Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies - Best Weapons

Acquiring the best weapons in zombie mode for Call Of Duty Black Ops is the key to success. No matter how good a given player is, he or she can only do so much with weaker weapons. The two new maps called Kino Der Toten, and Five, are very large maps. Each of them have different strategies, but gaining the best weapons will aid you in your survival against the zombies. The magic box or mystery box gives you the best weapons in Black Ops Zombies. The mystery box can give you any weapon though (good or bad). This article will go through some of the best weapons you should try and get from the mystery box. Normally, when you get a very good weapon, you should never trade it for a weaker one. The only time you should trade it is if you run out of ammo completely in that weapon. Other than that, you need to keep the strongest weapon(s) as long as possible to defeat the zombies. Otherwise, the weaker weapons will not kill the zombies very well (especially in higher zombie rounds).

Best Weapons to use:

Black Ops Light Machine Guns:

HK21 - This weapon has to be one of the best weapons you can get for zombies. Why? It carries over 500 rounds of ammo total and carriers 125 rounds in a magazine. This is great for defeating zombies and making a lot of points because of all the bullets penetrating zombies. It is very powerful, has decent reload time, and carries a lot of ammo. When upgraded, the magazine carriers an additional 25 rounds and gets stronger. (150 total per mag)

Upgraded Name: H115 Oscillator

RPK - The RPK is similar to the HK21 in terms of power, but does not carry as much ammo. This weapon still takes out zombies quite well. When upgraded, it goes from 100 rounds to 125 in one clip.

Upgraded Name: R115 Resonator



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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Best Weapons

Special Weapons: (Wonder Weapons)

Ray Gun - The ray gun can eliminate zombies very quickly. Shooting zombies in the legs with the ray gun often makes them crawlers. Once you get to the higher zombie rounds, the ray gun may get a bit weak against the zombies, so upgrading becomes necessary. This weapon has been around since World At War's first zombie map. It is great for taking out zombies quickly, but be careful because it can hurt you if your too close to a zombie or an obstruction when firing. The ray gun carries a lot of ammo, is powerful, and you can run at a normal speed with it (does not hinder mobility like machine guns). It's very important to get the PHD Flopper Perk so the Ray Gun's splash damage does not damage you.

Upgraded Name: Porter's X2 Ray Gun

Winters Fury - This weapon can only be found on the zombie map called "five". This weapon freezes multiple zombies and they can be easily killed while frozen. This is a new weapon introduced in this game. It is effective for freezing many zombies, but you can not make points when freezing zombies (unless they updated the game).

Thunder gun - The most powerful weapon in zombies? This weapon does not carry a lot of ammo, however, one shot can send a huge group of zombies in front of you flying! This is a very good weapon to use when your team mates need cover (such as reviving each other). Upgrading the thundergun will allow you to deal more damage with each shot and you also receive more ammo. Words can barely describe this weapon. It simply kills tons of zombies in front of you instantly by throwing them backwards violently. The reload is not too bad either --except it only has 2 shots per mag (4 shots upgraded). Eventually, zombies will not die right away from this weapon in the higher rounds, but it will still knock them out of your way -- which could save you!

Do not waste the thunder gun on zombies by themselves. Use it in huge groups of zombies or when team mates need help. Otherwise, you will run out of ammo very quickly.

Upgraded Name: Zeus Cannon

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Scavenger - This is a sniper rifle exclusive to the zombie level "call of the dead." It fires a bullet that will explode within a few seconds, killing all zombies in the area of the explosion. This weapon is great if zombies are surrounding you from all sides. Make sure to get the PHD Flopper perk so you do not damage yourself or potentially down yourself with the scavenger sniper rifle, though. This weapon can only be found from the mystery box.

Upgrading the scavenger by pack-a-punching it gives the weapon an infrared scope and variable zoom capability. It will also have a larger magazine size and deal double the damage to zombies.

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chris clinton 6 years ago

thanks that will help a lot, those are the guns i normally go for, my fav is HK21.

anonymus 6 years ago

you should keep the original pistol and pack a punch it... it turns into mustang and sally, which in my opinion is the best pistol in the game... it is a dual wielding grenade launcher... handle with caution cus they do hurt... however, best gun to have wen ur down cus all u have to do is shoot the floor and whoever is reviving you will not be hit by zombies...

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Oh yeah, I heard about that pistol, maybe I should add it to this list. I never got to pack a punch that, and never seen anyone do it.

I remember I pack a punched the pistol on the old maps for world at war. It was only single wield though

bianca 6 years ago

you should add the commando..

Kenny 6 years ago

Commando is really good upgraded. With slight of hand it reloads in a split second its just crazy.

Calvin 6 years ago

Put the Ballistic knif when upgraded shoot at an down teammate and instantly revived great for the extra 100 points you need though boosting is a problem and is gonna be patched so don't abuse it too much you'll end the fun:D

Tim 6 years ago

what about the shotguns guys, im not to sure which 1 but you go all kimbo on pack a punch

Rees  6 years ago

I definitely recommend the spas 12 and pack a punch it as soon as possible. It becomes the spas 24 and has 24 shots and i think it carries an extra 70 something (but not too sure about that). It is either one or two hit kill depending on what round your on. You'd think that reloading the 24 shots would be a pain in the ass.. But when you pack a punch it, putting one shell back in reload all 24 of them instantly. This gun is great for close quarters and controlling zombies trying to get through windows seen as its semi auto so when your in a big crowd just let rip as many shots as you like and carry on...

jim 6 years ago

i have pack a punched the m1911a and it is not that good cause if there r too many zomvies then u try to shoot near one it could also kill u. iwould recommend the hk21

if u play solo get the quick revive first without turning the power on and it is for 500 points

wlle93 6 years ago

Aug also helps a ton , especially upgraded even if u run out of ammo u still have the masterkey attachment . one hit kill to dogs with the masterkey .

googleplex 6 years ago

What about m16 it works a lot when packapunched kill zombies in seconds

Ben 6 years ago

M16 is ok, but the grenade launcher does near nothing in the higher rounds. Best side arm is ballistic knife upgraded with the bowing knife.

anony 6 years ago

The pistol that you start out with is top 3 guns in the game when upgraded

kaiser98slb 6 years ago

My favourite combination is absolutely, if possible, Zeus Cannon and obviosly the HK21 upgraded. On Kinno Der Tott I simply get those, run around the stage to get a lot of zombies following me and BAM! Zeus Cannon getting a lot of kills in one shot.

thewhoknows 6 years ago

ok best weapon combo for zombies is probably HK21 and the ballistic knife with bowie both a lot better upgraded now that only for multiplayer when your by yourself still getthe HK21 but this time go for commando, yes it may have low power but its light and can take those zombies down when running around kino der toten,,,,..,.,, SPECIAL TIP!!!! idk if the game glitched but when i upgraded the ray gun with double tap on it was fully automatic so there u go

Colts-king-1 6 years ago

the pistols u start off with wen u pack a punch them they shoot out rockets but don't shoot them to close cuz u could kill yourself....

meememe 6 years ago

nawww galil and zuese cannon the galil kils ike jrazzzy just in kas u where wondering

cod7_rules!! 6 years ago

why do you run slower with machine guns?

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Basically because they are heavier. Its not as slow as it was on cod world at war though

Machine guns are powerful, but it comes with a cost of slower speed

Zombie 6 years ago

Python upgraded to cobra..or not best weapon ever

Pee Boi 6 years ago

i think the winter fury sucks big time. i like cross bow pack a punched (monkey bomb arrows)

i like ballistics upgraded (insta revive)

i like the beginning pistol upgraded (dual noob tube)

and the thunder/ray gun is win too.

Alex 6 years ago

I found the winters fury on verrukt so you could probaly find it in World At War maps

Ninjaboi 6 years ago

Although I never get the ak-47 u shuld add commando and mp40 stick with it the whole game trust me I got to 30 and also.anyone got a

ps3 add ninjashadow12 u can revive people by shooting ballistick knifes and revive them my friend did it before and always get jugger nog it helps u good

BLACKOPSFAN2000 6 years ago

The AUG is really good to use

It has a good sight and when You pack a punch it it is like a laser, has a shotgun attatchment.

Has decent ammo and the reload isn't bad either

I do agree you should add the commando on there :)))

Hope this helped :)

patrick 6 years ago

PACK A BUNCHED OLYMPIA. it still has to shots but shoots dragons breathe (fire) and is a one hit kill until about round 25. with slight of hand it is unstopable and the best gun to run around with

that one guy at that one place 6 years ago

how come when you shoot the craulying zombies with the ray gun they don't explode?

Louis 6 years ago

What about the crossbow its nearly as good as the thunder gun when its packapunched. Its like a long ranged monkey bomb as all the zombies chase the flashing light then it blows up. Its great 2 use when teamates need reviving or theres simply just fuck loads of zombies.

nick 6 years ago

I think between the rpk and the hk21 the rpk is better stat wise because the accuracy is way better for getting headshots with the hk21 its very unaccurate and kicks up a lot. The rpk just has less ammo and the rate of fire is better but means it will run out of ammo even quicker. My main problem when I get passed round 20 is ammuntion for some reason I get it way less the higher I get and waiting 6 rounds for hellhounds or the tech is impossible once you're passed round 20.

guy  6 years ago

TH he olipian is good upgraded

cod zombie master 6 years ago

like the spas12 upgraded would highly recommend it along with the rpk or ray gun, thunder gun, or winters howl. Getting those guns upgraded i think is the best in higher rounds. FYI-round 26 spaz24 (upgraded spas12) is only a 2 shot kill.

xR4GGLEFR4GGLEx 6 years ago

you should add the ballistic knife but you have to buy the bowie knife from downstairs then upgrade then you will have an upgraded ballistic knife and bowie knife which is quite frankly amazing

Ninjaboi 6 years ago

The hs10 is BEAST when u pack a punch it it has dual wield and has 8 shotgun shells and everyone here Add Ninjashadow12 and if u can tell haz any1 upgraded a spas-12 if u did I wanna know wat it looks like and wats it called

person 6 years ago

the best is the ray gun and balistic knife with bowie igot to round45 with them

Sharp cheddar 6 years ago

Well I have to say most ppl left out important guns YOU FIND BY DEFAULT on the maps. The importance of these guns is that u can get ammo from them and u don't need max u can literally burn through ammo...get 7000 points...then drop 4500 for upgraded ammo. Personally the best ones to do that with are the mp40/mp5, stakeout, and m16 in that order. The smg's are beast in zombies with slot of ammo. The stakeout is a great 10 shot shorty to upgrade but in later rounds is a 2 hit kill. If u just respawn upgrading an m16 gets u a decent amount of full auto lasers and a noobtube...but the damage/ammo cap is less than desireable

oO Spoonz Oo 6 years ago

i would suggest for the first 5ish rounds until you start getting over run not buying any gun at all and not even firing a bullet just keep stabbing that will give you enough for the two doors upstairs then buy the MP40 and if affordablee the Stakeout these guns are brilliant until round 12-14 and are cheap too put ammo back in to but then you can survive up too round 25+ by running around in a circuit around the map with the zombies always behind you and aslong as you don't go too fast they wont spawn infront of you i have got to round 48 doing this technique with only HK21's, RPK's etc and the thundergun..... hope this helped

used_rock 6 years ago

my favorite is the HK21, you don't even need to upgrade it, upgrade a different weapon first then get double tap and use the HK till its out of ammo. 125 rounds goes a LONG way even w/ double tap. try it out!

Jared stahl 6 years ago

U guys are stupid ray gun thunder gun best combo hk21 can barely kill a zombie just gets lots of points

CoD WaW FAN 6 years ago

Try the speed cola when using machine guns like the AUG or the Commando. It really helps. Double Tap is no good. Do we have the ray gun on Shi No Numa? Or maybe the Thundergun?

Ur Top Target 6 years ago

U guys are all noobs. I can get to 30 with my eyes closed, after that it takes too long. My best is 63 solo. All u need is a mp40 and thundergun. Don't use thundergun unless ur screwed and the mp40 has a 190 shots. so run the loop once. get over 1900 points an buy ammo for 500. Its what the pros do. I litterally don't use any other gun. When u get to round 35 zombies literally stop dieing. Only thing that kills them is thunder gun and electricity so to get really really far u need mad points. Mp40 is the best point hoarder in the game. Another great gun is the m16 upgraded. Fully auto. 4500 for ammo off the wall. strongest gun upgraded that you can get ammo for an u have 300 rounds and 9 rounds of grenade launcher.


Ur Top Target stop bullshitting & being so cocky

flatline 6 years ago

I think the M16 is the best weapon upgraded if you're alone. form a train and use the grenade attachment and they will all die and you can get ammo off the wall.

Nblaster 6 years ago

id go for crossbow 4 online u could go upstairs and the have a partner gaurding the barrier next to u while u help ur partner down stairs (i recommend u do it after the first firedogs)

DNemesis profile image

DNemesis 6 years ago

Ray gun rules!

Thanks for the tips, nice hub :)

css 6 years ago

cant stand gettin stuck in a server with 10 year olds who think makin it to level 7 is insane. as long as you have a good team you can practically play forever

Zombieown 6 years ago

I personally think that the commando will provide the best firepower it has great aim and reloading, I have only got to round 25 solo and was wondering if it's worth buying the Bowie knife and ballistic knife! ? Will it be useful???

zombiekilla 6 years ago

the ray gun upgraded is a good gun but the thunder gun is the best u can upgrade and the ballistec knife sucks upgraded and the bowie knife is a waste of ur money=]

Game addict123 6 years ago

Thunder gun ray gun rpk and hk21 are the best guns upgraded oh ya and the m1911 tip buy m14 but don't use it till round 4 I made it to round 22by doin that and find the mystery box because it always stays in the same room unless u turn off the system

Game addict123 6 years ago

I LOVE Call OF DUTY black ops is the best game in the world I could play it all my life the cheat is 3arc unlock ......have u ever upgraded the hk21 and have your partner have upgraded thunder gun and rpk I have you can go to round 22 I did it was pwnage. Buy jugernog and quick revive you go a lot of rounds.. Oh ya and get both of your weapons upgraded

zombie killer 07 6 years ago

get to the mystery box as fast as u can i played 5 games in a row got to the mystery box before level 7 and 3 out of 5 of those times i got the thunder gun each time got the ray 2 of those five times u can also get the rpk and the hk21 real fast to that is my advice i made it to level 29 with me and a buddy because i had the ray gun upgraded and the thunder gun upgraded and buy every perk jugger nog speed cola double tap and quick revive very helpful

don't buy double tap unless u got like the hk21 or the rpk or the ray gun but the run out of ammo real quick so don't be just spaying with them

Your mama 6 years ago

How do you get the pentagon level on the Wii version of Black ops, I decided that it's cheaper and I could use the classic controller since i'm used to Xbox and ps2/ps3 controllers. I used the cheat to get the level and I went to zombies and the first default level was only there still. Im doing a lot of research on this and if you could help me get the other zombie level I would appreciate it, cause I don't know the new guns im missing out on :(. Oh and thanks for the help with the powerful guns :) it's helped me alot.

Your mama  6 years ago

And I did beat the game. I don't know what's wrong.

Game addict123 6 years ago

Never upgrade the fn fal it stinks only three shot burst and red dot.....r u kiddin me the m16 is better least the m16is full otto and grenade launcher.see ya :):):):):):):)

uighiugbj 6 years ago

guns? i made it to rnd 99 knifing

6 years ago

that is gustdum

Ballistic Knifeee 6 years ago

Ballistic knife is probably the best weapon for points. Buy bowie knife and upgrade and it is 1 hit kill until round 13, great for defending windows. You will end up with 20-30K points spare by round 15. Also should definitely buy juggernog before you use it.

Blakopstaco101 6 years ago

That's shit i recommend mustang and sally ( the pistol you start with - upgraded) and the Porters X2 ray gun coz u can use the same stratgy with them on all zombie maps no matter what.

Loco 6 years ago

M16, RPK, HK21, Commando are the best to get and upgrade on solo or online.

If you want points stay clear the crappy thundergun. It gives you ZERO points which you WILL need later in the game.

Online if you can get the ballistic knives get them and it wont matter what your other gun is as you will automatically be the medic.

The AUG is not a bad one to get your hands on but only use the shotgun part of it once upgrade on the dogs.

And the ray gun is ok but still sucks. I cant stand idiots who go stupid just cause they got the ray gun. It runs out of ammo to fast. Best to have the M16 with either the Galil, Commando or a shotgun(this is for dogs only) with speed cola and jugg.

The law is not a bad weapon to get either. 40 rockets with 10 per clip is a lot of crawlers you can knife for even more points.

And if you plan on playing online first off get a mic before even thinking it. That is the best weapon in the game period.

Also it amazes me how many of you idiots do not know how to find the box with out the power. All you got to do is go outside to the alley way and look in the sky for the little blue beam of light. The box will not always be in the same spot.

Another thing is if told to leave the power off. The guns are gun enough to kill till at least round 15 when you will then have enough to upgrade both weapons and get jugg.

cock scking 6 years ago

Law rocket upgraded w/ a automatic weapon (mp40) is pwnage

killa  6 years ago

my best in zombie is lv 69 solo

killa  6 years ago

plus when i was in zombie with 3 people i last 78 rounds

killa  6 years ago

everyone who is reading this u guys i bet i was the best and everyone who"s mot is stupid because i am awesome and if i were u people if u people suck at aiming then go for a shotgun until 1-15 round then use a sub machine gun or light machine gun

killa  6 years ago

hope my last message help and i hope this one to if you go to a mystery box and get a monkey keep it and when your partner is down use it then revie your partner while the zombies are going after the dancing monkey {u get 3 monkeys per a round }hope this help

Christofar 6 years ago

the two best ways to get in the higher rounds is to use the tellerproter when lots of zombies come and to run around the top way and use the first trap and run around after 25 sec and keep doin that (got to round 32 solo doin this with out gettin down) the second way is manly for muitplay is to stay at the stage and use the tellerporter when in trouble.the best for dogs is stay where the jugg is. the best pair is the ray gun and thunder gun packed a punched but for points is hk21 and ballistic knife with bowie knife packed a punched that's what's worked for me anyway.

GrammarNaziZombie 6 years ago

its amazing how little of you can even spell, I'm almost one hundred percent sure half of the shitty comments left on this page are by 12 year olds and under or your just all illiterate donkeys..

Jake 6 years ago

I con only make it 2 level 11 or 7 and how do you pack a punch stuff? Im not that good at zombies.

GrammarNaziZombie2 6 years ago

you're** just all illiterate donkeys.. (retard)

ben yurchak 6 years ago

the best shotgun would easily be the spas-12 when upgraded it holds 24 rounds and when it comes 2 reloading your player only puts 1 shotshell in and the gun is fully reloaded

ALEJANDRO 357{X-BOX} 6 years ago


Gffy 6 years ago

my be

liljackjack3 6 years ago

ok so i found that on the 1st round if you shoot them 8 times in the leg then stab them you get mad points nd in the seconed round shoot them 10 times nd stab them.....once you run out of ammo just keep stabbing them until about round 6 then unlock the upstairs door nd go into the mp40 room nd buy the mp40.....once you do that you should be good for about the next 6 or 7 rounds.....but once you get up in the levels this is the best combination you can have.....hk21 upgraded,bowie knife,thunder gun upgraded,and have all the perks......note:unlock all the doors so you can run around in helps A lot.....also make a crawler early in the round so at the end of the round you can kill all zombies except the crawler and you can board up everything or link the pad or do anything you need to do.....hope this helped.....:)

david own people 6 years ago

U all are so dumb the ray gun is automatic u don't need double tap just hold the trigger now u feel stupid don't u

marfnugget 6 years ago

you get double tap to make the ray gun shoot faster. i bet u feel stupid

mistacool91 6 years ago

Well lets see here i agree the thundergun will and i mean will become very weak on the robot zombies on round 82 but then the cs72 ot whateva it is called is a good weapon but once you get to levels 25+ your best bet is to go with zues`s cannon and the best pistol is the python because it will kill zombies in 1 shot and uprgaded is the python cobra and makes you run super fast one you get to levels 30+ and then you will have to make that your sidearm and thundergun your primary :PS add me on ps3( mistacool91) i play very good on zombies and fai ron multiplayer. Bye Bye Fans

dirtysnake 6 years ago

where is the cs 72?

Foxly5 6 years ago

Has anyone mentioned the Aug? It's a great weapon when packapuched and it adds a shotgun. More ammo and a shotgun. With a pack a puched balistic knife, thunder gun, or ray gun, its deadly.

Haydenster 6 years ago

The ray gun is always automatic...also how is the cz75 pistols upgraded? And I usually get the galil and rpk and upgrade them made it to round 28 by myself with those guns:)

bob1561 6 years ago

the wunderwaffe is the best

zombgies 6 years ago

all alien weapons suck, ray gun accuracy is terrible, has splash that damages urself, and has slow fire rate,(making it impossible to kill stuff on round 30-45), thunder cannon, runs out of ammo too quickly and in later rounds only push zombies back, and the LMG bullet penetration sucks, the only way to use LMG's effectively is to aim down sight and spry at heads but crawlers will surround u and own u, i recon the shot guns are the best, "tryphoid and Mary is terrible cuz of ammo reasons, "raid" has too slow of a fire rate, the best weapon is "hades" , it has the deepest bullet penatration, and has speed reload

kurtis ogden 6 years ago

i think that the winnter gun is shit coz u only get like 5 zombies and when u upgrade it it dunt work its the worst gun on the game !

Meatpacker 6 years ago

Does any one know for sure if you can unlock the five level I have no idea and any one who can get farther than round 25 please comment I don't know what weapon to keep and pack a punch I had the porter x ray gun thing but I ran out of ammo to fast and I had the zeus cannon but I ran out of ammo to fast with that as well I also had the bowing knife thing and I died at 21 please help me some one tell me the best guns to keep to survive into the higher rounds and no fakers please I don't believe you people who say round 80 or what ever and if you were online there would be records of it

Randy 6 years ago

I think the best gun is the Olympia I played with my brother and we got to levil 4 but then it gets to hard so b carful I hate the ones that run

Randy 6 years ago

The Olympia kills all zombies one shot!!!!!!! but be carful when they come behind I was patching windows and they snuck up on me and I died :(

Cod babyyy 6 years ago

Playing by yourself just zues gun and ak-74 or mp-40. You can run around the map quickly with both guns and buy ammo when needed. A good player can, by the way, get to upper 30's only with wall guns and traps

really 6 years ago

i don't believe you ppl who say you made it to 60+ but i recommend the thunder gun, hk21, and the monkeys. i made it to level 28 by myself, and all i did was use the teleporter, kill all but 1 of them, board up the walls, turn on the teleporter, then kill the last 1, use the traps but i died because i had no ammo. the last door on the right that leads to the teleporter, that's mostly where i hid with the trap on.

pooperpantspeepee 6 years ago

How do you buy new guns??? Im stuck on round 2.i like poo poo cadoo

I need to tell 6 years ago

the best part about the aug is the fact that the masterkey kills the dogs so fast and the crawlers in one or two hits bye the way thanks for the tips:]hope you have fun playin it;}

beastin it up 6 years ago

u guys cant do nothin i can get to round 50 with the startin pistol and a balistic knife then i get a m72 law and blow freaking zombies off the map the python i think is da beast on rounds 10-30 then u need to upgrade with a china lake the best ive got is to 78 with my bro but 63 on solo (no revives)

TheOster 6 years ago

I needed 2 know the name of the upgraded hk21 and this site really helped me!!!

Pupcullins 6 years ago

Get AUG and thundergun. Best combo. After you pack a punch both of them Run around shooting zombies until you run out of ammo with the AUG and then use masterkey. When you get caught by a ton of zombies, pull out Zeus cannon and wipe them out. Only downside is that when you run out of ammo you need max ammo.

blackhawk2017 6 years ago

ok, the best thing to do is to start off (in kino der toten) get whatever gun and shoot zombies until you have enough points (usually round 3 or 4) to go through both doors upstairs and get the mp40. The thing rapes. unless you run into the mystery box along the way, that's the best gun so far. hope this helps!

ps- if you have ps3, add me, blackhawk2017

James Talerico 6 years ago

U ALL R retards best guns r GAIL and Raygun pack a pack punched RPK IS ok and the Aug so ther

Call of duty gamer 6 years ago

At the beging of keno der toten grab the shot gun when u put it in the pack a punch it gives u dragons breath it is very cool

That guy 6 years ago

any1 no any tips for noobs?

a hopeless noob 6 years ago

which is better, olimpia or m14

ZoMbi3 83A57 6 years ago

circle the loop in kino, the olimpia is much better for the higher rounds, and has dragons breath pack-a-punched

Zombie killer 6 years ago

My fav combo for guns is the Ray gun of course everyone knows what that is and the crossbow if you pack a punch to that it attracts zombies aroud it like a monkey bomb great when your being attacked by tons of zombies and shoot it when your healing a team mate overall awesom gun

COD ownze 6 years ago

Ray gun and thunder gun are the best no douts and when upgraded they are complete owenage

COD ownze 6 years ago

Also the Rpk is very useful because of its huge mag being extremely helpful

COD ownze 6 years ago

Also the bowie knife is useful for rounds 6-10 at lowest and 5-14 at highest building points

50+ 6 years ago

Thundergun & ray gun r awesome. u want one guy holding thunder and circling the stage another has AUG and shoots at the zombys followin him i got to rnd 66 w that.

Noki14 6 years ago

here is a great idea.... u need the thunder gun (upgraded helps) and the upgraded crossbow...... shoot the crossbow and the zombies will go near it and thunder gun it so like 300 zombies die...... and i allways have the worst luck sith the ? box...... it allways gives me

1. the same gun


David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Yeah, snipers are almost useless in Nazi Zombies.I mean they are sort of good early on though. I hate when I get the China lake out out of the mystery box more though..

brokensh0tt822 6 years ago

i say mp40 and mustang and sally equals major pwnage upgrade mp 40 if u have a lot of money and all 4 perks and claymore are a must

Cam 6 years ago

The best guns you can get is the thundergun which you need to upgrade asap and the ray gun you need to upgrade asap. Rack up points early and keep goin to the box until you get both of those guns. Get the Speed cola, Juggaurnaut, and the revive perks asap. Don't use the bowie knife cause it only lasts until level 10 or 11. Use the teleporter as much as possible cause you can throw grenades off the balcony and get loads of points. I made it to level 28 and the only reason i didn't last longer is because i made a dumb mistake and used my revives to fast.

31314Will1412414 Connolly4141543224354352 5 years ago

I found out if u buy the m14 it takes that much shots to kill a zombie EX: Say at round 4 shoot 3 times then knife. I got 10080 points doing this another thing is turn around when boardimg up a barrier.

Will Connolly 5 years ago

Does anybody know about the place where the AK47u is if you do camp there.

phantom shank 5 years ago

you should just use ur starting pistol (m1911) for rounds 1-5 then open the door to the right for 750 points and then open the next door for 1000 points buy the mp40 for 1000 points if the box is there only buy one weapon either aug or spas 12 on aug its a good all round gun and it has a shot gun attachment i don't like thunder gun ray gun because you run out of ammo to easily on the higher rounds and crossbow and ballistic nife are ok only pack a punched though because ballistic knife revives a downed teammate and crossbow is like a monkey bomb but more powerfull anyway open the next door both for cost cost 1250 2500 alltogether you get into the theater and dnt turn the power on until round ten because acumilatting points will be important go buy the m16 because if you packapunch it you will get full auto and grenade launcer if you have as your secondary either aug if you pack apunch the 2 u will not just get 2 good weapons you have a grenade launcher and a shotgun attachment nut if you have a spas12 that elliminates the need for aug and you get a lot of ammo for a shotgun dragons breath which is very powerful and speed cola is important aswell as juggernog also quick revive is a real help for solo and multiplayer because on solo if yo buy it for 500 points it revives you and you get a sneak peak at mustang and sally the pack a punched m1911s and on multiplayer the clue is in the name double tap is good but only for fully automatic guns so do that to what ever round you can buy more pack a punched ammo for the m16 off the wall in the theater for 4500 and this is the same price for pack a punched ammo for any gun off the wall

zombitch 5 years ago

i always die when i run out of ammo my highest lvl is 25

1.juggernaught is a must

2.camping in later rounds is useless cos until u kill a zombie the others crowd u and kill u

3)have fun :)

Dr. Richtofen 5 years ago

round 30 with the upgraded stakeout (raid) and upgraded m1911 (mustang and sally) and monkey bombs single player Kino der Toten it was crazy

ogga 5 years ago

The Olimpyia is a must but don 't buy it right when u start wait until round 5-7 then upgrade A.S.A.P.Also don't get m14 in round 6-10 cause it stinks.

Alex 5 years ago

The Olympia shoots fire rounds which are an instant kill till the +20 rounds

ogga 5 years ago

The downside to olympia is that its only two round shot witch stinks.

edgar 5 years ago

the best weapons for me is the commando and the thunter gun it save me and my buddie

Fraso 5 years ago

Raygun upgraded and the thunder Gun upgraded on the later levels 20+ early on you want RPK and HK21 purely for points. on Acension you want Raygun Thundergun both upgraded with gersch(black holes) alternativly Raygun and M72 Anarchy(upgraded version). but have no doubt that Gersch and Raygun are compulsory after round 30+ and its just a case of who gets the the Thunder Gun(Zeus Cannon) and what gun to take after that which has to be the M72 Law- China Beach- Crossbow - HK21 - RPK. after that it becomes a matter of opinion but guaranteed you need gersch at level 40+

Estonic 5 years ago

Rounds 1 to 5-7 (until the dogs come) all you need is your pistol and knife. Get a 500 gun off the wall if your team mates suck however. You should always kill with your knife if you can (130 points) and only shoot with your pistol when 2 or more zombies are in a row for multiple points. Your pistol = money maker, not zombie killer.

When dogs come, get MP40 or stakeout (personal preference, I like MP40 because of headshots). Spend next few rounds popping off zombie heads. DON'T GET MYSTERY BOX, there's no need. People are so eager to pick up a powerful weapon. The powerful weapons don't give good money - MP40 and stakeout are a better choice for early stages.

By the next dog round (round 10 - 12) turn on power and get juggernog. Use teleporter and upgrade your M191 pistol to Mustang and Sallys. These guns are fantastic early rounds. Keep popping zombie heads with MP40 and when a large group appear, fire off your pistol grenades.

Round 20 you need to think about getting better weapons, you should have at least 40,000 points by this point. Try to get the thunder cannon (vital for late game battles), but Ray gun will work to round 30. You NEED thunder cannon by round 30 because conventional weaponry won't do great. You can also replace your MP40 with a heavy machine gun like HK1. Many people try to pack-a-punch straight away - I say wait. Pack-a-punch provides full ammo, so there's no need to do it right away. If you burn all your ammo in first couple of rounds after the dogs, THEN pack-a-punch, and it'll keep you going to dogs.

By round 40 I recommend getting the crossbow and zeus cannon. Any other gun doesn't really cut it. Crossbow will let you revive anyone (especially with the quick revive). Use plenty of traps, use the teleporter to frag some zombies, don't rely too much on the automatic turrets - money is better spent on traps. I never bother with bowie knife + ballistic, I don't like to get too close to the zombies in case one sneaks up behind me and traps me. Personal preference.

Solo I made it to round 40 then got bored. I didn't die once. Just turned off my PS3 because I'd had enough. Online I've only made it to round 28 because I keep dying trying to revive my team mates :(. If anyone decent wants a good round 40+ game of zombies, add me to friends - Estonic

Make sure you got a headset :P

Hi  5 years ago

all u guys just get ray gun and thunder gun wait till you run out of ammo then get them upgraded. none of the other guns are great when you get that far though the game a bit like level 30ish. Jst save ur money and use traps

Not Winters Fury 5 years ago

It sucks like on level 20ish it takes loads of shot to even freeze 1 it jst slows them down

CoD 5 years ago

truth is the ray gun sucks after round 30 my favirte gun is the hk21

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman 5 years ago

If you happen to get downed a lot, the best gun to have is probably Mustang & Sally(M1911, the staring handgun, upgraded) as it is essentially dual rocket launchers, meaning you can easily clear out all of the surrounding zombies so that your allies can revive you. But do not use it in any other case except long range destruction of a horde of zombies, as close range use WILL kill you.

noe of your bussiness loser 5 years ago

I like to use the Stakeout to get easy kills in rounds 6-10 with the upgraded ray gun.Also there is a glitch if you jump and do a 360 then shoot the mystery box no more than 1 clip and you do the 360 thing twice you will get a light machine gun,thunder gun or a ray gun

Daniel 5 years ago

No one ever gave credit to the crossbow. its almost the best in the game cause of its pack a punched form. as well as the python upgraded which gives it a speed revolver and 12 shots and its only a one shot kill up to about round 17 and 2 shots up to 26ish.

Meh. 5 years ago


Well, I made it to round 57 alone with Ray Gun and Thunder Gun. I waited until round 30ish to PaP (Pack a Punch-- Costs 5000 points and increases firepower of gun enabling it to be stronger vs. zombies. Always needed if you want to get pass round 30.) Most people say that having Thunder Gun and Ray Gun is a noob setup but people who say that I'm sure have not used it right. I admit it's very annoying when you run out of ammo. (I didn't care if I bought a wall weapon (Which I did almost every 3 rounds) because I just left a crawler and went to mystery box and blew off like 15k'ish points to get it again; now I use the glitch in order to get good guns everytime. In which I get Ray Gun after 2 or 3 tries; And I ALWAYS buy MP40 or AK47u when I need a gun.)

To explain how I did the start for all who want to know is this; I will try to be specific as possible. I started out without buying any guns (I got Quick Revive at start, this is definitely one of the biggest things you need along with Jug') and stayed in the room and went upstairs at round 5. (After making a crawler and I went downstairs if I knew Mystery Box was in there) I usually bought Olympia for personal reasons... if you don't suck at me at being focused at aiming don't get it. (I use it for doing Mystery Box glitch in order to get a good gun) I'm not pro or anything aswell... and I'm not a new player either. Well to continue I go to MP40 room (The next room after opening the first upstairs door in lobby-- starter room) and get the MP40. Then if the mystery box is in a room you already seen go to it and start blowing off points until good guns. (Blowing off points isn't a bad or 'noobish' things, you will die if you don't so it should be a good thing.) But do not get distracted with Mystery Box. You will lose your Quick Revive then you need to go back to it and waste another 500 points... Also I remember I died 5 times when I first starting doing solo (All were with Quick Revive) and the machine that gave you Quick Revive was gone...

Next you should open all the doors and then turn on power (If you don't want to die turn on power btw.) Then if you do not have ANY good guns keep refilling your MP40 with ammo as you go around the whole entire pathway. (Lobby to upstairs then downstairs to MP40/Stakeout room then to MP5K room then to the power room (Room that turns on power and has the M16 to buy in it.) Then if you don't have Ray Gun and Thunder Gun by round 18... you maybe screwed unless you go get it. (Btw always go to mystery box room; first priority. So if you don't see it after going upstairs from lobby to power room and it's not in theater; go through alley.) It's a must for me to have Ray Gun... at least. Then Pap your Ray Gun (It also works if at least you have Ray Gun/Thunder Gun with a HK, MP40, AK47u, **Crossbow is good in multiplayer zombies, ballistic knife is well... meh.**, etc.) and your other good gun at round 30ish or so and you're off.

Tips for all rounds past 25. (Or lower in some cases):

1) Never ever stop to shoot zombies behind you when zombies are sitll spawning.

2) Never get near any corners. (When zombies chasing you)

3) Never reload when near corners or just standing still.

4) Use teleporter every round and get some 'nade kills while in there when all the zombies spawns are warmed up and spawned already.

5) This pisses me off the most... under the balcony there's a little indentment where the barricade is... DO NOT EVER get trapped in there... I have died numerous times from not paying attention.

6) Always have Jug' and Quick Revive. (Both very very important, Double tap is good also if you have only guns with a lotta' ammo)

7) Use monkies when ever seeing a lot of zombies a bit too close to you!

8) Have fun!

Btw, for the lols I might as well tell how I died on 57 solo. I died because I was playing for 3 hours straight not getting up so I turned on song and when I went to the last metorite in lobby; 2 crawlers I left running around cornered and killed me after I shot them several times with Ray Gun... also I didn't have Qucik Revive... thought I did. Well, that's the end of this long long passage. Have fun! And btw, if you call me a noob it just makes me lol! :) I laff at you how you read this whole thing. Btw one last thing, for multiplayer zombies it's nice to have Ray Gun with Crossbow/Ballistic Knifes/ Perhaps a Thunder Gun? But only do those weapons when like everyone else is basicly straight up zombie killing weapons. If you think I lie I don't really care, I just laff at you not able to do nearly as good as I did; and being a hater!


da 5 years ago

Hades+upgraded g11=all the wins

mind your own busniess bitch 5 years ago

da, use ray buddy and mp40 to make money

tristin 5 years ago

u guyz r crazy u need ray and commando upgraded (or thundergun) and the perks and bowie knife made it 67 doing that

TTFM 5 years ago

me and my friend got to round 27 with just me and him i had an upgraded ray gun and thundergun!! (porters x2 ray gun and zeus cannon) 5 years ago

Ok guys. I don't buy it when people say there are making it to round 60 plus solo. That's just insanity. I made it to 32 last night solo. Never use traps they waist money. I us monkey bombs when I need to roll. And run that gun out, then upgrade. When I run out I toll again and upgrade. Only use teleporter towards the end of rounds. My favorite weapons to have are the bow and arrow upgraded with the thunder gun upgraded. U can clear a 20 plus level in minutes.

dewsnapper1 5 years ago

the best combo on five is the balistics,raygun and monkeys guns paka punched and on kino is the raygun thondergun and monkeys paka punched

jordan 5 years ago

i agree

Nathann 5 years ago

yall are all noobs, get the stakeout and mp40 till like round 30 and its beast then go the the mystery box the best gun is thundergun with anything i recommend hk21 and the thundergun or hk21 and ray gun

mrman 5 years ago

I had the hk21 and around 10500 points and was in theleporter.Then all of a sudden the game started glitching around.Then I knew I lost connection to the host.Then I started looking for how to get the hk21 everytime, then I found this.By the way I was playing on the WII

Nathann 5 years ago

@mr mann damm

taco 5 years ago

yo nathann mp40 sucks and the spas 12 is good but not the best i think the cz75 dual wield upgraded (calmity and jane) is one of the best to hell with yu man

profile image

Vivi 1st 5 years ago

actaully most of you don't relize the control power of the bala knife for example 1 you don't need ammo for it 2 the boi knife is equpped to it making it 3 time as deady as an ordinary knife due to swing speed and power 3 the menuverabuility the the knife allows makes it a very effective tool for routing and tight spots and finally 4 when pack a punch the skerer abulity serves as instanst revive for other players when bleeding out i survived to round 87 using bala knife and thudergun alone the bala knife is the best weapon because of those reasons they out wiegh any other weapon in black ops.

Zac 5 years ago

Top 5 when pack-a-punched:

Thundergun / ZeusCannon

HK21 / H115 Oscillator

AUG / AUG-50M3

Winter's Howl / Winter's Fury

Crossbow / Awful Lawton

Top 5 normal:

Winter's Howl


CZ75 Dual Wield

Ray Gun


jjjj 5 years ago

thundergun sucks in ascension(new map) get ray gun pap it then get phd flopper and juggernog

jacob 5 years ago

what about the wunderwaffle DG-2

Tree Man 727 5 years ago

I'd like to say, most of you are really, really stupid some times, in the first round of Kino, use the colt to shoot their legs 8 times, then knife, that's 210 per zombie in the first round, and more as you go, after round 4 or 5, hi up the PM63, that works for a long time, and is decent on dogs,then what lasted the longest and best for me was a ZeusCannon,and the AK74fu2, the AK is still a great head popper way past round 30, and the Zeus, well, we know what that does, Gaymores and bowie are useless unless you know somethings about to die and you need it out of your way.

@#$#@$%^&%^%$@# 5 years ago

who ever is good in zombies in black ops and have a xbox 360 send me a frien request adn i could help u alot in zombies,because i went2 round 27 and 40 with my friend. gamertag ma5terdi5a5ter

xxx232$$ 5 years ago

the ray gun is the best gun in zombies also the thunder gun if upgraded on the map kino der toton,is my opinion.With the thunder gun and ray gun u might go up 2 round 25 or even higher but remember the guns have to be upgraded 2 be stronger and more powerful to defeat the zombies

SuckaDickChicken 5 years ago

I dink that da best weapon wold hav to be is da Ray Gun pack-da-punched because it is 1 hit kill I fink........

Vivi 1st  5 years ago

thing about the ray gun is that later rounds it makes crawlers instead of instant kill not a lot of point generation if you go down and lose it and it make smokers combusted cause temperary blind ness

5 years ago

Check out this out.

slasher 5 years ago

the best gun is the hk21 pack-a-punched great for levels 15-30.

Marco 5 years ago

Mustang and Sally (upgraded M1911) is completely awesome on Ascension with PHD flopper you cannot die from its blasts.... hell Id take it over the ray gun.

bob 5 years ago

I had ray and thunder in the same game and I got up to round78

jimbo 5 years ago

the spas 24 is full auto

thewheatons 5 years ago

i always go for the ray gun or the thunder gun and for my secondary i go for the m16 or Ak-74 because you can always buy more ammo for them and the Ak-74 is a great head shot gun. but that's just me

MoNsTeRx 5nipex 5 years ago

The best combo would have to be the upgraded ballistic knife with the bowing knife also and the ray gun. But don't upgrade the ballistic ray gun unless your low on ammo cause its still a powerful gun not upgraded.And the python is great in earlyer levels gives you lots of headshots

Nick 5 years ago

Ok....this is my tactic....stay in the first room until the dogs....stab like shit get ur money up...when the dogs come open the door til you get the stakeout and mp-40....when the dogs pass open the doors til the stage two people stay by the door one on the window by the door one on the window in back..nobody is getting jipped trust me but if u don't believe me then just rotate....once it gets hectic and you don't think you guys will make it out of the round turn the electricity on get jug and whatever perk you like...I get speed reload and quick revive if affordable....Bowie knife is just for fun in my opinion u will only use it if there isn't a lot of zombies around so it's not necessary...PPL do not get too excited over the mystery box...personally I only use it when the mp-40 and stakeout run out of ammo...when upgraded those two last me til round 17 or so pretty easily...don't be picky with the box...if ur good enough any gun can be used and efficient (even snipers but I don't recommend it lol) I literally use and am happy with any gun I get from the box (fav is Galil commando hk thunder gun Ray gun aug) bottom line main thing is avoidance...always watch ur back check ur path before u go an try not to cross paths with otther teamates that's how you get trapped...just keep avoiding zombies and the points will come...when you die that's how you loose points by buying perks over again....stay Alive and points will not be an issue anymore.....on solo it's basically the same except after like round three or four when I get overrun I open the first door get the pm63 run to the end of the hall by the picture and just headshot zombies til like round 7....claymores and turrets help but will not save you...then there's the teleporter in the beginning of each round...I usually turn a turret on while I'm up in the pack a punch room....that's it!!!! Hope I helped lol

thecreepinthewindow 5 years ago

It's real good that Wii players can buy the AUG under the auto-turret in the Theatre room where the teleporter is. Its a very good gun to purchase when your ammo is on the ropes.

Any Wii players out there? Add me, thecreepinthewindow. Idk what my ally code is tho.

Youguysuck 5 years ago


.... The ray gun is fully auto when its not pap, when it doesn't have double tap, and its not a glitch! The ray gun is always fully automatic.. God damn you guys suck at zombies.

Youguysuck 5 years ago

And also, for you noobs, it is BOWIE KNIFE! not 'bowing knife' omg..

Asto 5 years ago

THE M72 law upgraded to the M72 anarchy and the Ray gun upgrade best combo on the game

Ricardo 5 years ago

My favourites are Ray Gun (Pack a Punched) and Ballistic Knife (Pack a Punched). Only on Solo I use: Mustang & Sally and The Ray Gun.

blackop fan 5 years ago

Thanks this helped a lot

jgjgj 5 years ago

the rpk has a lot mor damage than the hk21

waleedo_maonaiso 5 years ago

i know that thunder gun can blast maybe 100 zombies in 1 blast whooooooo thousand zombies vs 1 demsy can be blasted in this weapon.(super weapon).

crazyzombie 5 years ago

the ray gun is not full automatic but semi automatic

joey 5 years ago

cz75 runs or of ammo fast, but eventually the hk21 and the rpk do little damage so the galil and the cammando are the most powerful guns except the alien guns. but they run out fast too

chives 5 years ago

ive got to round 45 with just mustang and sally and upgraded mp40

chives is a fag 5 years ago

no way u got to round 45 with just those 2 guns unless u were playin on solo like a punk and runnin around in circles

UM... 5 years ago

GrammarNaziZombie 5 months ago

its amazing how little of you can even spell, I'm almost one hundred percent sure half of the shitty comments left on this page are by 12 year olds and under or your just all illiterate donkeys..


Um... you spelled "Your" wrong, it's You're in that context. (sad thing is, I AM twelve)

zombieswilldie 5 years ago

The best gun that you can go for is MP40 with a Spas-12, the MP40 can take out lone zombies while the Spas-12 takes out groups. I like to use the teleporter and shoot at the zombies from above with the MP40 and grenades.

u all suck 5 years ago

the best way to survive ,,

lvl 1-5 shoot and knife., don't buy the guns on the wall.

lvl 5-10 , go upstairs and buy mp40 if u didn't see the box.

u all suck* not!! ;P 5 years ago

after that go link the teleporter , don't use it to many times,, it will stop working on high lvl. try getting ray gun and tunderguy,

when ure a bit good at this u would go buy juggernog.

upgrade the guns ONLY when your need ammo at lvl 20 or higher.

GoodLuck all ^^

edw4rdcull profile image

edw4rdcull 5 years ago

call of duty with a Zombie .... be madness

profile image

BeastOfThaEast23 5 years ago

Whatever works for you is fine, but in my opinion ray gun, even though it is a wonder weapon, is not very good. When u get into higher rounds it will easily get u killed and it takes 2 shots to kill i zombie, plus it runs out of mmo quickly and if u dnt have a good secondary weapon with ammo, ur screwed. I like to pack-a-punch weapons off the wall such as MP40, MP5K, and M16 because u can buy ammo and in high rounds you will make so much money tht u can easily buy upgraded ammo for $4500. The only reason i use the mystery box is for a good weapon like Galil or AUG, or even Commando, and to get Money Bombs (they attract the zombies and then blow them up). Monkey Bombs are good when u r reviving a teammate or just if there is a shitload of zombies.

breet 5 years ago

the commando is one of the best guns in the game. by far better than some of the guns on your list. and it only gets better when upgraded.

Spagett!!! 5 years ago

Ha! Well, Mr. GRAMMAR NAZI, it seems that YOU USED INCORRECT GRAMMAR! Instead of saying- ...oh wait, Grammar Nazi 2 already corrected you. Poop. Have a nice day! Oh, P.S.: MP40 is THE absolute best gun. Ever.

perry 5 years ago


jose 5 years ago

The ballistic knifes upgraded (packed or pack-a-punched) can revive your teamates when they are down. They have to be upgraded though. Just shoot them with a knife and they are up no waiting

yes sir 5 years ago

guys if u hav a ballistic knife u can just melee them and they die instantly its relle cool

Flannysuniverse 5 years ago

The bowie knife is a great buy if done right. Try and last as long as possible with the opening pistol and your basic knife should be able to make it to round 5-6, then instantly go get the Bowie knife (One hit kill on dogs till the third time they come 130 points a dog rather than the 60 you get when shooting them) Keep the pistol (M1911) as long as possible rounds 6-10 you can lay bullets off in the zombies and bowie knife them (should give you about 160-170 points a zombie). Every time you get max ammo that is 800 points in the pocket you can even ride the teleporter and unload all the bullets in the zombies below. Round 10 the zombies are no longer one bowie hit kill but they are two pistol bullets and a knife, the green crawlers remain one bowie knife till round 12-13 not sure. Get juggernog as soon as possible which will be real fast at 130 a kill should have by round 7-8. I have made it to round 16 with just the pistol and bowie knife by that time I have 40,000 points. I will hit the box up in the rounds 12-16 in hopes to get the ballistic knife and upgrade cause one knife kill on zombies till 14, green crawlers till 16 remember all at 130 points a kill. The key to zombies is get as many points as possible early cause eventually you will have to set traps to keep the hordes off and conserve bullets. As for best guns it really depends on how comfortable you are with the gun. Commando you have superior manuverablity with power to back it up and a ton of bullets. Always remember when the zombies start thinning out at the end of the level start shooting them first but don’t kill them and then break out the bowie knife. If done right the Bowie knife will give you 10 times in what you paid for it by round 20 easily 30,000+points. I have used the MP40 but not like some say in these comments I will certainly try it out though and see how it works. Python upgraded or not will go through about 3-4 zombies in one shot till level 24, one bullet 3 zombies cant beat that. The key to zombies is when in trouble run till they are all in a line and have your way with them. Zues cannon and ray gun are really good for picking up the green perks along the way when the zombies are plentiful. If I had to have two guns and monkeys it would be the ballistic knife and the commando that might change and be the ballistic knife and MP40 though. Of course buy the revive and remember the more points you have the better off you are. Happy zombie hunting.

Jaden 5 years ago

The Galil should be up there..And I love getting the ballistic and bowie. I feel like prison shanking..

Zombie rapist 5 years ago

I've made it to like 35+ with my swag mate and died in revival, trust the drugunov upgraded, the m72 anarchy and the zues cannon are the top guns because of their power, zues can ALWAYS take out an entire horde 1 hit, the dragonuv upgraded is strongest in GAME at headshots and anarchy is a 2 shot kill always; any one with a mike add me,PS3 - brookie13. Xbox 360 diamond blooded, only if your NOT swag

lee 5 years ago

the best combo is the m16 pack-a-punched and hk21 pack-a-punched

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

to get far you r going to need 2 players 1 guy has to have the law and thunder gun upgraded and the other guy has to have the ray gun and the law then the guy with the thunder gun does the solo strategy in the stage while the other guy does a solo strategy i have found in the lobby just go up and down the stairs and trust me we got to level 38

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

that's for kino der toten even better is the 1 for ascencion same guns thunder gun and upgraded law and ray gun with upgraded law ony perks u need are juggernaut and phd flopper and again this is a 2 player strategy 1 guy does solo strategy at phd flopper and othe guy at pack o punch but u need to unlock the pack o punch before u get the law upgraded unless u are the guy that is doing the solo strategy at phd flopper

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

trust me got to level 39 if u would like to play with me messege ps3 x_bestever_x

Rockyfanatic 5 years ago

my top ten guns in zombies go 10,stakeout,9,mp40,8,famous,7,rpk,6,galil,5,aug,4,commando,3,ray gun,2,hk21,1,thunder gun.

Zythum 5 years ago

Ok, so all you guys are not thinking. The bowie knife is a must. When it kills gas zombies, they do not explode as they do when shot. The ray gun is, in my opinion, good when battling with friends. However, when alone it can give a false sense of bravado and you can easily die if you back up into a corner. It also has a slow reload time. The thunder gun is good. Mostly my friends and I don't all get it. Its better for everyone to have different weapons because they all have upsides and downsides. I recommend getting the olympia, and the MP40 at the start because the olympia is good for taking down dogs and zombies and the MP40 mainly for points. Upgrade the olympia after round 15. Trade the MP40 for a commando from the happy box and upgrade that. After you have done that you can make it to round 52 if you are as lucky as I am. In Multiplayer zombies, in the room upstairs there will be a mini hallway to your right. Enter there with your group. Have one or two guys watch the barricade at the end and have 2-3 guys watch the opening. Go get commandos and HK21s and hide in that area. My group and I reached level 23 then went and PAP. We went back in that room and we lasted till level 87. This is a tactic meant only for people who are playing the game with people of the same strategy or that little hallway will become a coffin for you.

zombiekilerrrrr 5 years ago

the ballistic knife is only good if u have a lot of points and 4 players and your teamates suck so i don't usually get them un

less my teamates suck

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

my top ten guns are 10 mp5k 9 rpk 8 commando 7 galil 6 m16 5 aug 4 hk21 3 law 2 thunder gun and number 1 RAY GUN

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

but best combination law and ray gun but be careful u can kill yourself with both

zombiekillerrrrr 5 years ago

but u all have to have monkeys and quick revive to get very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far farrrrrrrrrrr

Sgtnolisten 5 years ago

The only use the Ballistic knife has is point farming if you get it early on in the game. I've never p-a-p it before due to the fact that I'm stuck playing solo, but even so, it's still only good for that. The only time I'd EVER melee is when I know that one hit will kill the zombie, even when juggernoged, and the Ballistic knife only does that till about level 7 while I've heard the p-a-p version OHK till level 13. So unless you get it early, I would discard/ignore this weapon entirely.

The aug is a good weapon I will admit, BUT, it burns through ammo WAY too quickly. Like the ballistic knife, I classify this as an early weapon (levels 2 through 7) ONLY!!! P-a-p does not matter.

Shotguns, any shotgun, are not good weapon choices to me. Long reload times, small clips, and a shell spread that makes them useless at any range beyond close up, the power they hold just don't make up for the problems they come with.

Level 19 experience talking here people. Only reason I'm not getting higher is because I keep getting stuck between furniture, and the stupid mystery box appears on the other side of my planned path (always go through the top of the stairs on Kino Der Toten).

jdfnkjshdvbkjfvkaj 5 years ago

i say you should save money not get box buy guns off the wall perferable ak74u and m16

unknown 5 years ago

the best weapons to have in black ops zombies is the upgraded ray gun and thunder gun with gersh black holes

bowhunter400 5 years ago

You know the M-14 is really good if you pack-a-punch it early on because it gives you permanent double points. My Xbox gamertag is bowhunter400 add me.

Roverdover 5 years ago

If your playing solo I would recommend going upstairs and buying the stakeout then wait till you can get that pack a punched then once you have about 6000 points buy the m16 and get that upgraded. I have made it into round 32 with that combo.

kierano12344321 ps3 acount 5 years ago

rpk pack thunder gun pack all perks

kieran the best profile image

kieran the best 5 years ago

rpk pack thunder gun pack all perks


Noodl 5 years ago

Best guns would be the resonator, oscillator, zeus cannon and porters x2. Get juggernog and Bowie knife and knife till round 10 to point farm.

Splitscreen get mustang and Sally to clear crowds when reviving alongside your machine gun. I usually end up with porters x2 and the oscillator.

zombo-bomb22 5 years ago

to really survive is the thundergun and any upgraded mg or and preferably the porters x2 ray gun(pack-a-punched) and your set forever instant awesomeness but wait till your ray gun and or mg isn't as effective as it is at first which lasts for at least 20 rounds!! please add me because every time i join a match that guys tht completely suck and these little kids tht scream in their mics I don't have a mic yet but ill be gettin one soon and i need to get past round 22 like they all go down by then well look me up (doomslayer219)

john 5 years ago

ray gun and thunder gun are amazing, but there's also the zap pistol, which is far more powerfull than either of them, but sadly, not avaiable on kino

wala 5 years ago

on kino the most underestimated weapon is the m72 law pack a punch it and as long as u r carefull of when u shoot it it is the best

christian 5 years ago

thunder gun is the best no dout about it kills zombies in 1 till about 21 ish ray gun aswell i got up to 24 with 2 me and someone else i hade ray and thunder he had ray and galil

kino 5 years ago

if you actually know how to play zombies then all you need is upgraded m16 and zeus cannon. you basically have unlimited ammo for the upgraded m16 because you always get more than enough points to buy it. and you just need zeus cannon to save your ass.....

I'm a noob 5 years ago

I got to round 12 but I died because I couldn't get the revive perk fast enough. Any tips?

cody 5 years ago

the olimpias good

Lrn2spel 5 years ago

Guys, try using caps so I can read what the frick your saying. The M16 upgraded is a crap weapon considering the damage is low and the tubes do nothing by round 25. I agree that crossbow PaP'd is very useful, considering it could give you breathing space from a horde. MP40 is only a good weapon until round 18 (without PaP) so either PaP or get rid of it.

cyrus 5 years ago

the best guns are ray gun,thunder gun,hk21,rpk mustang and sally,crossbow,python,spas 12 and the balistic knife is a pice of shit and on the new pack rezerection on moon get mule kick it allows u to have 3 guns!

James 5 years ago

You may want to fix this, the #1 best gun in zombies is the upgraded wunderwaffe, in 1 shot you can kill unlimited zombies, and it does infinite damage.

Treyarch removed it because it is so overpowered.

Kevin 5 years ago

get the mp5k all the time and pack-a-punch it. its like a mp40 just a little bit more recoil. and on the moon try and get the QED grenade! it fucking beast. sometimes a perk will come out of and and pack-a-punch which gun is in your hand, FREE! all the zap/wave gun isn't as good as i wouldn't though it would be, but better then winter howl. guns to survive with: (must have mule kick (moon) commando,mp5k, gun of choice. and gersch/QED grenades. hoped i helped, peace out.

X-PaDdY-X97 5 years ago

I don't know how but i somehow got to round 31 with the upgraded dragunov (D115 Dissisembler), and the upgraded olympia (Hades), and monkey bombs. Running around the map 20 times a round, turning round every once and a while to kill some. I think people get cocky with uber guns and end up getting downed, racked up 2489 kills and 513 headshots. Pretty good for a double barreled shotgun and a sniper rifle.

shadow 5 years ago

Does anybody else notice on xbox it is FARRRRRR easier than on ps3? They just seem to die so much quicker. I get to round 21 on ps3, then like 47-51 on xbox. WITHOUT ray gun or thundergun. (noob guns)

hughiok 5 years ago

me and my brother can get to round 5, whenever we open a new room (when we can!!!), there are WAYYYY too amny zombies and the guns on the wall are ineffective against them. I guess i kind of suck. :( its funny how im really good against moving people with guns, but suck against slow moving, dumb zombies.

lenick 5 years ago

@ shadow hahah never noticed i cant get past 33 on either xbox or ps3(i turn into rambo as it takes forever, rambo loses)........FAL upgrade to EPC WN is awesome as it turns to a super powerful M16. HK21 sucks after Lv25 it kills nothing and ROF is slow. just herd them up on the stage and thunder zeus them.

Gwehttam 5 years ago

The guy who made this page is a total newb who just wanted to sound like he knew a thing or two about COD. First of all you didn't even know about mustang and sally n saying you need to upgrade the ray gun cuz it doesn't work as good n the later rounds... The ray gun is the only gun that u can use effectively without an upgrade after round 30 (beside the thunder gun obviously). The only time i upgrade my ray gun is if im totally stuck without ammo n don't wana trade my other weapon; as far as the splash that's what PHD flopper is for, but it does seem you posted this before Ascension so ill give you the benefit of the doubt but if u have jug u should b able to shoot directly at ur own feet two or three times without dying which should b more than u need n ur issue with the aim it shoots straight its not meant to be used for head shots u shoot the ground around the zombies n let the splash damage multiple enemies rather than shooting one. The HK21 is a great weapon don't get me wrong but u said the reload time is decent its the slowest of any weapon i can think of although it is worth the wait because it holds so many rounds n the rpk is not nearly as strong as the hk. The rpk shoots faster so it may seem as powerful in the earlier rounds but once you get past 25 or so ull notice a drastic difference between it and the hk. Once again don't get me wrong i love the rpk its great for racking up points because it shoots fast penetrates multiple targets and since its not as strong as the hk u can shoot them more times maximizing the points you get from a single zombie. Also if you had any skill you would b able to hold you own with the weakest of weapons in any round simply because you are faster than the damn zombies if you keep moving they cant catch you find an effective route to run n shoot them with whatever you want granted it might take you 30 to finish one round with a weak gun its far from impossible. Having the dual weild pistols one ur list of best weapons was a terrible idea yes it is good in the first 20 rounds or so the ammo runs out quickly because ur firing two weapons simultaneously and sharing ammo. The python (revolver) is a much better pistol much more powerful so ur ammo goes further I mean u can kill zombies with a single body shot for a lot of rounds n then much longer with head shots. Oh and did I mention it penetrates like the HK and RPK thus saving even more ammo and delivering even more damage per shot. Lastly iv never in my life heard magic box its the mystery box and iv played with thousands of ppl online im in the top 1% on the leaderboard (PS3) n rounds survived n the top .25% in points n iv never once heard someone say magic box. The reason im ranting so much on u is cuz i don't even see what ur reason for posting this was i don't c what anyone has to gain from reading this page you officially wasted fifteen minutes of my life thank you. I hope you have gained experience since you made this post n wont take it too harshly and possibly understand where im coming from no hard feelings

bitchslap 5 years ago

what about the wunderwaffle ^.^

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ Gwehttam

Everyone has their own opinions about how to play COD zombies and their entitled to them.

I am no noob at zombies though, I have made it to round 44 on Kino Der Toten (2 players).

I do not consider myself a master at COD zombies though, but am no noob. I have played since Call of Duty World at War nazi zombies and played every zombie map on Black Ops. Plus, you must remember to have fun as well, yes?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ bitchslap

This page will prob be updated to include some of the newer weapons. This is from 2010.

The wanderwaffle will make the cut.

Gwehttam 5 years ago

@ David 470

To be honest i was just in a bitchy mood n felt like letting it out on someone with no repercussions 44 on kino is bad though but i do find it easier to get further with less people but the way i got in .25% in points is playin 4 players n when the game lasted over 6 hours two ppl quit playin without actually droppin the game so we got extra points by tryin to revive them when we could plus the extra zombies they generated. But yes apologies i was just bein a dick cuz i could n i am a nazi zombie fanatic so it was something i could easily work myself up about

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ Gwehttam

Yes, I find it easier with less players, but you can have a good game with 4 players, but it seems that someone either quits or gets horrible weapons and keeps getting down.

I prefer 2-3 players. I wish they brought back traps to some of the newer zombie maps :/

It's all cool dude.

Xxsrg-98xX 5 years ago

just go for m16 and another of your chiose i would say the galil though when your rape training around the thearter u can just pick up the ammo tho don't pack a punch till u ither have 40 thousend points or ur on round 25 i got up to 46 without packing til round 30

with 150 thousend points

mx439 5 years ago

For Kino Der Toten, I use the R115 Resonator and the Zeus Cannon. After round 15, I use the grenade spamming strategy (teleport at the beginning of the round, and spam the zombies with grenades). After I do this, I run around the map (mp40 side), and I save a crawler until I can link up the teleporter again. This has gets me past round 30 every time, solo.

P.S. Don't forget your quick revives when playing solo!

Pro gamer 5 years ago

Listen guys I need a weapons that is good to survive sometimes I go with ray gun and thunder or with ak47u and sues cannon u can get points and survive buy still guys I need u to help me with a combination ofnweapons

copder 5 years ago

pro gamer

the gun u want is the double ammo shot gun and the desert eagle cause they carry lots of ammo.

Brendan 5 years ago

Try Pack-A-Punchin' some of my favs:

-Ray Gun



-AK 47

-MP 40



All of these are good for surviving

Adam 5 years ago

Yo guys

so ive made it to round 53solo and 87 with two ppl(Round 97 with 4 ppl).(xbox and ps3). and i have got to disagree with all this BS!I packapunched all the guns and, the M1911 kills 5000000 zombies in one hit. Also kill u if ur 10 km away.

The hk and rpk r good to round 36, then they start to take 10-20 shots per kill (5,6 for HS). the ray gun and thunder gun got me to round 42, my ray gun ran out of ammo in round 40, and my thunder gun ran out this round, so trap helped a lot

I got random box and got my fave weapon that took me to round 53, it was AUG!!!.IT might take 1 reload for 10 zombies but with the shotty i got 7 rounds up, then i got python upgraded, cobra and got4 more rounds!! specials arent very strong(ray gun took 6 shots to kill in round 89 and thunder 3 shots for ONE ZZOMBIEEEEEE)(((((({{{{{[[[[[ADD ME IF YOU WANNA GO HIGH ROUND---Xbox--- adam1587xz -----------------------------PS3------------------------- Adam_tanana ---------------------------------------Dont use very often but say you play blak ops in message.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}})))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Commando 126 5 years ago

New weapons like:

Zap gun

Wave gun

Shrink ray




Try pack-A-punching these guns

They got me to round 50

plumboy123 5 years ago

plz add me on xbox gt: plumboy123

me an ma frend ninjaz can get a few rounds in add meh

Duffman 5 years ago

List is horrible, best pistol by far is mustang & sally clears crowds of zombies into the thirties after that one shot still makes into crawlers. Best galio accurate as hell and if you focus on headshots(which is easy with this gun) you never run out of ammo. The m16 upgraded gives you an amazing under barrel grenade launcher. And finally crossbow up graded gives you 15 explosive shots that act like monkey grenades easily letting you revive three people without a problem

soulstice36 5 years ago

You all are overlooking one of the best zombies guns iv'e run into. The galil. It pack-a-punched becomes the lamentation,comes with red dot, and uprgraded bullets,the most surprising thing is that it's ammo capacity is high for an assault rifle,i think its around 540 shots,i know for sure over 500. It's light,relaods fairly quickly,of course speed cola makes it very guick and its kick isn't bad. I also forgot to mention its very powerful,it's bullets upgraded do the exact same amout of damage as the hk21 upgraded,an excellent assault rifle,in my opinion,it is the best for zombies. Sorry for the long comment but this weapon needs to be used more. It's amazing.

Andy 5 years ago

you should add M72 law pack-a-punch, with phd, it helped me solo moon round 31 so much easily.

zombiebeast 5 years ago

got to round 37 solo

with ray gun(upgraded)


Zombiemaster 5 years ago

Omg... Use ray gun + scavenger + mustang and sally , every pack a punched and BAM!!! on Call of the dead :D

logicaL 5 years ago

does the ballistic knife still work for isntant revive?

demento 5 years ago

The bowie knife is great, if your out of ammo you can take them out with just it till about 20, but with balitics its stronger and goes 1 hit kill to like 40

Can use any gun on Zombies 5 years ago

the best gun is thunder cannon pack a punched or not.

the hk21 is a money maker. it sucks after round 20.

it takes 20 bullets to kill them.

commando is good on any round.

the rpk is a money maker.

the 1911 pack a punch is good only pack a punchd

the m72 law is great pack a punched

the crossbow pack a punch is very useful and good.

monkeys is r great also. just wish you could pack a punch

the best perks r

double tap is rapid fire

jugger not takes 4 hits to kill you and

speed cola reload rly fast

Connor 5 years ago

Im 9 Years old and i got to round 40

The best Perks are Mule Kick, Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, when i go down to mutch i tend to Double Tap

the strategy i used was opening top 2 doors on Wave 3

then i Buy MP40

Then i open rest of the doors go lucky dip and get a pretty iyt gun mostly i get ray gun thunder gun and the commando i turn the power on and get Jugger-Nog then link the teleporter i didn't die on round 40 i quit because the best zombie killers don't have time to kill and play i have go on youtube every minute of everyday so i don't have mutch time to play on it

and for some weird reason i get bored of zobies so zombie killers out ther don't play it too mutch you'll get bored of it too so laerzzzz


JeSsE_kIlLeD-u 5 years ago

Im sure evry1 will agree with me when i say i HATE noobs that when they get downed on high rounds and don't get revived cuz of the too powerful zombies so they quit.

P.S I find they most idiotic n stupid players are always host.

P.P.S I think all people that hack are just noobs that cant play.

My fav weapon is ak47u cuz it pwnz upgraded.

deadmeatza 5 years ago

what are the best gun to pack a punch

FlamingRhombus5 5 years ago

I agree with JeSsE_kIlLeD-u. Although I extremely dislike the ak74u. Its only good for about 10 rounds and then you'll need atleast the mp40 to keep alive. Now for deadmeatza,the best guns upraded, are the DUAL WIELD cz75. (its fully automatic and amazing,)the Zeus Cannon, (its crucial to being able to thrive through this game it blows zombies metres and up till round 25 its a one shot kill.) there is then the HK27, (My personal favorite, upgraded 750 bullets with 150 in each clip and a very nice money maker.) Next there is the commando (red dot sight and amazing!) and finally the Ray gun, (this gun is one of my least favorites but it is amazing,people think that because it shoots when held it is automatic, but it is a semi automatic pistol.)

salas 5 years ago

the baby gun is win when upgraded have the rpk with it to be beastin

thenoobwhololed 5 years ago

riight, one of the best weapons for me is the AK74u. why? cause its kick ass in the first round, and when you pack a punch it u get red dot sight plus better bullet penetraition. some people might dislike only that but there is an advantage: if you run out of ammo you can ALWAYS go to where the AK74u is and buy its ammo for 3000 or 4000 points. if you use all your ammo and buy new ammo you would get a profit of around 3000 points! its very good combined with ray gun and the Upgraded crossbow or ballistic knife as a mule kick gun!

yea bro 5 years ago

hey noobs i got to 63 solo i recommend hk 21 or ray gun with the thunder gun and revive jugg doble tap and speed monkeys and ur set for a long game

fgfghbngm 5 years ago

i like the yulk gun

Shakira 5 years ago

best guns for me are the after burner and m19 pistols (if I haven't gotten rid of them yet) other than those, I'd stick with the Aug and Commando

zombiesslyerx5 5 years ago


Rajafa 5 years ago

Personally I thnk that the best guns are 1: hk12, RPK, wonder waffle, thndr gun, and upgraded bows , and raygun, r the best weapons in black ops for zombies. My hi-est round on solo is 93. Got killed by dogs because I was backed 2 a corner while I was looking for mystery box... The raygun I think is really good on call of the dead if upgraded. On solo fer call of the dead I could never find the power switch. I always saw that on multiplayer u couldn't get quick revive on 1st round then a few rounds latr the power was on I didn't know how though.

Drexel-32semi9killer 5 years ago

R u sur? Cuz a lot of the comments and videos that I've ever seen or read said that the raygun isn't the best gun. I normally stick with AUG or Galileo. If not I stick with upgraded bow, and sues cannon. (thunder gun upgraded).

Cullen 5 years ago

The best gun not wonder in the Predator. It is a boss at getting money and is VERY POWERFUL, although ni order to get far on live, the upgraded crossbow and upgraded ballistic are the best

anonymous 5 years ago

OK, Spas 24 is a fully automatic shotgun, second best only to the zeus cannon in crowd stopping. Predator is good, but what you people tend to be missing is that guns off the wall become very strong, personally i like having the bowie knife, AK74fu2, and the Afterburner, easy as that. Crossbow upgraded, ka the awful lawton, or something like tht, isn't as good in later rounds as all it does is make crawlers, with can be very irksome, especially if there is a horde of Zombies, and you get attacked by a crawler. Afterburner, and AK74fu2 are must haves, as they are definate point helpers, but if you get mulekick, then you want to have a third, like the olympia. (these are the best off the wall guns to upgrade in my opinion, i wouldve put the M16 but the three round burst before upgrade is reall annoying and all it does is annoy the people using it, but when its the skull crusher it is the best off the wall gun, but getting it to early can led to your demise.

Mr.Pib 5 years ago

Hello! The raygun is a great wepon but gets old after awile. The MP-40 is great but the AUG upgraded is awesome! Add comando.... is a good gun. Also on the wii you can buy the AUG of the wall.... and don't get wii black ops.... only one zombie map!

Harry 5 years ago

Hi I would highly recommend having hk21 and any other to be totally honest with you the fn fal isn't a bad back up weppon PAC a punch it and if you have a good tapping finger your going to pone ass lol speed cola and jugger nog with fn fal pack a punched (epic win) is awesome I wold recommend it

D34N-_-H4LL 5 years ago

Hello, I would recommend these weapons for new players to zombie mode, if your a beginner I would say try and acquire these weapons; on kino der toten this is easy, I would get the AK74u and upgraded it to the AK74ufu2 which is a very powerful weapon even up to the higher of rounds and I would also say getting the Stakeout or the M16; upgraded one of them these are mostly good weapons to buy that are not to expensive and are easy to acquire. Good Luck.

keaton 5 years ago

hi,i could have all the guns exept the aug upgraeded got that thing is powerful you shold try it yourself

That cool guy 5 years ago

Does anyone know any cheats for cod black ops zombies. I and get to like round 30 or so and I am getting bored of playing it and I was thinking if I get cheats then it won't be so boring. So does anyone know and cheats. Thanks a lot

spike 5 years ago

I like the ray gun upgraded with the hk21 upgraded great on call of the dead ray gun in small spaces and when u got room unload the hk. Ps jug always after round 10 your screwed with out it cause the zombies double tab one slip and ur dead.

rrcodbo 5 years ago

another best secret weapons is death machine(minigun).

hubba hubba 5 years ago

my best combo is the ray gun pack a punched and the thunder pack a punched

Chris 5 years ago

The Dragunov Pack-A-Punched is a one hit kill up until round 20, I hate the snipers, but damn this thing is amazing.

profile image

jbb201 5 years ago

Dude you make awesome Hubs for black ops zombies thanks!

king john 5 years ago

IM already thunder y have a gun to prove it(thunder gun)

altonjp 5 years ago

hi,i like balistic knives

medic 5 years ago

This weapon class is only good for online for a medic for your team but i found this extremely useful and allows you to get lots of points:

Mustang and Sally (upgraded m1911 pistol)

Ballistic Knife upgraded w/bowie knife

This is a lightweight class which makes it easier to manuever around zombies without shooting lots of ur ammo. When needed to revive someone, I usually shoot 2 bullets or how much it takes to get the zombies out of the area where the guy is downed and swap to my ballistic knife and shoot them with it.

IMPORTANT: Buy Juggernog, ull need it for close range, cymbal monkeys will help too if you get them. Pick up your knives so you can keep on using them.

Justin biber 5 years ago

Good weapons tipe ak47,comando,ray gun,thundergun.and spas 12

jijij 5 years ago

i like the wunderwaffle in der raise

JAYM4N 5 years ago

yer coz its like unstoppable and it will always be insta kill reguardless of wat round the only thing u got 2 watch out 4 is the splash damage of it and any1 agree if the ray gun off waw is way better than the 1 off black ops

hesnoone 5 years ago

ya totally i have WaW 4 ps3 and the rayfey there is way better than da 1 on blops

Dealio22 5 years ago

Good choices and i know all the glitches(even made one that gets the raygun, thundergun, monkeys every time)so ill be able to get these all the time. Friend me on xbox and ill teach u these glitches. Im Dealio22

Fly_WITH_the_FOX 5 years ago

Perks: Juggernog, Speedcola, mulekick, and quick revive

Weapons: Galil, AUG, M72 LAW(All pack-a-punched)

This got me to round 30, try it out if you can.

Dealio22 5 years ago

These wepons got me to round 41

RayGun ThunderGun and Commando each pack a punched

So try that and u will get far

Survivor 5 years ago

K, so i'm not like you guys. i personally hate the mystery box and i think it is a waste of points. The mp5k is a really good weapon. At times it is better than the mp40. Pack a Punch it and it will be very useful. Then you can get a weapon of you're choice (i prefer the mustang and sally, pack a punched starting gun).

hola 5 years ago

I agree. I play with mp5k and m1911 until I have enough to pack a punch then I get phd flopper. Perks I get- juggernog speed cola and phd flopper. Guns I use- mp5k and m1911/mustang and sally. I run trains along the 2 room upstairs from where you start. around the mp5 area and just get hordes of zombies and shoot them down and get ammo off wall when needed. On the map Ascension

profile image

Rick Hunter 5 years ago

Hey guys, I play on the PS3, and my gamer name is Rick_Hunter. I don't have the time or patience to be the best, but I'm definitely not a noob. On the three maps I enjoy most, I average in the mid to upper 30's as far as wave counts. Anyway, before you wave 60 guys call me a noob, you should know that I only play with randoms, I don't use glitches, and I spend most of my game reviving downed players. When I die, it's almost always because I try saving people even when they are in the worst of situations and I know what the safer dick move is. Any way, my 3 favorite levels are Kino, Ascention, and Call of the Dead. The best weapons are usually based on the map you are playing in, and the strategy that works for your personal style of play. For those of you who really want to go far, here are the best 4 weapons for my 3 favorite levels. I will list them starting in highest importance. In Kino, the most important weapon is the Zeus Cannon. That is your versatile get out of a jam/save your team mate weapon. The second best weapon is the teleporter. It is free to activate, and if you know what you are doing, you can lead a rape train of 30 to 40 zombies into it and kill them instantly even if you are in wave 40+. The third most important weapon should be your money making weapon. We will all have different opinions on this, but for me, if I'm playing with guys who know how to hold their own, I will choose the Raygun any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If I am the last man standing, I might swap the Raygun for the MP40. Now you may be asking yourself, "why would he choose the Raygun as a money making weapon?" Well that brings me to my 4th most important weapon which is the Bowie Knife. Even though the HK is a great money maker, I have found that on average, I conserve the most amount of money and ammo by slashing zombies as often as possible. I think it only takes 3 slashes to a full health zombie to take him down in wave 21. Once you are past wave 21, your Raygun will no longer destroy the zombie with a single shot, so this is how you work it to your advantage. Blow the zombies legs off with the Raygun, and then finish the Zombie off with the Bowie knife. You will find that after that initial Raygun blast, you are back to hitting the Zombies with single Bowie Knife slashes again. Remember, if Raygun ammo starts to run dry, you can always fall back on the MP40, or kill em all a batch at a time in the Teporter.

In Ascention, the most important weapon is still the Zeus Cannon for the reasons I have already mentioned. Strangely, the second most important weapon is the Frag Grenades. When you get up on the platform that sells the Frag grenades, all you have to do is keep running around in a circle and bounce the grenades off the wall. They will ricochet off the wall and into the pursuing Zombie mass. When you run out of grenades, just buy more on your next pass. If you think you might run into a jam, just use the Zeus Cannon to get out of the jam. My 3rd favorite weapon is going to be the Raygun. I really don't use it offensively in Ascention, but it comes in handy when grenades are taking a long time to kill the Zombies in the higher levels. I usually throw grenades until I see a max ammo appear, then you can unload on the zombies with your Raygun and then pick up the max ammo right before it disappears. My 4th favorite weapon is the Sickle. Like the Bowie Knife, the Sickle will earn you big money quick, especially if you can get it prior to wave 7. You have to remember, the Sickle is a 1 hit kill through wave 9 and a 2 hit kill through wave 16. If you get a x2 multiplier in wave 8, then for every 10 Zombies you slash, you will bank $2600.00 dollars. You will earn even more than that if you soften each Zombie up with some bullets before you slash them. Even though I don't use it as a weapon that much in Ascention, you will want to have PHD Flopper to protect yourself from all the close quarter grenading that my strategy requires. And as always, Jugg is an absolute must for any level. Jugg is the most important thing in any map to a seasoned veteran. I haven't figured out what the most important thing to noobs is because it is a toss up between opening the Mystery Box in round 2, or pissing off George in round 1.

Last but not least, Call of the Dead is my most favorite map in Zombies. I know some people either hate or love that map, but I have my reasons for enjoying it, and I think that if more people gave it an honest try, they might find that it grows on them. I will not get into why I like Call of the Dead so much because that would be another wall of text. The most important weapon in Call of the dead is PHD Flopper. There are several places in the map that allow your belly flop of wonder to take you far into the game. You will also need PHD Flopper prior to using your second most important weapon which is Mustang & Sally. Mustang & Sally is an absolute must have weapon in call of the Dead. It gets you out of a jam like you couldn't believe, and I have rescued so many people who were on their last drop of blood in the worst parts of the map. Screw mule kick in every level, I would kill to have PHD Flopper in Kino so that Mustang & Sally could be used to their full potential. The third most important weapon is actually the second weapon I buy after having purchased the M14 in the starting spawn, and that is the Sickle. I hang in the starting spawn until I have earned $6,000.00 dollars, and then I open the fewest number of doors leading to the Sickle. I know everyone else goes for power and MP40s first, but if that were actually the better strategy, then it would be them rescuing me in wave 8, and not the other way around. Getting the Sickle in or around wave 6 will earn you so much money, that even if everybody else dies without opening any of the doors to power, you can earn enough money to open everything for yourself and everybody in just a couple of waves. Plus as an added bonus, you have a guaranteed one hit kill weapon through wave 9 instead of playing Russian roulette with the stupid Mystery box. I hit the box eventually, but I leave nothing to chance in the first 10 waves of Call of the Dead, because every dollar counts in the begging of that map. The only person who gets a Raygun in wave 4 is the person who dies and quits in wave 7. The 4th and final most important weapon in Call of the Dead is another weapon that will be different from person. Based solely on where I do most of my fighting, I like to pick up the AK74U. Its ammo is cheap and is as easy to buy off the wall as the MP40 is in Kino. Effective use of the AK74U with the Sickle, will help you to make tons of money without loseing tons of money. Plus, the PHD, AK, Sickle, Mustang & Sally combo can all be purchased without needing to rely on the Mystery Box. I have made it to wave 37 in what ended as a 3 person game without glitters, and I was in wave 56 Solo when my first Playstation's cooling fan died after having left it on pause for 3 nights in a row. My point is that with just wall weapons and perkacola machines, I probably could have gone on in Solo until complacency did me in. Oh well, I hope this was useful to both noobs and Veterans alike. Peace, and sorry for the War and Peace novel.

chris 5 years ago

the ray gun and the zues cannon and nerds stop playing video games get a life

Rick Hunter 5 years ago

Why do the Ray Gun and Zeus Cannon need to stop playing video games to get a life? Oh my bad, you're not a nerd.

Adam 5 years ago

If your running a train (or what ever you want to call it) in my oppinion the best set up you can have is Jugger Nog Speed Cola PHD Flopper Mule kick and The Lamination (Galil Packed) Tokeo snd Rose (PM63 Packed) and the Mustang and Sally (packed 1911) I used this set up in Accention (sorry can't spell) me and one of my friends made it to round 32 by the mp5k lander with out any problem and made it further after that i think we made it to 44 or so the galil is light wieght has a lot of ammo plenty of power plus a red dot and the PM63 is a duel wield and is great for killing a lot of zombies fast the main issue is that it burns though ammo so fast i use it as a secondary the mustang and sally is great for monkey and save my ass burns though ammo so i use it for emergancys

Adam 5 years ago

The Zeus Cannon is such a bad gun it does no damage at all they is no ammo 4 shot per clip and cant reload with out shooting all bullet in the clip all it does is pushes zombies away i perfer to get ride of them permently the ray guns ok but if you try to run a train in hugher rounds the gun justs makes crawlers and i get csught up on this bastered all the time

Adam 5 years ago

Rick hunter i agree that call of the dead is an awsome map if noobs would just play five or some other map i don't care about instead of call of the dead it would be the best map ever and i think that the most important thing to noobs is pissing off george with the 1911 but the box whores drive me insane mainly at kino or call of the dead because the wall guns are pretty good but to spaced apart to be as useful to me like on der riese or accention(still cant spell)on accention there is a wall gun near almost all good train running spots that i can think of and on der riese i mean come on the wall guns are rediculus every one that i packed so far has been ether decent or amazing thebox isn't as great on that map since of the wall gun especialy since if you need ammo just go buy some more. by the way in der riese i think that best set isevery perk besides double tap the type 100 packed stg packed and the hk21 packed i like the hk because of the amount of ammo it holds the type one 100 is a fuckiin chain saw and the stg got a lot of ammo good rate of fire and decent power

JediKnight115 5 years ago

You all have your own favorite weapons to use and that's good for you. If it works for you, it works for you. But just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for someone else. Me myself on World At War, I always use the M2 Flamethrower to fight the zombies. Pretty much more than any other gun on World At War except for the Trench Gun and Browning Machine Gun, I always use the M2 Flamethrower. I just know how to survive with that gun. And as for Black Ops, I always hold onto the Olympia and use it and upgrade it later because I love it.

Andy 5 years ago

Add me on xbox if you wanna play zombies gamertag: AndysLandoCandy

Rick Hunter 5 years ago

Hey Adam, as much as I try to respect other people's opinions, saying the Zeus Cannon is a bad weapon is like saying the atomic bomb didn't help end the war with Japan. It may not hold as much ammo as an FAL or a bee bee gun, but it is one of the only weapons that is not completely useless past wave 35. It comes down to how a player uses it. I don't get upset if I don't get the thunder gun, but I do get upset when someone else gets it and doesn't know what to do with it after they have jizzed themselves with excitement. My favorite is the noob who gets the thunder gun and runs next to you so they can show you how cool it is to blast away your zombies left and right. One wave later, I'm reviving them off the ground and they don't even have the thundergun in their posetion anymore. The benefit of the Zeus Cannon is not in it's destructive power anyway. The fact that it kills zombies in the early levels is great but the fact that it moves and displaces zombies out of your path is what is most important. The other thing that is important to remember is that Monkey Bombs, Gersh Devices and upgraded Crossbow arrows may help give you the time to help a downed player, but in the higher waves, if you get accidentally pinned against a stupid piece of furniture for a even a split second, then you are toast in Kino without the Thunder Gun. After you have saved yourself, the last thing you are going to be thinking is, "I can't believe that life saving blast didn't kill the zombies too." LOL. In all seriousness, most rockstar kino players will be counting on some combination of Traps, the Teleporter, an upgraded MP40, an upgraded M16, or Bowie Knife and Ray Gun to get their kills in the higher rounds. If you asked the majority of those players what they would like to have as their secondary weapon, unless they can make it to wave 99 without glitches and wonder weapons, than they will most certainly want the Thunder Gun. Even if not to save themselves but to save others who insist on putting themselves in harms way. I love the Stakeout as much as the next guy, but when I'm not fighting in the Texas Roadhouse, I'll take a Zeus Cannon any day.

pooopscooper 5 years ago

Upgrade the ballistic knife.SOunds sucky but helps in high rounds.upgraded every gun and its the best with Bose knife

er412 5 years ago

i got to round 28 solo on moon using pack a punched ray gun, porters zap gun, mustang and sally all best guns

Matthew 4 years ago

Add me on ps3 i play zombies all da time rustamouse123

MichaelJordanOfZombies 4 years ago

I cant believe i just went through the whole page and not even a handful of u said Raygun + Mustang & Sally. The ones askin questions r just beginners or don't play zombies competitively but all of u actin like ur pro r the real noobs. Noobs run around for hours with shitty machine guns just to try and desparately "point up" and survive round 25 with only 2 people, pathetic. Spend hours pointin up with shitty wall guns while i can easily double ur points earned all game in one round. Real pros, and theres very few in the world, play with 4 people blasting through ridiculously high rounds with ease that Treyarch pisses their pants that a group of gamers raped their game without glitching... -Hurrikane

Rick Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Michael Jordan of Zombies, I just wanted to respond to your comment. First of all, I can understand why you might be so angry having taken 2 days to read all the comments on this post. We all know how precious a persons time is. That being said, can you offer some elite tips. You said you favor Mustang and Sally and the Ray Gun, both of which are unarguably great weapons. However, you didn't offer any insight on ammo management, or how exactly you are able to double a "noobs" score in a single round using just splash and explosive ammo. This is purly speculation on my part, but it seems to me that you must be using a money making weapon in some capacity. I say that because I once went from wave 37 to 39 without being given a max ammo. Now assuming I'm mostly using Ray Gun and Mustang and Sally, at some point I'm going to run out of Ray Gun Ammo. So does your strategy involve constant dipping into the Mystery Box to earn your Ray Gun back? If so, then I have several other questions. How do you make enough money to afford constant box dipping if you are not using money making weapons. Also, in the higher levels, I imagine your stategy must force you to go back to the Mystery Box several times in the middle of a wave to reload. How would that impact your ability to rescue potential downed players who may be far away from the box when you ate low on ammo? I'm only asking because you came down pretty hard on people who use upgraded wall weapons. There are plenty of solid strategies that can be built around upgraded wall weapons. It is not fair to categorize all of those people as just trying to point farm. I could care less about points. In fact I've played many games where I've had less points than the other 3 players, but we died in wave 26 after I've rescued people 56 times and I went down once. The point is that high points is not synonymous with good performance. It sounds like we are even in agreement on this. That being said, I would rather have a pack a punched AK74u off the wall in Call of the Dead that I could constantly buy back at the low cost of $4,500.00 than have to constantly run to the mystery box mid level to pick up a specter while my teammates are bleeding out. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing "pathetic" about it. It sounds like your untold strategy involves a Ray Gun, Mustang and Sally, and an unmentioned Mule Kicked Scavenger. You must start getting 2 or 3 Max Ammos a wave past wave 35, (which rarely happens), and you must have really selected only perfect text book players to play with. Outside of that, your untold strategy sounds like you are trusting a lot of variables to align themselves in a way that ultimately helps you. A player who leaves little to chance by building a strategy around guaranteed perks and weapons and their ability to survive is not pathetic, it makes them the person who will likely save you when you are attending the next fire sale.

Zach 4 years ago

Ok well since there is mule kick the best class is upgraded ray gun thunder gun hk and monkeys

Icemagz 4 years ago

i went on zombies before, and realised i had never ever used mule kick, i tried it out, mainly because i had commando and thundergun and thought, oh, i might get raygun, and guess what...i only got raygun! lasted until round 34 when there was about 30 zombies surrounding me, i meant to pull out my thundergun, but got mixed up with the double triangle tap and fired 1 bullet off my commando. MAN i got so pissed of there, was hoping to beat syndicate

Canadacrasher3 4 years ago

I love reading these, just because you can say a gun is bad doesn't mean your good. I saw a post saying the zeus cannon sucks and that's funny because it is one of the best guns in the game. Anyway for those who are wondering best guns in the game like I used to, just stop. A good gun, how about a good combo. What you first need is a powerful gun, (That's the dissasembler, L115 Isolater, Porters x2 Raygun, thundergun, Raygun, Zeuscannon, Raid, Typhloid and mary.) Next you need a the skull Crusher, (ppd m16) finally you need mulekick and a gun that you can run fast with, that's any pistol, ballistic knife, Tokyo and rose, and much more. If you have the raygun then all you don't need mulekick (because of its speed and power,) and the skull crusher. But I suggest you spend your points on speed cola, and always have Juggernog!!!!!!

bob 4 years ago

hi out there

kade kirby 4 years ago

what i do is i knife zombies all the way to day 3 then i use my pistol but i shoot them in the head on higher days so one clip and a knife takes a zombie out then when all of the doors are bought i go and get jug first thing i don't ever get quick revive then i already have mp40 and jug and so points left over so i start saving for speed cola and mule kick its the perk in the second room on top it lets you have a third gun how beast i get a sniper crossbow and ray gun or a sniper wonder waffle and ray gun and when i use the teleporter machine i snipe zombies plus a sniper is good for when u run in circle and get a big group and if u shoot at a hoard of zombies u take out like 10 of them so i think in the long run a sniper is better than the machine guns plus for you dumbasses out there buy doors and shit because why have a ton of points but cant use them if ur dead plus no buddy likes a point hogger makes the game gay

ItalianHockey96 4 years ago

hmu on PSN and lets play some zombies...


RYAN GAMEWELL 4 years ago

The PYTHON is the best weapon EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

fat ninja 4 years ago

@ kills u Dmitri get 3 monkeys per round u just get 3 @ first then u have to wait til Max ammo. Its too hard to say which weapons r the best because it depends on the person. I wouldn't even consider a persons opinion if they haven't Eben passed 30 multiplayer at LEAST

The main thing f u want to get far is to get points. There are many ways depending on how u play. If u are just running loops have a thundergun for emergency and a rpk not packapunched. Y not? I hate wen retards get enough money n go crazy with the pack a punch. The rpk is the best point hoarder it may have less ammunition than hk21 but its lighter and since the fire rate is faster it will kill the zombies faster. It is also a little weaker so it takes more bullets to do so but u will get more points. Only pack a punch a gun if UR OUT of ammo because pack a punching refile UR gun. If u pack a punch the rpk it will b stronger but it will kill zombies faster n get u less points so I would recommend using ur second weapon until max ammo n pack a punch after 25 (if u do that u should have 300,000 points alongside jug n whatever perks u pick). Ballistic knife is cool packed but u will automatically become the medic which I have don n it sucks. U can put it together with the Bowie knife n it will b 1 hit kill bit only til maybe 15-18 (earlier than that if ur playing with hi level ppl) . I think its stupid wen pol get excited about the ray gun its OK. U do kill zombies faster but get less points doing so n at higher lvls I get weaker n u won't have much points. For sub machine guns the best is mp40 the AK is a close second but has less ammo n get weak really fast. For assault rifles there all pretty good except famas. But my favorite is galil n commando for obvious reasons. There well balanced wen it comes to fire rate reload rate weight n power. As for shotguns the stakeout is my favorite because u can buy ammo n if ur aim doesn't suck its 1 shot kill til 15 theme u get a Bowie knife then do 1 shot 1 knife til 19 maybe 20 if u have skills the mustang n sally is pretty amazing but I try not to use weapons like that bcuz I get up close n personal with my zombies. The law is great pack a punched because u can shoot 10 rockets straight n reload 1 to refill the 10 again. M16 is OK but is useless after 21. As for perks I don't get double tap unless I have both the UK n rpk bcuz it runs the ammo out the there guns too quick using it with gailil is good too. The only perk u really need before 21 is jug after that get speed cola because there will b a lot more zombies n u will have to do a lot of maneuvering. For point whoring in the first room:

Lv1 7 chest or leg shots n knife

Lv2 8 (1 clip) chest n leg n 1 knife

lv3 2 clips chest n leg n 1-2 knife

Lv3 same. As lv2

Lv4 1 clip headshot n a knife

Lvl 5 (if not dogs) u will probably be low o. Ammo so 1 clip n keep knifing


if done right n u only bought 1 door n no other guns u shuld have 5000 by now.

Blackops 4 years ago

i keep loosing on round 4 on single player, it would be really good if you could help me with that if you know it

Blackops 4 years ago

how do you get the raygun and thunder gun really easily. most of the gliths do not work and i only got the ray gun 3 times in my life on black ops zombies. people get the ray gun on nuketown because they have a pc and its just not fair,iwould like to have black ops on mac os x without downloading a torrent.

Blackops 4 years ago

who created black ops? i need to ask him something to evolve the game.

Blackops 4 years ago

can someone please answer me

David 470 profile image

David 470 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Treyarch developed Black Ops if that is what you mean by "created."

Blackops 4 years ago

yes but i want treyarch to make a new zombie map & to create a gun wich has the power of a thunder gun,ray gun,wunderwaffe,winters howl. but thanks for the information and understanding me

T-DOG127 4 years ago

Pack a punch the ray m16 m1911 stakeout spas 12 ak74u and the rpk the rpk is the first priority to upgrade

Blackops 4 years ago

i don't get to pack a punch often it only happened once and you are all experts and i am not i had black ops since christmas in 2011 or 2012

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Blackops, I know you mentioned Black Ops for the Mac. Is that what you are playing the game on, or are you using a console. If you are using a PS3 you can friend me and I'd be happy to show you a thing or two. You also said that you can only make it to wave 4 when playing solo. You seemed to want suggestions, but you didn't happen to mention which map you were playing. I'm assuming you are talking about Kino Der Toten. My advice to you would not be the same advice I would give to a seasoned zombie veteran. It sounds like you need to learn the map. The most important thing to do when trying a new map is to have a successful learning game. You need to play it safe, you need to make earning money a priority, and if wave 4 is where the struggle starts, than you need to get good at cooking grenades so that you can make a crawler or crawlers in wave 4. The very first thing you should do is purchase quick revive. It will cost all of your $500.00, but it will prolong your efforts should you accidentally get double tapped. The next thing you should do is position yourself next to the zombie door in the corner at the bottom of the left stairs. IMHO this is the best Solo starting place, because you have a good view of all 4 zombie doors. You have the zombie door right next to you. If you look left, you will see how many zombies are approaching the lower mid wall zombie door because you can look through the wall. If you look right, you can look up the stairs or towards the set of downstairs double doors. In either case, you may not physically be able to see the zombie doors, but you will be able to see the shadows of the boards and whether or not the board shadows are moving. Now how you fight will depend a bit on your comfort zone and skill but you need to think of the first 4 to 6 waves as a mathematical numbers game. For every non-lethal1911 bullet you shoot into a zombie, you are earning $10.00 Acme crime bucks. For every lethal body shot, I believe you are earning $50.00 Acme crime bucks, & for every lethal head shot, I believe you are earning $100.00 Acme crime bucks. Finally, if you strike a non-lethal blow with the knife, it will bank $10.00 Acme crime bucks just like a bullet, however, if you finish off a zombie with a lethal blow from the knife, than it is worth a cool $130.00. These numbers are doubled if you happen to pick up a multiplier drop. The reason why this information is critical to learn is because it will be the tactical foundation on which your split second decisions must be made. There will be times where you should aim for the legs and other times where head shots will serve you better. There will be times when the Nuke drop will be a Godsend and there will be other times where you will have to fight the temptation to touch the Nuke at all. Anyway, for your skill level, I would suggest using nothing but the knife for the first 2 waves. It is only a single slash to kill the zombies in wave 1, and 2 slashes to kill them in wave 2. There is more money to be made if you ar bullet counting before knifing, but so that you can keep yourself safe, you may want to choose quick killing so as not to get accidentally swarmed. If you feel comfortable letting some zombies completely break through in wave 2, than you will likely receive a pick up from one of the zombies. Hopefully a Max Ammo, X2, or Insta Kill will greet you. I wouldn't recommend picking up a Carpenter drop unless all the windows are completely boarded up or if Treyarch is no longer paying you to nail wood. It is important to learn how to knife zombies safely. You do not want to just press up on a window or zombie in waves after 1 and mash the knife button because you will eventually get double tapped and lose 1 of your 3 quick revives. You need to learn the art of lunging with a stab followed by an immediate step back to dodge the possible zombie strike. If in the joy of stabbing you are to accidentally get hit, you need to not only immediately step back, but also wait for about 4 to 5 seconds before stabbing again so you don't accidentally get hit too soon a second time. In wave 3 you may want to start ripping off a clip into the zombies faces and then finishing them off with the knife. This will do significant damage to the zombies while at the same time nursing your limited ammo (In the event you have not received a max ammo), If at all possible, you should try to avoid purchasing a wall gun. It is not inexcusable for a new player in a learning game, but it is not good practice either. If you begin to experience significant zombie breaches from multiple windows, the best thing to do is to keep cool and don't panic. Quickly try to visually identify the biggest loopholes and escape routes in between the invading zombies. This will give you a chance to either begin rounding up the zombies or make your move to the next room. What I would suggest is that while you are thinking, make sure you are also cooking a grenade or 2 so you can blow open a path or so you can simply start to reduce your targets. Remember to knife all crawlers for lots of cash. In the event you must escape from the starting room. You will do yourself a great service by opening the upstairs doors, and not the downstairs doors. This is the strategy that 19 out of 20 players will do so it doesn't hurt to conform in this capacity. Opening the top 2 doors will lead you to another large room with 2 sets of stairs, a speed cola machine, a turret trap, a Stake Out shot gun, and the MP40. Most people purchase the MP40 at this point because early on it is great at decapitating zombies heads, and it will earn you a lot more money than using the Stake Out. Now I don' t mean to troll, but most people who only buy the Stake Out, it is either because they love badass shot guns more than points, they are a NewB who doesn't know there is an MP40 downstars, or because they are a NOOB who is still trying to steal Zombies after wave 4. Ironically, it might not be a bad idea for you to have both the MP40 and the Stake Out, but make getting the MP40 your priority. I would advise against trading away your 1911 but that should not concern you in a learning game. Try to survive for as long as you can in the MP40 room. Remember to always use the knife when possible especially during Insta Kill. If at any time you feel like you are going to lose control of the situation, remember to aim your MP40 at the Zombies heads. That way you will reap the trifecta benefits of mitigating the situation quickly while saving ammo and making more money. NOTE; if you happen to see the Mystery Box in either of the first couple of rooms, do not be seduced by its wares. I can't say it any better than this,"The box has 4 kinds of weapons. 1) Weapons that are worse than the MP40, 2) Weapons that are as good as the MP40 but can not be re purchased inexpensively off the wall. 3) Weapons that are better than the MP40, but they take $950.00 dollars away from door and Jugger Nog purchases. & 4) Extremely powerful weapons that are too strong to be financially viable in waves prior to 20. " In short, don't be a box whore. The Ray Gun can be an impressive instrument of death when placed in the right hands, but it is also the leading weapon weilded by more bleeding out NOOBS than I can think of. I would be happy to discuss further strategies with you in the future, but these are the basic basics that many people take for granted. Just remember, at the end of the day it is not the gun that makes a player great, but rather a player's ability to make tactical decisions and movements through times of zombie chaos.

Zombies 4 years ago

The ray gun is the most powerful weapon in zombies and the thunder is good to but I'm really good with the ray gun cuz I accually. Aim not shooting like crazy.

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Zombies, you hit the nail on the head. That is my whole point. The Ray Gun is a truly remarkable weapon, but with all of its glorious wonder, its power doesn't mean anything when it is in the wrong hands. I play with randoms more often than anything else. I mostly do this because I have more time to play than my friends do. I love playing with randoms because they force you to get better at your personal game. I would even dare to say that getting 3 randoms to wave 26 is as equally impressive as playing with 3 other pros and joining them into wave 50. The reason I talk about this stuff is because people can talk about the weapons they like in a particular map, without ever really addressing the 600lb gorilla in the room. The problem is this, new players will read these sites hoping to learn something that will make their game better. Unfortunately, we are mostly just feeding into their Box Whore condition. Is the Ray Gun great? Is Mustang & Sally great? Is the Scavenger great? The answer to all these questions is not a simple "YES". The answer should be, "Those are all great weapons providing..... 1) You have helped open doors to power or jugg so your team is happy to revive you if you fall with your wonder weapon. 2) You have purchased Jugger Nogg before you hit the box. 3) You have purchased PHD flopper after you have aquired one of the above mentioned weapons. 4) You acknowledge that with certain wonder weapons comes a responsibility to help revive downed team mates instead of just sitting on a glitch. 5) You adjust your strategy to conserve ammo so that 4 Ray Gun shots are killing 24 of your own zombies instead of 4 Ray Gun shots are killing 2 of someone elses zombies. That way you aren't crying for Max Ammos. & 6) This is the most important rule of them all. This is the one rule that should you follow it, your entire game will get better over night. The most important skill to learn when using a Ray Gun or another Wonder Weapon is to not quit. Plain and simple. If you go down with a wonder weapon, try to assume that people are trying their best to save you, many times without wonder weapons of their own. If you die and lose your wonder weapon, try to shoulder some of the blame. If you quit, not only will you hurt or end all that has been fought for, but even worse, you will subconsciously be saying that losing one person's Ray Gun is what killed everybody rather than the zombies killing everybody." Do yourselves a favor, if you die with a wonder weapon, don't quit. Instead, push the select button and check people's in game stats. Pick a player who is alive and performing well and watch his or her strategy. Who knows, maybe they have a Ray Gun too. (And to Zombies point) maybe all they are doing differently is that they are taking the time to aim.

ll x PhaNtoM 4 years ago

on der riese i got the galil and the rpk from the random box and they were brutal! i then pack a punched both and god they teared through zombies like they were paper...get the galil and rpk hope that helped!!!!!! (this was on the new black ops map rezurection)

ll x PhaNtoM 4 years ago

rick_hunter you have just helped lots of noobs or newbies trying to there game in zombies to be as good as one of us. now people will enjoy black ops more without people using there thunder gun on the last zombie or putting a whole magazine of shotgun shells into a zombie only to realize he was dead with the first shells...and i say thank you rick_hunter

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey PhaNtoM, thanks for the affirmation. I love the RPK and Galil as well. I think the Galil is probably the most balanced and under rated regular weapon in Zombies. You can run with it quickly. The reload time is good. It is both strong and accurate. Its sights are good, and it holds a ton of ammo for an assult rifle. It deffinately shreads off zombie heads as good as the AUG does. In regards to my use of the words NewB and NOOB, I have heard both versions used. Some people say that one version is right and the other is wrong. I would like to propose that both terms describe two completely different types of players. If I were to loosely define both terms it would be like this. Newb (new bie) Derived from New Player or Recruit. A zombies player who has had little or no experience in a particular zombie map and/or in playing zombies at all. They are not sure how to play nor do they know what power, Juggernog, or Mystery Box, mean. Such players typically go down a lot and require guidence from a more seasoned player. They can usually be seen hunkering down near a wall weapon or the Mystery Box. The more ambitious newbs will often shadow a more seasoned player with the hopes of being protected and revived should they fall. They play with a desire to learn and get far with who ever is nice to them. They don't always realize that their shadowing can crowd an area in the map and put better players into difficult situations. When used in a sentence, "I played with a newb the other day who needed some help finding the pack a punch machine. NOOB (noooob) Derived from the Latain words (New & Boob) These players either once had skill and made an executive decision to make things less boring by pissing off their teamates, or they never had skill to begin with, so they compensate by pissing off their teamates. These players know the map already , which is evident in their playing style. Typically, their first move is to purchase the Olympia. They know that this will steal kills easily and ensure that nobody else gets enough knife money to open doors. They will be drawn to the soft blue light of the Mystety Box so it is not unusual for a NOOB to open the first door in wave 1 or 2. Since they have no interest in knifing but still need points, they adopt a quantity over quality approach. They will steal kills from other player's windows and throw grenades during insta kill. NOOBS Have an almost supernatural gift of getting wonder weapons instantly from the box and they love showing you how their wonder weapons can quickly turn your 24 zombies into 24 crawlers. Because they only care about themselves, they will typically replace the quick revive perk with getting mule kick instead. After all, there is an unwritten rule that NOOBS don't have to revive players who are further than crawling distance from their glitch. You might be a NOOB if you find joy in picking up Max Ammos before your teamates have a chance to reload. When used in a sentence. "I needed to rescue my downed teamate in the lighthouse. I had no choice but to open the lighthouse door. Without warning, the NOOB host quit because I opened the door."

CodKemp19 4 years ago

On Kino i have made it to round 41 solo my method is to run the stage and create a rape train (Syndicate) The guns i find useful is the StoneCrusher (M16 i believe(Upgraded)) this is because it is fully auto with grenade launcher and the ammo is right on the wall. The thunder gun is good for the moments you get trapped just blast them and keep running. No need to upgrade the thunder gun until the higher rounds (ThunderGun gets you no points its just a help weapon) Jug is a must have. Just wait on the podium until the zombies start coming then start running your rape train. (A rape train can be used in every room in Kino, Just found it easier on the stage) Hope this helps

Jesse 4 years ago

i Got to round 78 by using Rpk, Hk21 and M72 law all Pack a punched Get all your perks First!!(jugg first, then speed cola, then mule kick. Doubletap is pointless.) and i can brag cause we ran around the whole time and did not to a "rape Train" so we killed every zombie i had 3674 Kills and 3284 Headshots!!

theiceman_1973 4 years ago

ak74fu2 is relly good when you have a dubble tap and pack a punch and a rapkd fire mod to ps3 conntroller pwning zombies hope this help :)

theiceman_1973 4 years ago

and also ray gun to 10000000 times better then thunder gun when pack a punch the ray gun more ammo and better damege and with dubble tap thing and rapid fire mod to ps3 conntoller nuthing can kill me made to 100052

Black Knight 4 years ago

i recon mustang and sally is the best gun. its just the gun that you start with upgraded and it has the most damage

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Black Knight, when it comes down to it, I have to totally agree with you. I always let out a sigh of relief when I finally upgrade my M1911. There is just something about Mustang & Sally that strips you of your inhabitations and makes you feel like a blood spattered warrior, LOL! I can never count on getting anything good from that stupid box anyway, so I never even make it part of my equation unless there is a Fire Sale or if I have nested over $20,000.00 . My only frustration with Mustang & Sally is that I have come to rely on them so much that I can no longer stomach maps like Kino that don't have PHD flopper. I like Kino, but because I am not a box whore by nature, I'm almost never given a Thunder Gun. The addition of Mule Kick in all the levels both old and new just adds to my frustration. I know people love Mule Kick for all kinds of reasons, but I've always felt it was highly over rated. If Treyarch can add perka cola machines to retro fit old classic maps, than why can't they also put PHD flopper in the maps that have Pack a Punch machines. I hate maps where Mustang & Sally is reduced to a suicidal paper weight when you are just trying to get out of a jam. PHD flopper has become almost as important to me as Jugg because like Jugg provides me extra protection from the zombies, so does flopper provide me with protection from myself and my aggressive playing style. with on perk I can walk off the top of the light house to revive people below, I can annihilate point blank zombies that are pinning me to a wall or who are between me and a downed player, finally I can effortlessly breeze through several high waves in a row without firing a single shot. Flopping zombies for a round or two can be a great strategy for holding out for that next max ammo. But alass, Treyarch has heard your cries for Mule Kick, an over priced perk that can screw you up when you only have a micro second to save yourself. Then when you fall to the ground you end up realizing that you managed your weapons poorly because you have lost your Ray Gun. And to add insult to injury, you realize that not only did you lose your $4,000.00 Mule Kick, but you lost the $950.00 dollars you spent on the Mystery Box and the $5,000.00 Pack a Punch upgrade. That's right folks, Mule Kick can cost you upwards of $9,500.00 dollars should you simply fall in battle. I can't tell you how many games I've played where players who are Mule Kick addicts have started to bleed their money dry all for the sake of having another weapon on their person instead of just waiting for them in the box or on the wall. It's actually pretty sad if you really think about it. Most of the players who I have played with who use Mule Kick, it's either because they don't trust their own ability to run the map to pick up weapons on the fly, or they plan on sitting in a glitch, or worst of all, they are substituting Mule Kick in place of Quick Revive because from the games onset, they have no intentions of being first on the scene to revive anybody. Quick story..... A few weeks ago, I was playing Ascension. I was fighting in the Junk Yard with a Galil, Mustang & Sally, a sickle, Jugg, PHD flopper, and Stamin Up. I didn't have everything yet since it was only wave 16, but I had already rescued everybody else half a dozen times with the expensive layout I had at my disposal. I hadn't gone down at all, which is fairly typical for me, when all of a sudden some untimely game lag materialized me to the ground. I instantly told the 3 other players what my exact location was. I even cleared out the existing zombie presence with Mustang & Sally. Well sure enough, not a single person even attempted to venture in my direction. I died losing all the stuff I had worked for. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so I cycled through the other players playing screens. Well, all of them were rolling with Ray Guns doing a hunker down strategy on the central lander pad. Suddenly, a Fire Sale appears so they all start throwing Gersch Devices to give them a respite. I looked at the only guy who wasn't going to the fire sale to see what his load out was. Wouldn't you know, he had an HK, a Ray Gun, the Thunder Gun, and Gersch devices. I thought to myself, "My God, we are only in wave 16. What else could this guy possibly need to rescue the guy who has kept him in the game thus far." Now I'm always Mr. Nice Guy but this was just more than I could take. I very kindly apologised in advance over my Mic to the player with all the weapons, and I simply told him that I was going to show him what it felt like to lose everything. In the next wave, I promptly bought all I needed to get back into the game. I waited for that player to go down, and even though the other players were fighting right next to him and I was all the way back in the Junk Yard, I somehow still managed to get to him first. I kept barely reving him so that nobody else could interfere and than I let him die. I wanted to not only let him lose his stuff, but I wanted to show him that I had no problem getting to him in time from the place where I was left for dead. Needless to say, he couldn't fight his way back into the game in the following wave. I actually revived him many times after my lesson to show him that I wasn't a douch bag, but that just further frustrated him untill he rage quit. Like most noobs, I'm sure he learned absolutely nothing from the whole ordeal, but it felt good to use skill to frustrate a player who needed a serious wake up call. In atypical fassion for me, I told the remaining players that I did what needed to be done and that if they wanted to get far they had better not leave me for dead again unless there was evidence that they made a gym class effort to rescue me. And believe me, I've been playing long enough to know the difference between players who are unable to rescue you and players who are just pussies. Anyway, to make a long story end, I loosely blame Mule Kick as an indirect reason why so many zombie players are losing their finesse and skill. If laziness dictates that you absolutely must lug around a third weapon as apposed to having Stamin Up or Quick Revive, or whatever is necessary to keep good players in the game, you should consider this... 99 out of 100 zombie matches are lost not because you didn't have Mule Kick, but because the best player accidentally went down and no one was equipped with the necessary perks to help anyone but themselves. OK, my rant is over, LOL! Please, please, please, Treyarch, make Mustang & Sally usefull in all necessary maps by adding PHD Flopper!!!!

David 470 profile image

David 470 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

A long post Rick! But I see what you mean about Mule Kick. I think Mule Kick is great, however, if your third weapon slot is a really great weapon like a ray gun, thundergun, wonderwaffe, etc.. then it really sucks if you go down because you just lost the investment you put into it.

As for players who do not revive people (when they have the chance), I think it's rather stupid because they do not understand that it's quite easy to revive someone when you have monkey bombs, gerrch device etc..

The mustangand sally is great! I mainly use it on Call of the Dead because you can get PHD Flopper. Flopper is almost like jug to some extent because it protects you from yourself. The mustange and sally is pretty much a suicidal weapon if used without PHD Flopper, but of course it depends how far you shoot it. But I like being able to shoot the ground near me with it so I can get away from zombies that are stopping me in my tracks.

LOL I bet that Noob was pissed! Hopefully he learned his lesson or got the point. I prob would not have done something like that, but I would have likely said something.

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Dave, I hope you don't mind my rediculous walls of text. As you may have noticed, I think your post is awesome and educational. I'm assuming you have read some of my other passionate, soap box, novels submitted to your post, LOL! Again, I'm sorry for there length. Much of what I write here stems from a desire to brake people of stuburn bad habits. Far be it from me to stop learning how to tweak and improve my own personal game. I just know that with the anticipated release of Black Ops 2 and the current availability of MW3, many of the present day zombie players are just not from the same mold as those from a year ago. I love talking about great weapons, but the reason I find myself with so much time to type on your page is because the average 4 player zombie map takes 10 minutes to find. It is reduced to a 3 player game by wave 2. It becomes a 2 player game by about wave 16. And I've had to witness the same stupid things repeated again and again by players who seem to never stop to evaluate their own failing strategies. I don't expect everyone to play as anal as I do, but how frustrating is it for you to save the same player 23 times prior to wave 12, only for them to spend their borrowed $15,000.00 "Sympathy dollars" on the mystery box for the 8th time in a row. Then they end up running around with a LAW or China Lake. They end up killing themselves with no ammo left and just enough money to hit that old box again. It makes me want to reach into the game and strangle them. It would be a completely different conversation if I know in the lobby that I'm playing with players who have only made it to wave 6. That is fine by me, but when I see wave 20 and 30+ players who seem like they are hell bent on destroying their own game with one foolish choice after another, it makes my tactical decisions impossible to live with. Here is an example that I'm sure many of you have wrestled with. In fact, I'd be interested in hearing other peoples examples as well. Consider this scenario, You have a wave 27 player fighting alongside you in wave 14. You have made smart decisions thus far and as a result you have your 4 perks, 2 weapons including Mustang & Sally, and you have an additional $9,000.00 or so. The other player has 2 bad weapons from the Mystery Box, they have no Mic, they seemingly refuse to buy Jugger Nog despite your suggestions to get it back when they could have afforded it. And they have exactly $70.00 to their name. You have allready used 42 of your once 62 Mustang & Sally shells during a dozen revive skirmishes waged to save this wave 27 player from dying. The question is where do you draw the line, and what do today's star players have to weigh and consider when making what I shall call, "The difficult tactical choices". Well first of all, I measure my personal success in every zombie wave with 2 major pieces of criteria, and they are these. 1) Did every player survive the wave? & 2) How often did I have to use Mustang and Sally? If we lost a player to death in a wave, than I see that as a failure. If I had to use Mustang & Sally "even once", then I have had an unsuccessful wave. I use Mustang & Sally to get out of a jam or to save a downed player. If then you are following my logic, I am basically using Mustang & Sally only when another player or I have made a stupid mistake. The fewer mistakes, the less Mustang & Sally waisted, plain and simple. So in a scenario where another player's bad tactics are forcing me to burn through my own personal defence ordinance, I eventually hit that braking point where someone elses lack of common sense no longer constitutes an emergency on my part. Unfortunately, there are other factors to consider. We are no longer living in the Zombie Glory days of yor. Some of you may remember those days. They were back when you worked as a team and rescuing downed players was just the right thing to do. Now we play in the age of the "Rage Quitter" I can no longer save my ammo and let a player die so that I can end the wave quickly and let Treyarch bump his money from $70.00 to $1,500.00. I have to instead labor under the stigma that if I don't die trying to save this idiot, he is going to quit and possibly end the game for everyone. Oh well, hopefully when Black Ops 2 comes out, the Glory Days will again be upon us, and zombie heros will be seen on the battle field once again. Peace!

joshua 4 years ago

the raygun is the best gun

joshua ramirez 4 years ago

im 8 yearold i play black ops zombie i get the raygun all the time pack a punch

joshua ramirez 4 years ago

my bro hive tultle beach head phone

LawyerMilloy 4 years ago

Hey RickHunter - add me - LawyerMilloy. I too share your feelings.

joshua ramirez 4 years ago

my mom got my blackops

joshuA RAMIERZ 4 years ago


Aiden 4 years ago

Pack-a-punching the CZ75 Dual Wield is quite good, you get the Calamity and Jane, which are fully-automatic pistols, although they lack in accuracy.

Also, the AUG when pack-a-punched gets a shotgun attachment, which is effective for a while, but like all shotguns you have to get close, which can leave you trapped in a horde of zombies.

brandon 120 4 years ago

it depends if ur playing on a classic map you need something like an fg42 from der-rise and go to the box and get something good like the hk21 or the commando something that never runs out of power not like an l96a1 and get a ray gun or a wonder waffle but wait till later rounds were there are alot of people and always get juggernog i really cant stress that enough now if ur playing in a new map like kino der toten really only get jogernog and speed cola and use the same stratigy ray gun and another gun that doesnt run out of power now if ur playing in five or call of the dead or moon get PHD Flopper, joggernog, and speed cola (and if ur in call of the dead turn on the switch for all 8 perks) and instead of ray gun upgrade your m1911 and get mustang and sally (unless ur playing on call of the dead and u get a scavenger) and same thing get a gun that doesnt run out of power -thats it thats all you really need in zombies no mule kick none of this crap with double tap again unless ur in call of the dead thats all u need to do

profile image

damonlee 4 years ago

I use a zeus cannon a ray gun and a heavy machine gun with mule got me to lvl 41.

HazmatBrigade 4 years ago

Before you say no to this, if you're running the circle, a good gun to pack a punch is the M14. You pass it every time you run the circle on Kino Der Toten. On Five, the best weapon combo in my opinion is the Crossbow, Ballistic Knives, and HK21 or RPK All pack a punched, you sit on the window in the pentagon room while one person runs the circle, if they go down, get them up with the ballistic knives, then use the crossbow to distract the mob while the person you got up grabs a juggernog. The HK21 or RPK is to just mow into the mob when the person doing the circle runs by, its gotten me and a few friends to some pretty high waves.

Syndicate 4 years ago

But why not the wunder waffle? :p

Michael abraham 4 years ago

In my opinion the skullcrusher and zuez cannon are by far the best weapons a person could have at high rounds. The zuez cannon is useful when your stuck in corners and the skullcrusher is a strong weapon that gets a lot of points and kill and you can just regain ammo from the wall

meany 4 years ago

Why has no one mentioned the m14

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Hey Michael abraham, the Zeus Cannon and Skull Crusher are deffinately a great combination, especially if you are running the Kino stage or map circuit. Even though the Skull Crusher's grenade launcher is rendered useless around wave 21, IMHO it is still the best upgraded wall weapon in terms of strength and accuracy. That being said, I wouldn't recommend using the Skull Crusher in a map like Ascension. It is in a tight corridor that basically leads to a dead end. Hey Meany, the M14 was mentioned just several comments earlier by Hazmat Brigade. Believe it or not, the M14 has become the first weapon that I buy in Ascension and Call of the Dead. I have tried many different strategies and contrary to popular opinion, using the M14 in combination with the M1911 will earn you the most amount of points if you are bullet counting before slashing in the first 7 waves. The reason why you don't hear too many people talk about the M14 is because it basically serves its purpose around wave 13 or so, (assuming you are using the sickle strategy.) The M14 is worth upgrading if you are running zombie trains in the starting room of Ascension. Other than that, the M14 is basically useless. Even a single non upgraded CZ pistol is better. In regard to buying wall weapons along the Kino circuit, I can think of at least 4 other wall weapons that are better than the M14. The MP40 or the M16 are the weapons I would suggest for the Kino circuit.

Alex 545 545 4 years ago

i like the RPK than the HK21 because it has a higher rate of fire, which i thing is worth having less ammo than the Hk21.

Rick_Hunter 4 years ago

Mmmm, the ole RPK vs HK21 debate. LOL! I shouldn't even try to touch this one. So Alex 545 545, I'm basically goining to agree with your assessment, but since I'm always inclined to add my two cents here I go. Both weapons are a point whore's dream. I'll also be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a point whore myself, but only because I use my points more strategicly than most players, so I have good reason. That being said, the RPK not only has a faster rate of fire, but its sights are better and its reticle is tighter so less lead is hitting the wall. I couldn't say definitively which of the two is stronger, but the RPK sure seems stonger to me. Now here is my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth. I prefer the RPK prior to wave 45 or so because as long as head shots are still eventually killing the zombies, you are still making as much money as possible. Around wave 46ish, all 625 bullets from your RPK will barely take out a zombie. (Even with head shots) For this reason, the HK21 starts to be a slightly more financially viable weapon. If head shots start appearing to not kill zombies, than it is time to aim for the stomach. This way, even with recoil, your HK's reticle should put all the lead into your zombie train. Your extra 225 HK bullets should give you about a $6,000.00 advantage over the RPK, even in perfect aiming conditions past wave 45. Now on a less technical side note, both the HK21 and the RPK are similar enough that you should consider a few strategies. Let's say you have an RPK and it is full because you just got a Max Ammo. All of a sudden there is a fire sale. You hit the box for fun and an HK21 comes out. What do you do? Well even if I liked the RPK better, I might take the HK anyway just to give myself a possible 3rd hit on the Firesale. Or consider this scenario. You have an "empty" RPK. You are on your way to Packa Punch it when suddenly there is a fire sale. Your first hit on the box brings up the HK21, what do you do? Do you spend $5,000.00 to PAP your RPK to give yourself 625 bullets, or do you grab the $10.00 HK21 which will start out with 625 bullets? There is no wrong answer, but I'd again be tempted to keep the $5,000.00 dollars, despite my love for the RPK. After all, it's an HK21. It's not like I'd be giving up an empty RPK for a China Lake. LOL! Oh well, I guess that was more like my 25 cents. Peace!

profile image

Elpistolon 4 years ago

For those of you that play Call of the dead hands down the vr11 is the best and must have gun why, because once Pack-A-Punched shoot a teammate he gets instant kill plus you also get points for zombies he kills no matter what round instant kill what other gun beats that i just wish they had it in all the maps i would b unstopable.PSN:Elpistolon_Elmafioso2011

Niko 4 years ago

fav combo for zombies without mule kick is The Afterburner and Raid with mule kick same 2 guns with Ak-74fu2

hector 4 years ago

Upgraded stakeout is good guys. I mean it at first I wasn't a shotgun guy but then I found the raid. (Stakeout upgraded) made it to round 40 with 1 guy with a mic and 3 guys just following orders. Stakeouts upgraded all of us. HK21 upgraded and ballistic knives upgraded. Thank you mule kick ascension is a good map. Raid is 1 shot kill all the way to round 25 as long as u shoot in the chest or head. And after that is 2 shots unless in the head then its 1.

solyyy 4 years ago


1) Use pistol ammo and knife until round five.

2) On round 6 the person who has the least amount of points should open the top door, however if that person has less than 1750 let the person with the next lowest amount of coins, but 1750 or more open that door.

3)IF YOU COME ACROSS A MYSTERY BOX LEAVE IT, many people will waste away their important coins on useless (if you don't have juggernaut) : laws; china lakes; snipers; etc..

4) Instead take it in turns to open the following doors the player with the most coins should open more doors, but many groups prefer everyone to open at least one door.

5) You and your group should be in the stage if you have followed the steps correctly here you will make a stand until all players have at least 7500.

6) When this is achieved at the end of that round turn on the power and, make a dash to juggernaut where you should all buy it thus increasing the damage zombies need to inflict to down you, also buy self revive which massively decreases the time taken to revive someone.

7) At the end a round from 10 onwards blow the legs of a zombie/crawler (bear in mind it's easier to do with zombies) and find the mystery box obviously if necessary open doors when you arrive at mystery box with the coins you have collected take it in turns to roll mystery box. If someone gets a thunder gun they are now the healer of the team they must get ballistic knife from the box and everyone else must leave it ( once they get it they should get Bowie and pack a punch it because it can revive team-mates if shot anywhere on a downed player) and Bowie helps it do more damage. Every player should focus on getting: cymbal monkeys which attract the zombies attention and make it far easier to revive players; Commando's; Galils; Ray Guns; RPK's and Hk21's most other guns are infective or risky to the user. (if someone gets balistic knife and someone else gets the thunder gun they should put their ballistic knife back as it is easier to get than thunder gun)

8) Everyone should then train in different places such as the lobby the theatre the mp 40 room and the stage. When the players training in stage and theatre feel they have quite a few zombies they should link trains and move towards the person training in the mp40 room here they should also link trains and then they should move to the lobby where they should also link trains after this sequence has been completed move towards the theatre and get to the part where the barriers on either side of you start going sideways instead of forwards.

9) Two players should face the stage and shoot the zombies found there the other two players should shoot the zombies accumulated from all the trains (try to make sure that at least one player facing the stage has a ray or thunder gun) next when the zombies get close do a full circuit of the map as a group and swap who faces the stage and who shoots the advancing zombies.

10) Repeat 9 until the round is over then follow 8 again.

11) pack a punching guns is optional to everyone excluding the person who has a ballistic knife as is getting additional perks.

12) Finally having a mic is useful and staying alive is ALWAYS more important than reviving someone if you are the last player that isn't down.

traps 4 years ago

I've found that the best weapons in the game are the traps.

Good to have a thundergun, wunderwaffe, or winters fury (all upgraded or not) to get you out of those sticky situations, an off-the-wall machine gun (non-upgraded so you can replenish ammo) for points, and monkeys/gersch devices for revives.

Although I do not attempt to "camp" anywhere in ANY of the maps. I used to, and found I could only get to high 20's consistently. By staying mobile and using traps, I'm at 40s consistently.

The traps are there for a reason. The guns basically become ineffective at killing during high rounds. Traps always remain effective.

Ammo is just not available enough to keep a weapon for a prolonged period of time. PAP'ed assault rifles will be out of ammo in one round at round 30+

Jerry 22 months ago

I have to trade in either the packapunched rpk or the ray gun for the thundergun which one

Rick_Hunter 22 months ago

Hey Jerry, it's my opinion that having the Ray Gun over the RPK is better in general. That being said, it depends a little bit on how good you are with the ray gun and also what wave you are in. If you are fighting in a wave earlier than 20, than you shouldn't be trying to hit the box at all. If you absolutely must hit the box prior to wave 20, than I would hold on to the RPK as it will bank you a lot more points/money than the Ray Gun. Once money becomes a none issue, than I would roll with the Ray Gun as it will be more effective against large hoards and more difficult to kill zombies. To put it simply, the RPK is purely a money maker and the Ray Gun is purely a zombie slayer. The questions you should be asking are, "Do I have enough points to buy back all my perks and pack a punched weapons if I fall or die in combat?" Or, "Do I really need more than 100,000.00 points or should I start dealing with these zombies in an effort to brake a new wave record?" You see where I'm going? Also, what map are you playing? That can sometimes dictate what this best weapons are. Best of luck when you run into this situation in the future, unless your game has been on pause for 15 hours, LOL! TTYL.

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