Call of Duty Black Ops Moon: Best Weapons To Survive Against Zombies!

Using the best weapons in the latest zombie map called "Moon" for Call of Black Ops is absolutely essential to survive into the higher rounds! Moon is a very large map that takes place, obviously on the Moon, but it also takes place on Earth's Area 51, in Hangar 18. You initially start out on Area 51, but must use the teleporter in the Hangar to escape from the zombie invasion. You must return to Area 51 if you wish to buy juggernog, speed cola, or upgrade your weapon by using the pack-a-punch.

Nearly all the good weapons come out of the mystery box, but there is one weapon on Moon that is a wall weapon, that in my experience, works very well against the zombies. The mystery box has four possible spawn locations on the map. It will also change to other spots when the teddy bear comes out of the box (just like previous zombie maps).

Best Weapons On Black Ops Moon Level

Weapons only found in Mystery Box

  1. RPK Machine Gun
  2. HK21 Machine Gun
  3. Ray Gun
  4. Gersch Devices (thrown device)
  5. Most of the assault rifles: Galil, AUG, and Commando
  6. Wave Gun (Wonder Weapon) New!!!

Off-Wall Weapons

  1. AK-74u
  2. Bowie Knife (works best first 9 Rounds)

The Wave Gun in Action (dual Wielded)

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Call of Duty Black Ops Moon Best Weapons

Weapon Info:

1) The RPK is an excellent choice on Moon because it carries a lot of ammo and does a lot of damage to the zombies.

2) The HK21 is similar to the RPK, but does not shoot as fast. Players usually prefer one or the other, but both are ultimately good. The HK21 carries more ammo per clip, even though it has a slower rate of fire.

3) The ray gun is still a very good weapon on this map! It can kill zombies quickly, reloads fast, has a lot of ammo, and can even make zombies into crawlers! The main problem with it is that it can damage you (also potentially down you). Be sure to get the PHD Flopper perk so you do not suffer "splash damage" from it.

4) The Gersch device is not a firearm, but is a thrown weapon. When thrown, a black hole sucks all the zombies into it. You get a total of three of these and can refill by getting a max ammo power up. This is a great weapon to throw when another player is down and needs revived. The gersch device is also good for taking out large groups of zombies.

5) The Galil, AUG, and Commando are great weapon choices because you can run faster with them, unlike the machine guns that slow your movement speed. The Galil, AUG, and commando carry less ammo, however, but are more effective than submachine guns. Be sure to upgrade them via the pack-a-punch so they do more damage etc.

6) The Wave gun is the new wonder weapon on Moon. Only one player can have it. This weapon can be used as a dual wielded weapon or can be combined. The dual wielded version shoots like a wunderwaffe, but the electricity does not link to other zombies.

When the two weapons are combined, the weapon fires a purple beam that makes zombies float in the air, expand, then explode. This shot is capable of taking out large groups of zombies at once!

Off-Wall Weapons

The AK-74u, in my opinion, is the only off-wall weapon that is good for the higher zombie rounds. The reason being, is because you can run outside on the Moon beside it and continually buy ammo for it. The AK-74u is fairly strong and has the potential to make a lot of points as well.

(You can also hack the ak-74 and make the upgraded ammo as cheap as normal ammo. Then simply buy upgraded ammo for it all the time, but normal weapon ammo will cost 4500 points.)

Lastly, the Bowie Knife is great for killing zombies in the earlier rounds (1-hit kill till round 10, 10 takes two-hits). Even in the higher rounds after 10, it is still better than the normal knife because you can kill crawlers faster. When you combine the bowie knife with the ballistic knife, you can melee even faster! The bowie knife is an excellent points building weapon.

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cmlindblom 5 years ago from middletown, ct

Hey nice hub! I play a lot of call of duty: MW2 but recently I have been playing Black ops. Ima work the zombies like you told me and let you know what happens.

5 years ago

if has karuss refluxor (packapunched balistic knife) u rez people by shooting the AND with bowie knife can 1-shot till wave 15

Daniel 5 years ago

Add ps3 crazy_Dan_08

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Adam 5 years ago

Any one wants to play- zeusdaman on PSN

foodeatter 5 years ago

gd choice of weapons and any one want a game of zombies on any map as i have em all n solo is gettin boring like hell

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my mem ran out and mike broke but christmas IM COMMIN BACK SO ADD ME

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wave blast wave blast wave blast go!

Gary brown 4 years ago

add me on psn my id is garethbain123

eli 4 years ago

cool wave gun

ELi 4 years ago

the wave gun isent good without pacapunching it

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