Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie Map Ascension Secrets

Ascension Zombie Map

The much anticipated New Zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops has finally been released and many hidden secrets have already been discovered. Its seems that Treyarch did not lighten up at all with the amount of easter eggs that they have packed into their zombie maps. Here we will take a quick look at all the new hidden easter eggs in the new Zombie map Ascension.

Music Secret

Just like in the other Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie maps, Ascension has a hidden music easter egg. This hidden musical secret involves finding three teddy bears holding sickles that are scattered around the map. The presence of the teddy bear is identified by the sound typically accompanying the element 115 rocks. Activating all the teddy bears will unlock the song "Abracadavre".

Power Nodes Secret

There is also a very long hidden secret that has six parts. This hidden easter egg has you team helping a mystery man that is heard over the speakers to restore a device before Samantha gets him. This secret requires many different weapons such as the Gersch Device, Ballistics knife, Matryoshka Dolls, Thundergun, Ray Gun and Crossbow. For a complete step by step guide visit Ascension: Nodes Secret

Matryoshka Doll Secret

The Matryoshka Doll Grenades are a new addition to the Call of Duty Zombie mode introduced by the Ascension map. Along with these Dolls which are obtainable through the mystery box, there are four other dolls hidden around the map that represent each of the zombie mode characters. These Dolls can be interacted with and will either insult or talk to you depend on the character that interacts with them. For more information including the locations of each doll visit Ascension: Matryoshka Doll Secret

Rocket Destruction Secret

The Rocket Destruction secret is one of the few secrets that everybody will complete 99% and not even know it. That is because 99% of this secret is completely the same process as unlocking the Pack-a-Punch room. The problem is most people watch the rocket launch and end up watching their chance of completing this secret flight out of Earth's atmosphere. The secret is what happens if you shoot the Rocket.

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OrderedChaos 5 years ago

Five dolls

Boo 4 years ago

This is cool!

BLACK OPS PRO 4 years ago


Jonny 3 years ago

Also, the shadows of the rockets make "115"

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