Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Perks List ( BO2 )


In this guide I am going to simply list what the perks are and what they do. I will write another guide that will describe exactly which perks should be beneficial to you, along with which perks I am personally a fan of.

Before I get started, please feel free to ask questions, list your favorite perks, or throw a shout out in the comments section at the bottom of the page, or check out my other Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guides by clicking the top of the page..

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I will be posting guides for online play, multiplayer game types, set ups for each game mode, zombie guides, campaign guides, info guides, and anything that you need to know going into Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

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Perks Overview

Before I get started let me talk about perks. Perks assist you in the game by doing a number of different things. One thing you will notice in this game is that perks will not benefit your weapons themselves, that is what the attachments are for, and some of the wildcards on kill streaks. BUT overall the perks are there to hide you, run faster or do a number of different things to assist you depending on the game mode that you are choosing to play. So let me get to listing them perks for you, then I will write a guide about my favorite, and which of those perks you should use depending on your play style, and which are best for certain game modes.


Okay SO FIRST off I'll talk about Perk Slot 1, and work my way through the three..

Perk Slot 1!
Lightweight.. This will allow you to move faster, and was present in MANY of the previous Call of Duty (COD) games.

Flak Jacket.. No this is not like Juggernaut from the old COD games.. This is to take less explosive damage like blast shield as we saw in MW3..

Blind Eye... LIke Black Ops this will allow the AI aircraft to not be able to target you. Keep in mind that many of the equipment in this game allow the feature for the user to control them. SO please refrain from screaming into the microphone "BUT I HAVE BLIND EYE ON" when you get killed by certain things.

Hard Line.. While this obviously isn't going to take a definitive amount of kills away from a kill streak this DOES increase the points that you will receive when you get a kill, objective or anything that adds up to a score streak.

Ghost.. This allows you to not show up on enemy radar while you are moving.. Keep in mind for some strange reason Treyarch made it so that if you stand still you will show up on radar... OH THATS RIGHT... to prevent campers :).. Thanks Treyarch for allowing all those pesky snipers to finally be visible..


Hard Wired.. This will make you immune to enemy Counter UAV, and EMP's..

Scavenger.. This allows you to pick up the ammo packs that are dropped from dead enemies.. AND you can now replenish GRENADES!!!

Cold Blooded.. This allows you to be invisible by enemy targeting systems that include the tactical items like sensory grenade.

Fast Hands.. This is your sleight of hand from previous COD games including faster grenade use.

Toughness.. This will allow for reduced flinching when you are hit by the enemy (or just shoot them first haha)


Dexterity.. This will allow you to jump up on objects faster. This includes recovering from knife attacks as well

Engineer.. This will allow you to see all enemy equipment as a glowing red.. ALSO, you can re-roll the care packages and hope you can get a better item, or booby trap an enemy care package.

Dead Silence.. Do I need to explain this one? really? Well, your feet will make much less noise, allowing we fancy headset users to not be able to hear you.. Hmm or will it be like MW3, and we will still be able to hear you coming?

Extreme conditioning.. Once again.. Do I really need to comment? This will allow you to run for a longer period of time..

Tactical Mask.. Personally I think this is a waste of a perk, but basically it will mask the concussion and flash bangs, but still doesn't completely save you from them.. So once again I think this is a waste.

Awareness.. Makes the enemy 4 times louder than normal. Hmm this might actually get annoying with Beaches on.. But either way, this will allow you to probably hear those dead silence users perfectly clear..


So overall these are the perks. As said in the beginning I will talk about in another hub, my favorites, my least favorites, and which are best for certain game types. So if you are interested in seeing that, check back to see the links I post, Go to my username and click to see my other guides, or follow me on twitter as I post ALL guides there 24 hours before they appear on Google..

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Comments 11 comments

WARMAN7785 3 years ago

actually tactical mask can help if used right.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

If you use it on core, and playing a team using a lot of tactical equipment then it can be helpful, but in hardcore it really isn't useful..

Wraith 3 years ago

Yeah, flak jacket and tac mask are two of THE most useful perks on 'take and hold' objective gametypes (hardpoint, dom, HQ, etc.). I mean, EVERYONE spams flashes, stuns, semtexes, and EVERYTHING. What's really stupid though is how rarely you run into people using them in Chaos Moshpit. LMAO.

Wraith 3 years ago

And now, unless something changes... Chaos Moshpit no longer exists. Dammit.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I can't remember if chaos moshpit exists or not on Xbox, ALTHOUGH I know that Treyarch has integrated Nuketown into all game modes on Xbox version of black ops 2.

WARMAN7785 3 years ago

oh... ok johnrr makes alot of sense. and can anyone add me WARMAN7785 on psn on the ps3 thx i got far cry 3, bo2, bo1, mw1, mw2, assassins creed brotherhood and more unlisted games i play online p.s i got 13 killstreak on bo1.

Wraith 3 years ago

Yeah, they removed the "Bonus" playlist and integrated all the DLC stuff into the regular gametypes. Personally, I found that specific change VERY annoying. I miss all the chaos (. . . -_-') of the random gametypes. . .

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yes the chaos was fun to mess around with, although I am VERY happy with hardcore domination isntead of capture the flag.. Instead of a 40 minute game I can play 4 10 minute games... Makes it much more worth my time.. haha

WARMAN7785 3 years ago

a match in battlefield 3 can last an hour, it's a bit rare though.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yes, but talking just call of duty, you would never really see a long game.. But I never played much Battlefield.. will be playing and writing guides for the new one though.

WARMAN7785 3 years ago

in double xp weekends nuketown 24/7 appears in bonus yayyyyyyy.

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