Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: TranZit Strategy (Solo or Multiplayer) Part 3/3


One of the game modes on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies mode is TranZit. On TranZit there is a bus and it leaves different stations periodically. You can use it to pass areas that are normally near impossible to pass as they have lava pools and the new type of zombies that jump on your face and you have to knife them several times. They slow you down and you are unable to shoot and they can cripple your ability to stay alive. You can shoot them as they run towards you but they jump around making them difficult to shoot. There are several different zones and three of them have been used so far as separate maps where everything is in certain positions that they were not in before.

Turning on the Power

After reaching the next area you will need to be very fast to do this. If the bus decides that it is leaving very soon then there is no way for you to do this. You need to still have a turbine (or one of your team mates who knows what he is doing must have one). When you reach this area, you need to buy the cabin door and drop down the hole. Once down you need to find three things to build the power switch. This is easiest with a few people who know what they are looking for but if the bus takes its time it can be done solo. You are looking for three parts: A broken off Zombie Hand, the Backing of the Power Switch (the piece of metal that the switch goes on) and something that looks a bit like a three pronged claw but is actually the switch for the power. These things can be in a variety of places: Before you enter the large white room, but after you have dropped, go to the left just before the door and see if the part is there. At the top of the first staircase to the right is another place where the part can be. At the bottom of the stairs, where it curves to the right, go to the left next to the barrels and see if it is there. To the right at the top of the second staircase is another place it can be. It can also be in the curve to the right hand side at the top of the second staircase. Just to the right of the room with the crafting bench, if you look on top of the little desk it may be there or on the desk just to the left of the crafting bench. It is easiest to collect the pieces further away first and also try to locate all of the pieces on your first run through so you do not have to search for each piece individually. Once you pull the switch you can either watch the little scene at the top of the white tower in the middle of the main room or use the turbine on the metal garage type door to the left of the room with the crafting bench. If you watch the scene then there is a good chance that you will miss the bus but you may want to watch it if it is your first time getting there. If you do not watch it, basically what happens is that by turning on the power you have awakened the Electric Boss.

The Electro Boss!

He teleports away and from that moment on, whenever you get the bus, listen out for an electric sounding noise or one of your characters talking about him being outside the bus. He will, after a short space of time, make the bus stop moving entirely so, before the bus stops moving, get out and leg it and do not be in the situation where all of the zombies have caught up because of how slow the bus is moving. If you see him in any of the maps after, do not try and shoot him, he only takes damage from melee attacks. There is also an achievement for killing him without him damaging you. If you have an EMP grenade then you can one-shot him but if no one has EMP grenades then the best way to get the achievement is to get two people to stay away from him, two people to attack him and then the two that ran will get the achievement. In the next game the two that ran can be the ones to knife him and the two that did not get the achievement before can run away. You can deal more damage to him by getting Galvaknuckles (6000 points) and/or the Bowie Knife (3000 points).

Proceeding to the Final Destination!

If you have made it out before the bus leaves then get on the bus but you cannot get on the bus directly after jumping out unless you have placed the ladder on the side of the bus. You need to wait until the bus starts moving then you can jump on whilst it is moving. Once you reach the town you are in the best possible position to train the zombies, provided someone opens the doors. The only downside is that you are relying on Max Ammos to keep you alive because there are no weapons in that whole area because you can buy two perks which are Jugger Nog and StaminUp. Once you are out of the bus and you have got through the back open the door in the top left of the map (you have to go up some stairs) and then you can buy Jugger Nog (3250 points). I would advise getting back on the bus because of the lack of weapons but if you have weapons with lots of ammo you can stay if you want. After going through back to the starting place again you can hang around there for a while then hop back on the bus.

What to Do?

After this point you can do whatever you wish. You can try and find some good camping spot with friends. You can pursue the random weapon box. You can train them in any of the areas. You can try and fully upgrade the bus. You can try and build everything. Or even all of these in a single game. Zombies is all about finding the best way to survive but only you can decide which way is best for you.

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neco555 profile image

neco555 4 years ago from Illinois, United States

I played Tranzit for the first time last night and was super confused. Your post(s) helped me understand some important things to take care of so I can do better next time. Thanks! :)

Mini Man Me profile image

Mini Man Me 4 years ago Author

thank you for the support! Glad to have helped you out, I was really confused as well! Luckily I had a friend who had watched tons of vids on Youtube and he helped me to understand.

wjack2010 profile image

wjack2010 4 years ago from United Kingdom

I played Tranzit yesterday, it was a lot of fun, just the random box went a bit harsh on me, but oh well. Thanks for the tips.

Mini Man Me profile image

Mini Man Me 4 years ago Author

Thank you for commenting. The random box is one of the things I just say no to until I have 2 decent guns from walls.

wjack2010 profile image

wjack2010 4 years ago from United Kingdom

Ahh, well, I managed t0 get on top of the bus just an hour ago, so I'm learning what all the different parts do and where they are found slowly and steadily.

Mini Man Me profile image

Mini Man Me 4 years ago Author

You can use the hatch for the top of the bus to get on top of the diner.

It is really complicated to get started on it though!

profile image

sayyaad3 4 years ago

very good hub

IM CRAZY 2 4 years ago

Hey Guys !! I Need Some Help !

I'm Wondering If You Know What Are The Name's In Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies,Tranzit?

Mini Man Me profile image

Mini Man Me 4 years ago Author

Names of what?

SirSomeone 4 years ago

Uh, if you are really that dumb, the juggernog price is 2500 points and it will always be that until someone finds out probably how to get a permanent juggernog

Mini Man Me profile image

Mini Man Me 4 years ago Author

I was also including the price of the door, 2500+750=3250

gamer dude1345 3 years ago

your tips helped me in the game and i finally know how to kill the electric

boss and thanks

Jacob Chism 3 years ago

How do u like the town with the powerstation

zachary tobey 2 years ago

I play tranzit and i was wondering why the player could not shoot the electric zombie. But the game is still fun. I play just for the diner and cabin. You should include some stuff about the cabin on the next update of tranzit. In the cabin is the bouy knife which is pretty strong but not as strong as the galva knuckles. Love tranzit.

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