Call of Duty Black Ops Classified Weapons, Gun List. Gun Stats and Pictures.

Call of Duty Black Ops Classified Guns List

There are a lot of guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the best part is, they all SHRED! But none of them shread harder than the classified classes. Pictured below are all of the Classified weapons that you will get to unlock. This is my favorite Call of Duty to this point, the other Call of Duties had their own special things, but all in all I just like this game the most.

The maps and layout is great, and I really don't get mad as often, which means they must be doing something right!

All of the guns are easily close to tops, if not tops in the respected classes.

More Stat Screen and and gun pictures below.

Classified Gun list

Here are the types of guns and the Names.

  • SMG - Kaparis
  • LMG - Stoner63
  • Sniper Rifle - PSG1
  • Assualt Rifle - G11
  • Shotgun - HS10

Submachine Gun - Kiparis

 This is by far the best submachine gun in the game. It has twice the stats of the MP5K and even does more damage, with more accuracy. The MP5K and any other gun is really a downgrade. I'd recommend getting this gun as soon as possible and boosting your kill/death like you wouldn't believe. This is definitely a keeper.


Assault Rifle - G11

This is an absolute tank, if you think the M16 is good, wait'll you get your paws on this one. This is my favorite gun in the game. I love 3 round burst in this game, this gun shreds that's all it comes down to. If you are good at aiming, this should be your gun of choice.

This gun has Sniper attachments only. That's right a 3 shot sniper rifle! Or you can use it as a regular 3 shot rifle.


Shotgun - HS10

An upgraded SPAS-12. The HS10 really makes the shotgun almost as good as it was in MW2. If you are good with shotguns and want to camp out, here should be the gun you go in with. It has more accuracy and damage than the spas, and I personally like the sight better too.


Light Machine Gun - Stoner63

 This seems to be more of an upgrade to the FAMAS than anything. It seems to play more like one, but better. I really like this gun and use it if I want to run around and own. Or even camping this hipfire action is great.



What is your favorite Classified Gun?

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Sniper Rifle - PSG1

 Just a smidge more damage.. BUT TWICE THE RANGE! This semi-automatic Sniper rifle really is the best Sniper of it's kind, it has twice the accuracy as its counterparts and all around is just a better gun. If you like rifles, this should be your first choice.


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Comments 21 comments

Finn 6 years ago

Cheers guys.. great guide - got the stoner after reading and it tears through em'!

Mikeydoes profile image

Mikeydoes 6 years ago from Fl,IL,IND Author


you momma 6 years ago

my favorite gun is hs10 dual wield

jay 6 years ago

the stoner63 is such a hot gun its awsome

haha 6 years ago

that gun weak

hellfire 6 years ago

my favorite gun so far on my lv 41 is specter submachinegun with grip.

Humza 6 years ago

my favorite is the G11 and the Commando.

mintuz1990 profile image

mintuz1990 6 years ago from United Kingdom

my fav gun is the FAMAS with the red dot sight and that bright orange skin.

xboxps3wow profile image

xboxps3wow 6 years ago from chicago

i don't get why they are classified, i tried each one and they all kinda suck... just like all the other guns...each has its flaws

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

This is my favorite game. I love it.

mintuz1990 profile image

mintuz1990 6 years ago from United Kingdom nukeTown tactics. thought I would share it here, because it is related. Again...great post, came back to read it :)

??? 6 years ago

ak47 with noob tubes does the job :P

bailey1027 6 years ago

hell ya the famas rules but screw the red dot sight.

Justin 6 years ago

Call of duty black ops is the best I have this game last year.

Justin 6 years ago

I like the RPK large mag

If u read this ur gay 5 years ago

I use the stoner but that's only coz I aint got the malaria I hear it's good tryinto get it but mate rpk is crap in comparison to famous or stoner

alex 5 years ago

Love it!!!

wyatt 5 years ago

thous gun's are awsome

000000004 5 years ago

why don't you try the ak47 with silencer and dual mag... IT DESTROYS EVERYTHING!!!!!

Oscar 4 years ago

Just wondering, but once you buy all the prerequisite guns, is there a lvl req for the classified guns? Thanks.

ALRASHEDI 2 years ago


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