Call of Duty Black Ops: All the Secrets Exposed

Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the hottest games out right now, selling 7 million copies on its first day. Many people play the game for its well known, realistic first person shooter experience. What many players don't realize it that Treyarch packed Call of Duty Black Ops with tons and tons of hidden secrets. These secrets span from unlocking secret maps to activating hidden soundtracks and more.

Zombie Secrets

For many people the Zombie mode in Call of Duty Black Ops was a secret itself. Now that everyone has embraced the return of Treyarch's Zombie mode, players have been exploring many of the secret hidden easter eggs that were left behind to enhance our zombie slaying experience.

Kino Der Toten was our first peak at what Treyarch had instore for the Black Ops Zombie mode. The Kino Der Toten map was crammed full of secrets, from the tree stones jukebox secret all the way to the difficult Kino Der Toten Hidden Film Reel Secret.

Five was its own little Easter egg of its own as it takes some searching or completion of the campaign to even unlock this map. Since Five does not seem to fit the story line on the Black Ops Zombie mode there is a shroud of mystery around it. The good thing is Treyarch did not not let us down when it came to Easter eggs in this map either.

The newest addition to the zombie mode is Ascension and it is already blowing the other two maps out of the water when it comes to hidden secrets. Once again the Jukebox secret makes its return and a brand new time intensive secret that will have you and a team of four spanning the Ascension map to help a 'new friend'.

Since there are way to many Secrets to fully explain here use the link below to make your way to the most complete guide to the Black Ops Zombies Easter Eggs

For a full list of the Zombie secrets that have been uncovered so far visit Black Ops Zombie Secrets

Call of Duty Multiplayer Secrets

Although many of the Secrets in Call of Duty Black Ops have been concentrated within the zombie mode, some secrets have seeped out into the online multiplayer games. There are many easter eggs to be found throughout all the multiplayer online maps. The biggest hidden easter egg is very surprising. It is a hidden Rolling Stones song. That's right Call of Duty paid to have a Rolling Stones song to be hidden in one of the multiplayer map. This is insane because they most likely shoveled out money to get the ability to use this song in the game... then they go and hide it in such a difficult secret easter egg that only a rare few will actually enjoy all the money they spent.

To learn more about this secret including a full detailed description of how to unlock it visit Nuketown Rolling Stones Secret

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