Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Exoskeleton Suit & Franchise Fatigue?

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Is Call of Duty suffering from franchise fatigue or is it still going strong? Quite often game franchises will go through a period of time when they are very popular and make high sales. Franchise fatigue often sets in however, and some game franchises get thrown off the map so to speak. This is likely because the games either get too repetitive, subsequent sequels are regarded as inferior, or there are more appealing games. Some may argue, though, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it!" This is true to an extent. Regardless of your opinion on the Call of Duty franchise, all the games generally run very smoothly and have gorgeous graphics as well. But even so, the games (particularly) multiplayer can get repetitive to some gamers.

As it states in Gameinformer (issue 254), "Activision is aware Call of Duty must evolve to stay relevant."Sledgehammer games is looking to add new innovative features to Advanced Warfare. A major new feature, in particular, is the use of the exoskeleton suit. The exoskeleton is a special suit soldiers will utilize in the game to give them special abilities. Although the game does take place in the future around 2052, Sledgehammer games does not want the game to be too far-fetched like a science fiction movie. There will be future technological elements in the game, however, they will not be ridiculously exaggerated. Sledgehammer has done a lot of research on future technology to try to make the game seem realistic, but not unbelievable. After all, this is not a role playing game with magic where you shoot fireballs from your hands! This is a 1st person shooter war game! Some technologies that will be in the game may be available in real life at some point possibly.

The Exoskeleton in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

What may make for an interesting new dynamic in Advanced Warfare, is the exoskeleton suit. The players will take control of Private Mitchell (who is voiced by Troy Baker). He will utilize the exoskeleton throughout the single player campaign. The exoskeleton suit that Private Mitchell wears gives players the ability to boost-dodge to cover, super jump to elevated positions that would normally be unreachable, climb up buildings using magnetic gloves, hover in air, and cloak themselves to be invisible with optic camouflage. Players can earn points throughout the missions in single player to upgrade the exoskeleton's features.

It is not yet known (at the time of writing this) whether the exoskeleton suit will be used in Advanced Warfare multiplayer. And if so, how and to what extent will it be used? It will definitely change the multiplayer dynamic of Call of Duty multiplayer if the EXO is to be featured. Imagine being able to climb walls to get into higher positions to snipe other players or go cloak yourself in optic camouflage. Hopefully, however, the multiplayer will be balanced in Advanced Warfare if that will be the case.

High Tech Gadgets

Along with the exoskeleton, there will be other various high tech gadgets in Advanced Warfare. There will be a special type of grenade that will reveal enemy locations via the visor. It would not be too surprising if this grenade was in multiplayer as well. Hoverbikes and "highly specialized drones" will be featured in the campaign as well.

This is not the first Call of Duty to introduce future elements, but more emphasis will be placed on futuristic technologies in this game. And of course, this game has a fictional story. Original Call of Duty games were based on real life wars (World War 2). But the franchise has since changed ever since the release of COD 4 Modern Warfare (2007). The developers have long since abandoned the World War 2 story telling. This has not exactly been a bad thing because if every Call of Duty continued to take place during World War 2 then that would have been extremely repetitive and overdone.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be available on both last gen consoles and current gen systems. However, Sledgehammer games is not making the PS3 and xbox 360 versions.

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