Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Moon: Perk Locations & Weapon Locations

The new Call Of Duty Black Ops zombie map "Moon" features all 7 previous perks, plus a new perk called mule kick, which allows you to get 3 weapons! This map is quite large, so this guide will explain where all the perks are are located. Some of the perks on moon are difficult to get too, while others easy to get. Just keep in mind, you can only have 4 perks at one time, so choose wisely to how you play.

There is also off-wall guns that you can buy, along with semtex grenades and the bowie knife. Semtex grenades take place of your regular frag grenades. The bowie knife is a stronger knife that kills zombies easier. It is a one hit kill till round 10.

Perk Locations

  • Juggernog is located in the receiving room next to the teleporter. This area is called Area 51, located on Earth. You have to teleport to the moon to escape from the zombies, however, it is possible to get juggernog before you teleport (I have confirmed this by playing). It is very difficult though because you only can use a knife and pistol.
  • Speed Cola is in the same spot, BUT, randomly changes with juggernog.
  • Quick Revive is in the starting room on the moon.
  • Double Tap is located in the room to the right of the power room (room with big pyramid). You need to run up the stairs where you will be in room with computers. It up against the wall.
  • Stamin-Up is next to the semtex grenades in the underground portion of the moon map. You can get here early by opening the the door by the m14 weapon & then opening the door to the following rooms.
  • PHD Flopper is inside the giant bio dome next to the mystery box spawn location. This is the room with jumping pads in it, at the top of the Moon's surface.
  • DeadShot Daiquiri is in the lab room near the Mp5k weapon. This is the room before you go outside to the moon's surface or into the Bio Dome room. It takes a while to get here from the starting location.
  • Mule Kick is outside on the surface of the moon, before you get to the teleporter. You can see the huge Bio Dome from here.

Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack Moon Level

There are a total of 11 weapons/equipment on Moon. The weapons on Moon can be hacked by the hacking device. The nice thing about these weapons is that you can buy them anytime, assuming you have enough points, unlike the mystery box where you don't know what weapon you will receive. It may be a good idea to stay near these weapons when fighting the zombies just in case you run out of ammo.

Off-Wall Weapons

  • Olympia double barrel shotgun. This is located outside left of the starting room.
  • M14 semi-auto. Outside on the opposite side of the olympia shotgun near the door.
  • PM63 submachine gun. In the first room near the spawn room, open the door by the m14 and you will find it.
  • MPL submachine gun. Inside the first room opposite of spawn room, open the door beside the olympia shotgun.
  • MP5K submachine gun. This at the very top of the map, located near the DeadShot perk.
  • AK-74u full auto assault rifle. Near the teleporter, on the moons surface, outside (very top of map).
  • m16 assault rifle 3 round burst. Underground in the tunnels beside the door before you enter the power room.
  • Stakeout shotgun. Inside the power room where the pyramid is.
  • Semtex grenades are located next to the Stamin-Up perk.
  • Claymores are inside the giant bio dome on a crate.
  • Bowie knife is above the stairs before going up the room with MP5k. This is very hard to get, you must jump up to get it. It may be hard to see, but you can get it.

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clark 5 years ago

need map's layout, looked over entire internet, nothing. So map Please?

NiNo 5 years ago

Is there a mystery box on the moon? I can't find it...

blazeboy76 5 years ago

yes there is a mystery box on Moon, after you teleport to the moon and get the P.O.S suit you can run outside and look towards the large dome, you should be able to see a blue light shooting towards the sky (you may have to run around and look for it.) that blue light marks the box

Chloe 5 years ago

i had no clue where the weapons were because i had no clue what the rooms were called

zack18 5 years ago

just got to round 15 solo. personal best!

jackwagon 5 years ago

hey me nd my friend played ig the dude in the suit will take ur perks watch out

woody 5 years ago

just got 2 round 54 and got my ass kicked . mini gun no help at all

nighthawk 5 years ago

I want to play this map so bad but it hasn't came out on ps3 yet

iTzZyLo 5 years ago

What does mule kick actually? i know you can get 3 weapons with that perk but if you go down and lose your perk you start with 2 weapons again. but if you buy the perk again you'll get your 3rd weapon back?!

5 years ago

Where us this pos suit? I keep Suficating cause I cant find the suit. Where is it and what does it look like? Thanks

PAULYD 5 years ago

@G as soon as you teleport you will see a space suit infront of you just go hit the action button on it and you will get the PES suit

some1 5 years ago

love the map eay strag is JUST GO AROUND IN CIRCLES LOL

harley 5 years ago

how do i get all 7 perks. and wat do i do after i hack the exavater terminal? i feel its related but i have no clue

to harley 5 years ago

first off theres 8 perks not 7, all you have to do is buy all 8 perks, you don't have to have all of em at the same time.

biob 5 years ago

personal best 1

Flaunty 5 years ago

Does somone know where i can find a map of the moon because i want to know where all the weapons are.

RRnm505 5 years ago

Question? When you teleport from the moon to area 51 and grab juggernog then teleport back , do you loose your juggernog perk. I ask because I purchased speed cola and when I transported back the perk was gone. Any ideas ?

mighty boosh 5 years ago

how much is the moon pac? is it justa download?

sniper_fresh65 5 years ago

im not quite sure about losing the perk when i got jugernaug on earth i teled and i still had it did mr. i like to bounce and walk slow grab you he takes perks you know

aj 5 years ago

what does the dead shot daiquari perk used for?

ZombiePerks123 5 years ago

Mule kick perk is helpful

Deathskulledman 5 years ago

guys, here's some stuff 4 starters: 1.)Perks: u all no wat quick revive, juggernaug, speed cola, and double tap root beer does!.....staminup doubles sprinting duration and u move slightly faster, phd flopper makes an explosion when u dive into prone, deadshot daiquari move ur crosshairs closer together makes auto aim go to the head instead of the body, and mule kick allows to hav 3 weapons (NOTE: if u get downed and revived, u will lose the perk and the last weapon u got!)

2.)Rooms: Area 51, where u spawn at/ Receiving Bay, Where u telepot to from Area 51/ Tunnel 6, the tunnel from the door next to the olympia/ Tunnel 11, the tunnel from the door next to the m14/ power room or pyramid room, the room after u go through tunnel 6 or 11/ Laboratory, the door u purchase to the right of the pyramid in the power room if facing the front of the pyramid, (Has a first, second, and third floor, but u purchase or hack the third floor.)/ Bio Dome, the door to the right in the third floor of the laboratory and has a green light above it/ outside or teleporter area, the door to the left in third floor of the laboratory.

3.)Mystery box locations (USE THE MAP ABOVE TO FIGURE OUT!):Receiving Bay, Power or Pyramid Room, Bio Dome, and Outside or Teleporter Area. The mystery box CANNOT be in the receiving bay when u first teleport to the moon, but it can be moved there by the teddy bear.

4.)Equipment: P.E.S. is your space suit when u teleport to the moon and it is needed to survive b4 u turn power on/ Hacker, AN extremely useful device used to repair barriers, hack people to giv them points, hack perk machines 4 a refund, but it will take the perk away from u, and so much more!!!!!!/ Claymores, a proximity based land mine. many people think that if u get a claymore, it will take away ur hacker or P.E.S. but it wont because it used w/ right on the D-Pad and the P.E.S. and Hacker are used w/ up on the D-Pad.

I hope this guide helped, It's my pleasure!

PS: MY gamertag on XBox Live is Deathskulledman, U can send friend request or message if u wanna play on zombies

Mabin 5 years ago

i discovered it was richtofens plan to blow up the earth

big black theory 5 years ago

if any one wants to do call of dead or shangri la easter egg or even moon tell me and to order to do the FULL moon easter egg u must have both call of dead and shangri la ester egg trophys or acheivements and u must be richtofen---u don't need 4 people to do this ------only 4 shangri u need 4 people

zerocool 5 years ago

i got to level 99 with allot of guns pack a puc

zombieslayer 5 years ago

moon is awsem

Killerman03546 5 years ago

yo!, moon is so fun and duz anyone no what thee moon easter egg is? P.s if u don't ask: EITHERSNIPRESS he is friend of mine he has Xbox live EITHERSNIPRESS is his gamertag, (i don't have Xbox live what i meant was he is friend in real life) and also moon rocks! play moon a lot if u have it :P i just love that smily :P lol moon is fun but super hard.

bi_chmasta 5 years ago

Any1 who wants to play moon and hopefully complete Easter egg(fully) I've done it half way message or game invite me on psn:bi_chmasta hope u hav a Mic

teh salguod 5 years ago

ya moon is awesome p.s. the best thing to do if u play solo is to "RAPE TRAIN" its when u get juggernog before u ever go to the moon and it works, ive done it 3 times so far once co op, but watch out for the spaceman cuz he takes yo latest perk.

bink282 4 years ago

the best place to hold off zombies in moon is were the mule kick is because the low gravadey slows them down or hold of in the biodome

slutty nut21 4 years ago

wahoooooooo got qed and it is beast

dsklsd 4 years ago

isn't hacker technically a perk?

Hacker 4 years ago

No, hacker is equipment in zomies

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