upgraded mp40 and use the box and hope for a thunder or ray gun. Ps3 gamertag: b2getpwne. Add for some beast zombie owning.

b2getpwned 5 years ago

sorry my gamertag is b2getpwned

???? 5 years ago

I only go for the ray gun in the box and then just upgrade wall weapons because you can get ammo easily.

aj 5 years ago

don't camp on kino der toten u will totally lose no matter what anyone says trust me i got round 30 not camping and guess what i died camping on round 30

aj 5 years ago

does anyone know how to get out of kino der toten on the wii because i need your help asap

tj 5 years ago

does anyone know a 2 player stragey for five on the xbox 360 i nedd help asap

richie 5 years ago

a stratagy i used was kill til round 3 or 4 and goto the downstairs doors in the starting room and buy the mpl off the wall and keep killing til about round 10 or 11 and save up enough points and run to get juggernog and keep running around the stage to group up the zombies and kill all but 1 crawler and hit the mystery box til i get a good weapon and kill the last zombie, save up enough points for the next few rounds to get speed cola, double tap,and quick revive. i found out of every stratagy this would be the most effective. also i would use the thunder gun and the skullcrusher. the m16 on the stage. upgrade it and keep running around the stage and the ammo is just right there. highest level i got solo with this stratagy is 47.(died of careless move)

MUSCLEman3000 5 years ago

Personally, I think Kino is a cool map. Solo, I survived to round 11, but multyyplayer, round 16. My strategy is use the knife and pistol until round 3. Also, those three levels, I shoot my pistol 4 times, then knife. If u can do that, the resis you're decision

EnjoymentValue 5 years ago

i made it to level 24 just by using the teleporter every round and chucking grenades out the windows :3 and saving a crawler and waiting till the teleporter came back on and doing the same the next round :D it also gives easy money for upgrades. :D I go with the M14 as when it is upgraded you get a grenade launcher attachment and it is easy to purchase ammo off the wall. but yeah everyone's game play and strategies are different, so just find the most way you find fun, because that's the whole point of it anyways.

C4monkeysloveme 5 years ago

Is it just me or does noone else shoot them 8 times in their limbs (arms/legs though legs make more sense obviously) then knife, your basically getting the same amount of points and if you manage to get a MAX AMMO this method works as far as round four without proving too difficult as the number of shots before the knife goes up by minimum four rounds each round, and if your starting pistol doesn't last an M14 is incredibly convenient as the number of shots in the leg before knifing corresponds with the round number perfectly (round 2, 2 rounds in the leg. Round 3, three shots in the leg etc).

Anyway strategy wise, as iv never had the ability to use multiplayer, for those doing it co-op with 1 other person iv found that the above about 8 shots and knife and so on for both players can last up to round 3 (then its recommended to use a M14) and to leave at the end of round 4 through the first door under the balcony of the lobby, and then go through the next door into the alley (personally i take the MPL purely for its use against the initial hellhounds round due to clip size and rate-of-fire but the AK7-4u proves handy for zombies because of its power but each player can take its pick though balance is also recommended). Now you camp for at most, 2 rounds, one person holding the 1 window and also taking the intuitive to turn around and check on the other player as the other player will be holding the mainstream through a small gap in fencing but also zombies can jump down from a ledge into the square you and your friend are camping in so just be sure to not let yourself be surprised.

By about round 7-8 you should both have gone through the last two doors (both costing 1250 points so feel free to share it out) and if you havnt come across the box by this point, one person should again, go to the far side of the stage and hold the window there as the other person buys an M16 off the wall and holds the mainstream. Bear in mind that holding off the main stream of zombies may sound like alot but its really not with the right strategy, plus holding the window is an incredibly important part, if that person gets down somehow, that could well overrun both players in seconds.

Now, at this stage it may prove fairly difficult because you must hold out until the next hellhounds, if you succeed, you have the extended time period to initiate the teleporter link, and both get yourselves jugger-nog. Then just hold out for as long as you like until you decide you want to use the teleporter, throw some nades from the window each, upgrading your weapon at this point is fairly doubtful but if you can (this is if you still havnt had the box) your best option is to upgrade your M16 to a quite appealingly named SKULLCRUSHER.

Of course when you get teleported back into the lobby the zombies are all coming from direction (give or take a very small few from lobby windows and creepy crawlers coming down the walls) and have someone fun mowing 'em down, even have a blast with your grenade launcher if you ended up having to get the SKULLCRUSHER. All that's left is try to leave a creepy crawler to have plenty of time to do all the things you might want to do, its all good getting a zombie crawler but they do die fairly quickly as creepy crawlers are quite slow and last for a long time, better than finding yourself having a quick look for the box and on your way back running into a zombie parade but they aint there to look good, they might want your flesh so yeah, creepy crawlers, leave one. This way if you want you can have a ready teleporter at your disposal every round! just for those 'if only i could just beam into a safe room for a while' moments :). Anyway this gets me and my friend (whos still getting used to the game) to 23, which considering they are still learning alot, compliments the strategy. Anyway there you go if you want to try it.

Also I'd just like to thank SHADE SIGMA about the freezing thing on solo, that pissed me off so much cuz id worked my way to round 19 with an ordinary famas and the thing just freezed in the room, didn't know it was the window, thanks. But i assume you can still throw grenades out the window? just from a distance.

profile image

C4monkeysloveme 5 years ago

Er, by the way sorry for the huge rant :/

Blacky2311 5 years ago

My best level is 21 but like someone said it doesn't really matter how far people got and how good they are it is for fun!

5 years ago


youre noobs! 5 years ago

noobs, i was 47 2 players playing about 10 hours, and 4 players round 19.

shifty 5 years ago

can you only hit the metal music once in this map? Or can you do it more? Also where is the radio? If any one can tell me that would be awesome

shifty 5 years ago

k guess not

jascaaaaaa 5 years ago

me and my friend make it to round 20 with camping by the juggernog machine and the circle method sucks

[CFK]SiNpEr 5 years ago

I can only make it up 2 round 17 cuz no one helps me. This is a glitch get a stake out buy the mystery box shoot once in center go prone stand up shoot once more in middle to get spas-12 works about 90% of the time.

Nazmul 5 years ago

my ps3 id tag is NazmulHussain -i have been to roung 30 with 2 people.

Ariel Gomez 5 years ago

that is not the way to do it.. the right way to go through kino is at the very beginning buy the rifle in the top stairs at the beginning, use your pistol and knife until you run out of amo and then switch to the rifle.. stay there till the dogs come.. when the dogs come open the double doors and stay in the donut room.. take out the dogs with the riffle.. because the first set of dogs are very weak.. after that go through the next door which will be the m40, 3 ppl grab the m40 and one the person stays in the bottom two windows, one person stays in the top window and two ppl go up the stairs.. at level 9 open doors to the threater.. turn on the power get jogernog and stay with the m40 till level 17 (the gun is a good head shot gun..) start taking the transporter at the beggingin of every round starting on round 19, wen you respond in the lobby make the circle around the hole map.. when you get to the theater one person stays making semi circle in the theater and another person keeps making the go-arounds.. the best way to go through the zombie games is everyone being seperated, having small groups of zombies that everyone one can handle.. the third and fourth person opens the alley and makes there go rounds thorugh there.. i know what im talking about because i made it level 63.. my screen name is [EgO_TRiiP] if you ever want to play a game i have a ps3 though so yeah.. don't listen to that dude in the beggining

jammin 5 years ago

what are the reals for in kino der toten ive hear that if you get six it will bring the ladders down on the stage it that true

Kylan hall 5 years ago

you all suck!!!!!!!!!!! i made it to round 86 with me and my friend. it was crazy. what i did is that i ran the big lap and my friend ran the alley way lap and we would meet at the respawn point and shoot them and then run our laps again and repeat. but really you all suck if you want to play with me im on playstation 3 and my psn account name is Beast5428

2scorpion 5 years ago

o meu padastro joga zumbi e toda hora que ve um zumbi pula da cadeira e começa a gritar uhhhhhhh e ele consegue chegar ate 31 rounds split-screen e mata uns 150 a 300 zumbi good bye i am ronaldo are you scared?

dahawkman 5 years ago

using this stratagey on solo, i only got to 27. but by saving enough to upgrade my AUG and raygun, i got to round 43

Abraham 5 years ago

I Made It To Round 42 With A Friend. On PS3

joey 5 years ago

made it to round 21 by myself

weafsybxtg 5 years ago

What's your name on black ops only xbox360

profile image

vipxasherz 5 years ago

my tactic is obviously the pistol at the begining, go to mp40 room, buy mp40 ( depending if box is there) then go stage camp there for a bit (if you had 4 people)then whe you have enough points turn power on get perks, pap your two guns, get mule kick, buy m16 ( do not pap this), round, when ammos for pap weapons are gone use m16 (you get loads of points from this) when ammo is gone for that buy more off the wall ((which is cheap) easier to do if your going in a clockwise direction) rinse and repeat ;) me and my mates can survive 30+ even about round 40 at times :D worth a try

if you ever want to play zombies with me my xbox name is

ViP_X_AsHeRZz _= spaces

Meatbeast 5 years ago

So I play on the wii so I have less weapons than most ou can get and I'm not very good at zombies but If I can I use the three gun glitch and I hold an empty gun ( it doesn't matter witch one) and I run and dive from the top of the steps by the juggernog

Sorry to continue the post above from Meatbeast 5 years ago

And aim for the top of one of the double doors if u have people camping by the juggernog it's better to go to the left side so it might take a few trys to get on top gut if u can it's best to have a bunch of guns with u from the three gun glitch because u might be up there a long time u can camp there and 1 other person can do it too but On the other side and some times if you stand in the right spot on the balcAny in the lobby the zombies will gather below you and u can shoot though the floor at them and the last thing I have to say is if u have a iPod or a iPhone u should get the black ops zombie app it's free and it has strategies for all the zombie maps and what the pap does to each weapon if that helps at all

nathan 5 years ago

my ps3 gametag is HoLliStErkIdSwAg

luke 5 years ago

u all suck i got to 47 on this map with one friend and no camping and no pack a punched weapons with over 90000 points at once. and 600000 at the end

Adam2s 5 years ago

Lvl 22 is me and my buddies high. Having Zues's Cannon along with monkey's are a huge help. Never played with four people not sure I would like it there wouldn't be enough points available.

Maria 5 years ago

For the people who are asking, the metal music DOES NOT come randomely nor from a radio, you have to find the hidden rocks, here are the locations: the first one is in the lobby where you begin the game, it's under the stairs next to the window, it's on a stand wih a glass on top of it inside you find glowy rocks :D hold square( or whatever xbox uses to reload)and your character will say:oh i found a rock! The second one is in the dressing room, once you open the door to that room, turn to the left, you can see some kind of blue window, go there until your infront of it and turn to the right, you'll see a mini room, enter it and turn left to the wall, you'll see the stand! And your character will probanly say: oh i found another rock! Maybe they stole it from japan! Anyways the third rock is hard to explain but it's in the room that can be found in the alley, (you go up some stairs to get to it) you enter it and you can find the mystery box, if your facing the box behind you you'll find an empty space with a shelf, press circle (to crouch) infront of that stand and you'll find the 3rd rock! And in a couple of secounds the music will play(yaaay) hope i helped!

Luke 5 years ago

Me and my two friends made it to round 86 in der riese

On iPod

Chris 5 years ago

Yeah Luke we played for 3 and a half hours and then you and your bro had to go home, so we could have made it further in the game with the strategy we had.

JOSHLOSH 5 years ago

circle method my mate and i got to round 33 with us both having X2 Porters Ray and Zeus Cannon each.

Marie 5 years ago

Me and my best friend Amanda played up till round 19 but I die that round everytime because I seem to back up into a wall or a zombie comes out of no where from behind me. It's extremely annoying but I use the teleporter and the cirle stradegy. I never open the ally no matter what. I think it's pointless and doesn't help me in any way. I think it's easier to play with two people, there are less people to worry about, and less people to tell you what to do, and less people to do things you know are STUPID.

CourtneyMcMost 5 years ago

Zombies are just toooooo scary.

unautitedmatser 5 years ago

i made it until round 92 with only stakeout upgraded(one shot one kill until round 25)and mp40.

my strategy is yust make circels on the stage,alley,mp40room,lobby ore the teater

wen all the zombies are spawned and are in a group run away and shoot with the mp40 in the group when they are closer use the stakeout and shoot it wil rack up points and you will have enouf points 2 us the electric barrier

that's my strategy guys i hope its usefull 4the guys/girls.

ste 5 years ago

stecp10 - ps3 gameing tag

John 5 years ago

my highest round is round 14 on kino der toten and in five its the same and on kino der toten i had three pack a punched guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daryn 5 years ago

the highest i have ever made it was round 26 its because i used a good strategy

Kevin 5 years ago

ik kwam tot lvl 20 maar een sukkel zette de stroom aan waarom de kruipers kwamen

Daniel 5 years ago

I had the worst time ever! I got from a mystery box a sniper rifle then a teddy then another teddy then a crossbow then the ray gun but I died just when I was going to get it

Jordanna :) 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I got to level 37. It was insane! By that point, we had no strategy. What got us in the end was our lack of points and ammo. Our strategy is similar to this one. We change it up depending on what the box gives us as weapons. We always camp out a little onstage then when we have enough points to upgrade at least one of our weapons and get juggernog and quickrevive, we teleport. We teleport each round and throw grenades when the zombies bunch up in the middle and we activate the turret beforehand too (levels 23 and up). After teleporting, we run to the room with the portraits of the characters and set the trap up. NOTE: The door to the stair room and the dressing room are NOT open. We try to avoid opening that door until we get overrun in the portrait room. Once we ran out of strategy, we just decided to circle around the map and activate some traps on the way around and hang out for a bit until it was up then run again. It's all about communication! Anyway, since we were conserving ammo, we weren't getting any points, making it harder to activate the traps and eventually getting overrun.

Also, if the power is on, use the turret to ease the dog rounds and lay your claymores down. You're going to get more in the next round, don't worry!

Solo, I've gotten to round 26. Not bad, but I think I can do better. Unfortunately, I won't know until I get my hands on an xbox back home, since I'm in college and actually working.

ESSENTIALS- Monkeys, thundergun, raygun, an automatic weapon, making crawlers before the round ends, running if you feel you're getting overrun, communication, tactics and determination to DESTROY those nazi zombies! :D

Dead man426 5 years ago

Hey dude tell me the names of the people on kino der toten

5 years ago

For you noobs, save $1750 and get the left hand door and the MPL. Having an automatic early will make it a lot easier for you to survive.

Jark2100 5 years ago

i got to round 42 but i'm a pro

the truth 5 years ago


Arigon15 5 years ago

hey, a good strategy is stayin in the lobby till round 4 knifing, not shooting once u each get 3000-5000 get one dude to buy the top right door , and get someone else to get the next door. now u should be in the mp40/stakeout room. get them both use the stakeout to kill dogs and use the mp40 to kill zombies go till round 8 then open the next door stay at the door to the stage for 1 round then open it(open it earlier if necessary that is y ur against the door) now get on guy to run to the other side and guard that barricade, send 1 guy to guard the other barricade while 2 people guard the door to the dressing room. u can stay in there for 2 but is advisable to turn the power on after on round then for the rest of the time, beast the game(hint: never go into th alley/ 3rd meteor piece room/fire room unless absolutely neccassary)

bchvbhacbcrvkb 5 years ago

i like zombies and chicken and cats and chicken and hot models ther sexy i still like chicken and zombies not at the same time becouse its hard to play made it to round 20+ did i mention i like chicken? and hot models.

Running Sucks! 5 years ago

yo! Dude ! Every Thing that i do it was Camping in the 4 round until 15 round it was so easy with camping in the downstairs between the 2 stairs I just Open the At 5 round i open the upstairs door because if i open the downstairs door il be cut by a behind me by a zombie just u have To do camp But u have to know just 2 players for camping

! because my frd and me split screen do the camping and one shot him one shot me NOTE:Don't Pick up the Shotgun In 1/2 round u will be die when ur realoding! i get to level 28. 2 players camping Its was easy but in 28 we cut by a zombie when we two just realoding and having Low ammo Just the hard thing it was around round 5/6 The demon dogs Come ANd bite my frd i was just lucky to kill all the demon dogs! Ps3 Add me ZzzItsJustGamez

liam 5 years ago

i made it to lvl 39 on my own and i have just recently made it to lvl 41. it is hard as owt on then lvls bt i need mre tips in hw 2 kill zombies mre. on lvl 41 the m16 is ur best bet. make sure it is upgrade nd then ur ready to go,

Taylor 5 years ago

Best ive ever done is round 67. Just use machine guns as much as possible to stack points up early, i can usually get about 75,000 to 100,000 points by level 35, then just keep moving through the map in big circles teleporting often and set traps the electric traps eveywhere. Let the traps kill the zombies, its cake.

Daud 5 years ago

How do you get cool tips in zombies in black ops and king don totem

mat 5 years ago

Just made it to 28 by myself tryin to break previous record of 23 with 4 people online I try often but I keep getting paired up with 12 year olds.

Medicinal herb2. Ready to blast

chad 5 years ago

the perks are:

juggernot(more hits to u with out dieing)

speedy cola(faster reload)

double tap(rapid fire/faster shooting)

quick revive(faster revive)

meheal kick(u can have 3 guns/nives

chad 5 years ago

is it true that u can upgrade guns twice

chad 5 years ago

i got round 25 on kino but round 24 my guns were getting weak i need tips

chris 5 years ago

i had 30 round on

Devil 5 years ago

Playing alone right now in Ps3 n now its round 40 with a zeus cannon and mp40 not upgraded, playin since about 2hour and 30 mins n the game has gone so boring, thinking to do suicide....

If anyone needs help for kino der toten can call me @+919777114137(devil)

GOGOGADGET 5 years ago

here i made it to 90 just try for the x2 porter raygun and zuescannon

Rajafa 5 years ago

you cant pack-a-punch if the power is not on! duh.

llikw someone sai

chad 5 years ago

naw really every one nows u have to have the power on

tyler 5 years ago

the boss is HARD to beat. if u beat it u get all the zombie maps.the boss is HAIRY!!!!

profile image

mattesx69 5 years ago

this is just the next gen tactics strategy, just a really dumbed down and slower version of it, in zombies u turn the power on as fast as possible because the zombies get stronger yes, but if u turn it on early u ease it in to stronger zombies, also people say so much crap about these zombies -___- the crawlers take less damage to kill than the standers and move slower... i don't see a problem. also the faster u turn on the power the faster u can get juggernog, and that means less of a chance of going down in a really stupid way. i stated ealier about the next gen tactics strategy, this strategy is slow, boring, extremely dangerous, and gets harder the more people u have. i have gotten to round 64 solo, and round 52, 2 player, then i got to 51 with 4 players. i used a simple hoarding strategy that requires 2 weapons the whole game, gets u more money than any other strategy, and is the fastest strategy in zombies. simple u get thunder gun and ray gun, or thunder gun and any point whore gun (mp40, galil, hk, rpk, etc) and u run in circles on the stage, litterally only the stage, NOWHERE BUT THE STAGE!! run in circles dodging sombies on the turret stand and around the front of the stage, in counter clock-wise circels, (very small circles) so yea if u want to actually to get far in zombies and use a real strategy then hourde (go twice as fast, get twice as much points, and twice the fun)

422tracey 5 years ago

i have a simple stragity. stay in the lobby till right befor 5 using the pisol and knife (this is a points game. get a crawler. move on to the mp40 room and stay there till 7 (use the mp40) and again make a crawler. next u turn the power on and get the bowing knife before juggs (one hit kill till round 10 on zombies and 13 on the crawlers) but as soon as u get another 2500 buy juggs. countiue to loop the map and aim for the head. i made it to round 38 like this. i teleported every round and looped till the zombies died. i was also with one other person. the bowing knife racks up points better then any gun. also the box is nice but ammmo is better. up grade the m16 for best results. u also don't need to even attempte the box till 20. same with an upgrade. so yea i went to round 38 with a bowing knife, mp40 and the skullcrusher (upgraded m16)i don't EVER upgrade the mp40 cause u get more shots n points with out it. the skull crusher will finish them off. only use traps when in danger. add me kingsteve302. we can get down and X THE ZOMBIES OUT TILL 60

Loso 5 years ago

i made it to lv 57 wit just a friend.... teleport a lot if u cant handle the stage circle, stay wit perks, n set traps once u get this far....ray guns r effective as well as the thundergun, regular n upgraded...the mp40 builds ur pts if u need them when u get real far so buy one...n there is a stage glitch for the hell dogs, which makes these rounds the pissed my lobby leaderboard still shows lv 12 smh...y doesn't it change is my only question

my gamertag is: cice18

add me

Lewis 5 years ago

I have made it to round 33 with all perks. and a few different circles!

exogamer 5 years ago

my last round time has been 37s for a month and i have never had a match of 37s and here is my stat but trust me im not pro this my first cod game if u wanna add me on ps3 my tag is exogamer123 anyway here is start (mainly tips)


DON'T CAMP well u can in some spots


u can only have 4 perks so the ones i recommend are jug qucik revive speed cola and mule kick or double tap wich ever one u want (i like mule kick better)and also if get mule kick have thundergun NEEDED rpk if u can get use mp40 until u get rpk and crossbow packapunched

teleport together and have fun those are tips


do what u want on 10-

i recommend start this on round ten but some low round tips don't buy a gun is 1stt room or second unless everybody is down besides i player


if lagging tell someone to help u

now pretty much the startergy is when u master it u get 30+ every time

run around the stage in circles with your rpk or thunder gun say when ur rpk runs out buy mp40 unles u know dogs are next and then run NOT SPRINT OR ZOMBIES TAKE SHORTCUTSand keep goin in circles on that stage run to traps if needed add me on psn guys exogamer123 and best 27 rounds but on friends ps we did stratergy and got 42 rounds

hsahfahgd 5 years ago

how do you get four players on kino der toten with out online

mali 5 years ago

guys i made to round 32 with my cousin but i got 747 kills because i didn't used my raygun except at the dogs.Whole thing u need to do is stay in the theater and make circles at the stage and at the stairs of the stage(between those stairs the is the automatic turnet)and make a group of zombies, the whole thing u need to do is to kill them.When u need pack a punch go to the teleporter (or in case of an emergency).U can use the automatic turnet or the traps.If u don't have a problem u can get to round 32 like me.But if u want me to give tips play it in split screen or two people that will be really easy and make sure that u can contact with the guy u are playing (skype but it can make some problems about internet, speaker, split screen and it's the best...)When u start the game with the other player take two windows and buy the m14(but only use it in emergency when u are at the end of the round 4 the one who has less money must open the door if the box is at the door u open the first one who will open the box must be u(the one who opens the door)if the box is at the alley or near that place play with m14 and mp40 bu mostly m14 don't forget to buy jugger nog but if u are really rich buy the bowie knife too(for gaining points).use m14 when the ammo is finished go to the box(while u are facing the stage there is a door at left don't open it)take any gun that appears except magnum sniper and explosives then use them for gaining points.(if u get raygun or thundergun just use them in emergencys)once u got 7500 points or more go and buy quick revive after that if u are okay with your guns go and pack a punch them when u get 15000 points or more.When u get 20000 or 25000 points go and buy mule kick(for me upgraded m16 is the best gun for being third gun but u can use the box too.)when u get 15000 or more u can buy either speed cola or double tap if u got heavy guns buy speed cola but if u don't ucan but double tap cuz ?t's easier to gain points always make sure u got points between 15000-20000.With this strategy before my cousin and i was dead i got 35000 point and i pack a punched

2 commandos

1 galil

3 fn fals

2 spas

1 raygun

2 m16

1 rpk

2 hk

1 aug

total 15 pack a punc i got mule kick, jugger nog, quick revive, double tap, bowie knife, claymores and Monkey Bombs(which is really important.

Point 105160

Kills 747

Downs 6

Headshots 115

(My cousin got 1109 kills but he got a raygun and a thundergun)it was a split screen game (as i told u it's the best)If u want to play with me i have ps3 i don't have an xbox and my psn name is agentmeme

mali 5 years ago

i forgot something and it'S the golden rule:NEVER CAMP(even when the dogs come)

and hsahfahgdu

there is no way.u can play two people without internet(split screen) but not 4 people

Monster 5 years ago

my brother and i got to round 83 just by running around backstage. i got to round 43 on solo by using that strategy. i always try to get the thundergun and the m16 then later i get a mp40 then i get pack a punch. i always get all the perks whilst getting jugger nog last!!! if you guys get jug first, then u guys are noobs! so sad but that's what i first did until i became very familiar with it.

Mali 5 years ago

?f u call people noob cause of buying jugger nog before every perk than try to make circles at the stairs of stage or at the lobby than u will see which perk is the most important one i did to level 27 with my cousin and i didn't buy any other perks but jugger nog making circles at the stage is the easiest noob strategy u can search it in youtube "best noob strategy" u will see circling on the stage

AustinMoody88 profile image

AustinMoody88 5 years ago from North Carolina

Well good tips but i am an expert i got to round 78 by myself on kino der toten

Mali 5 years ago

It's easier to play two people or solo because sometimes when u search for players u can find lots of noobs

chad 5 years ago

austinmoody88 weres ur video then... any body would have a video if u got that far i want to see how crazy it is at 78

bossness_guy145 5 years ago

this is almost the same strategy i use but instead of running the map i start a rape train in the stage it works really well i get to round 64 on average and 71 is the best i have done. use the x2 porters raygun, zeus cannon and get mulekick for a third weapon get the r115 resonator and monky bombs along with all perks add me on x-box if you want sulfonichen274

christopher 5 years ago

i have the best strategy:rounds 1-2and(if possible)3,just knife and ONLY begin shooting with ur pistol in round 3,if u run out of ammo,open the top 2 doors,buy mp40 and keep survivng until u get at least 3700 for:1-buying the 2 doors leading to stage each 1250$and 2-M16 cost 1200(optional)then keep surviving and buy all perks exept double tap and never open any door leading to alley and try to get ray gun or thunder gun and this is where it gets interresting,circle around stage by having thunder gun and M16 PAP, circle around the stage shooting but best evading the zombies in front of u and they will start gathering up in VERY BIG NUMBERS,turn around and start shooting at them with PAP M16 and u will rack up lots of $ in SECONDS if done correctly

keep in mind:always have the teleporter ready to use in case of emergency.

Andy 5 years ago

add me on xbox if you i'm not bad at zombies my highest solo is 24 but my highest ever is 27

Andy 5 years ago

my gamertag is: AndysLandoCandy

PackAPuncher138 5 years ago

Solo round 84 4 player 36 no glitching nuff said

Alec 5 years ago

gamertag mrballer2945

Colorless crayon 4 years ago

U guys suck if u don't know how to use that strategy

I've got to round 56, 69, and then 81 using that strategy

luis320320 4 years ago

i made it to 21 solo....32 with 2 people..but i myself saw the mysterious stairs at the back of the theater go down..2 of my friends stayed up drinking monsters and played kinofor 2 days straight on the same mission still haven't died yet.. made it to round 91..belive it or not....this is how you get the letter get all 3 films..and do the routine go to the prejector when teliported..the next round the letter slowly falls just a little bit down...but still cant reach round does exactly the samething a little more have to do a complete of 10 rounds after yoy get all 3 films...when you get to the 10th round the letter is almost close of touching the ground..but not enough to jump it.. you have to go and telliport and hope you get to samanthas room the one that's not destroyed..and there will be a monkey(bomb)..but its a special monkey made for the last piece of the letter..get the monkey and you will be telliported back at the theater like always...kill all the zombies and leave a crawler...go to the letter and face the letter tords you and look up on the very top of the stairs..throw the monkey all the way on top off the letter and the monkey starts doing its dance..the letter finally falls all the way down but still not touching the ground but enough to jump on it..your now able to run away from the zombies and not get killed but the crawlers, crawling on the wall can climb on and try to kill can climb on top to the hole in the ceiling if you want to fight the zombie ''6'' ... you know ...beware of the 6 ...written on the wall...each time you open the theater's curtains the ceiling breaks a little bit in pieces ..and you hear 6 roaring on top..well you need at least 2 players to do need ray gun thundergun both packered climb all the way to the roof and you will see a big zombie that looks like hulk and will have a little bar at the bottom showing how much life you need to go to kill him defeat him and he will let go...or you can say give you 1 shot gun that shoots lazers..but you must decide who will get of your playing teem's ..this gun is the most powerful weapon on ray gun is second friend was gonna packer punch it but there was so many zombies ruched at him all at once cause its round 91 that they died in the telliporter pressing telliport..never got to packer punch it..that's how you get the letter down...and no its not a myth

damian brown 4 years ago

i managed to get to round 12 on my own before the game screwed up and stopped (it couldn't start round 13 for some reason and all zombies where dead) but this is my way of doing it on my own.

whne you first start off go striaght for the quick revive leaving your points at 0 (don't worry in a few rounds you should have about 1000 points) for the first few rounds (1 -3) use your pistol and knife to kill the zombies try not to kill the last zombie so that you have time to reboard everything up then kill him. after a few rounds you would of got quite a few points go buy yourself the single fire sniper at the top of the stairs (cost 500) keep going through the rounds till you get to the dogs kills the dogs with your new weapon (make sure you reload when you get the chance) after you have killed all dogs unlock the doors and the bottom in here if your lucky should be a weapon box if its there grab a random weapon if not pick up the smg on wall to your right. defend this room if you can if you get over runned retreat into the alley (door cost 1250) and finish them off (DO NOT BUT THE AK47N) now be careful zombies will be coming infront and behind you so keep moving. once the round is over unlock the next door (well actually its a gate) and use that as a retreat point. by now you should be at about round 10. unlock the next door and go down the stairs this will lead you to the stage (do not turn the power on yet, turning the power on makes things a little harder) kill all the zombies in the current round (remember to circule the stage. once round is over turn the power on and pick up jugger-nog, then run back t the lobby. keep going the way you was going so back though the alley this time pick up some double tap root beer. you should have all the perks you need to get you very far remember to unlock the other door ifyou need the space to fall back on. plus one other note as soon as you get the power on link up the teleporter and use it when you need it most and if you got enough points upgrade your weapons. the too weapons you really want is the ray gun (upgraded) and the zeus cannon (upgraded) both are ONLY alvailable via the random box

hope this helps

if you want to add me on xbox live my gamer tag is dambrow

happy zombie killing

Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. 4 years ago

I don't understand; this guide wants you to run around the whole map with the mp40, but it doesn't even mention traps. You must eventually use traps and mp40 to get points, unless you continually go back to the box for another ThunderGun.

ps3 is the best 4 years ago

add me on ps3 im called Xx_ENGLANG4LIFE

bestmess223 4 years ago

hey my name is elie the king of kings of zombiess ...when zombies saw me they wont have anymore blood :P ....i make it by my self to lvl 55 took me 6 hours and a half rank is about 30,000 ...i will give u a chance to play with me ...bestmess223 on ps3

carr13 4 years ago

how i play is me and my homie rack up points from round one too round four in kino just by slashing them and sometimes gernades. then once the wolf round comes up we open the doors to where you buy quick reload and by the smg there. we pass the wolf/dog round and we goo allthe way to the beggining and shoot zombies. we stay there until we cant handle it then we open all doors, buy jugger naug quick reload, we then again rack up points an leave a cople of zombies crawling...then we fuck around with the box make trains and all that good stuff...but everyone has their own ways of playing... hehe this cool!!!

brandon213 4 years ago

The best strategy works best with three to four players. Go to the mp40 room and do not open the dressing room door. Camp out with one person getting the barrier under the staircase and someone getting the side barrier and left staircase while someone else gets the right staircase and depending on whether you have a fourth guy, let him get mp40 and just help whoever needs it or gets down. Never ever send everybody up the two staircases because you will get cornered from the backs very easily. If you buy a weapon in the lobby and need ammo, than leave a crawler and go get it quick and get back. Never leave one person on the barrier upstairs, instead have the guy guarding the right staircase get them rather than risking a player get down. Best thing to do is have the two guys guarding the staircases have a mp40 while the third guy under staircase barrier gets stakeout, m14, or olympia. (best get the stakeout due to less reloads). This should last you until round 11 only because your weapons will get weaker and if one guy gets down, you'll be overrun. In which case you should have enough money to buy the dressing room and stage doors (both 1250). Then its your choice whether to camp on the stage or run laps around the whole map. Good Luck!

Bulzeye333 4 years ago

Circle method works great but only if you open all the doors before turning on the power. It takes a bit longer and a little tougher but this way you can hae a wider area to circle to collect the zombies. Once power is on then collect perks you need link portal and build barries for fast money. With this i made it to round 34 alone

marko 4 years ago

i become to level 56

clarky619 4 years ago

hello i love fuking zombies up i got to rd 73 Solo and 28 on psn .please take the chance of playn online on ps3n add clarky619,INF_ZOMBIE_KILLA or propa me is v-syndicate-v on psn to atte-mpt to get over 73 in kino der toten that transl-ates to theatre of the dead in english

clarky619 4 years ago

im the bro to the syndicate project & im only 10lmao

clarky619 4 years ago

omg the circle method is helping me im using zeus cannon and x2 ray gun rd 115 hehe

clarky619 4 years ago

who needs MW3 lol

abbylsd 4 years ago

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nick 4 years ago

thanks for the tips

josiah 3 years ago

i only go to the mystery box the fife , six time because good guns come

victor 23 months ago

My all time best on kino der toten is level 27 with 803 kills by myself. I've never gotten onto xbox live. I need to know how to stop the game from freezing in the pack a punch room, it's killing me!

clarky619 22 months ago

somebody play zombies kino or waw der riese with me Clarky619 ps3

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