Call of Duty Black Ops zombies money making tips

Making money(or points) on zombie mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops is essential to success. If you do not spend your money properly, or do not try to make as much money as possible, you may find yourself dead in the later rounds. Of course, you will eventually die, as you can not win,however, you will want to get as far as possible. Depending on how many people you play with will dictate how much potential money you make. If you were to play with two people,(including yourself) you may make 1000s at the very beginning, although the game will be harder to survive. The money will be distributed much differently when playing with four people. There are numerous things that you can do to make as much money as possible at the very beginning of the game. This goes for every zombie map. Whether your playing the classic zombie maps, or the new maps, "five", or "Kino Der Toten".

1. At the beginning of each game, do not buy a weapon off the wall right away. You can make more money by using your pistol at the beginning. Take a position at one of the windows and shoot the zombies with your pistol to acquire more points. The pistol may not be very powerful, but allows you to make money because of the number of body shots. If your playing with 2 people or less, then you may want to buy a weapon off the wall at the beginning, other than that do not buy one off the wall.

2. Don't pick up nuke power ups all the time. You can make much more money shooting zombies with multiple gun shots, then one nuke. The nuke will give you a few hundred points, but may make you less than if you fought all the zombies single handed. The nuke should only be used if you absolutely need it. Picking them up all the time may affect how much total money you have later.


3. Let the zombies break down windows at the beginning. You make 10 points for each board repaired on a window. This will allow you to maximize your points when you are also shooting zombies with the pistol.

4. In addition with letting the zombies break down barriers, let some zombies in. Shoot them a few times and they may drop a power up. One of the zombies may drop a double points power up. Shooting zombies with each shot doubles, and so does repairing windows. Each window board you repair now gives you 20 points instead of 10. This is a big difference, and the money you make at the beginning will help later.

5. Use money making weapons. When I say money making weapons, I am referring to guns that take multiple shots to kill a zombie. Machine guns, and assault rifles are money making guns. Every shot you make gives you points, and killing the zombie itself also does. Guns like the shotgun are good, but may not make you as much money. A machine gun out of the magic box will make you loads of credits because it carries a lot of ammo, and takes multiple shots to kill a zombie.

6. To save money, always have the person with the most points open a door or barrier. In this fashion, everyone will save more money in the long run and the players who don't have a lot of money will not go broke.

7. Instead of constantly buying more ammo off the walls, look for a max ammo that zombies sometimes drop. This is free. Spending to much money by buying ammo off the walls can hurt you later on. This does not mean you should not buy ammo off the walls, but you should only do it when you have to.

For my information regarding Nazi Zombies, check out my website, which is still in developmental stages.

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Boogr profile image

Boogr 6 years ago from Louisiana

Good hub, I can never make it past level nine cuz I'm broke!! Lol I love your awesome cod hubs! If ur on psn- my name is boogrface

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

I have an xbox 360 ...dammit everyone on hubpages has a ps3 and not an xbox 360.

Its HomicidalDavid on xbox live though

pooky 6 years ago

why does everyone tell me not to kill the zombies that are crawling with no legs? please someone tell me!!!!!!

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Because if you get a crawler then you can go around preparing for next round: such as buying perks/weapons...

If all the zombies die then the game's round ends..

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Because if you get a crawler then you can go around preparing for next round: such as buying perks/weapons...

If all the zombies die then the game's round ends..

pooky 6 years ago

okay thank you!

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

yes sir

pooky 6 years ago

oh and one more question... are there any cheats for zombie to have infinite ammo, and infinite life? i was watching a video on youtube and some guy had them but i tried and it didn't work! please help me lol

David 470 profile image

David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ pooky

Maybe on the pc, but cheats would not really be allowed on the ps3 or xbox 360 because of the leaderboards.

I do,however know a glitch(sort of) where you can get on a table where you spawn, and no zombies can get you. The thing is, an update might be made about it if people talk about it on the internet.

Shad0z. 6 years ago

david add me Shad0z with a zero

profile image

Aleister888 6 years ago

Great hub man, i am certainly going to apply these tips next time i play this, which will be in about 10 minutes!!


Some Chick 6 years ago

You should have said to Shoot a few times and then Knife the zombies within the first few rounds, Also to Knife only during the insta kill Seeing as the final shot with a gun will be 60 points and with a knife will be 130 points not to mention if a Double points was added then that's over 260 points per a zombie leaving you plenty of money to do things,

Shoot zombie like 5 times then knife in the first round 7 then knife in the next and then 8+ then knife.

And it would be a good idea not to shoot others zombies because if you die it's less likely that they will revive you causing everyone to lose money

marcoaltenburg profile image

marcoaltenburg 6 years ago

great post, im gonna use these tips.

jdavis88 profile image

jdavis88 6 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

Great cod hub. Thanks for the info.

Cable guy 6 years ago

When the doctor come out on level "five" the person that can see him is the only one he is after the others will see just a stream of red mist. Set up claymores to kill the doctor, and utilize the ray gun and winter's howl for more damage to doctor. He will slow down as you hurt him more and more. When dead you will gain max ammo and fire sale for mystery box, go defcon 5 in the war room during fire sale and get Power Packed weapons for a cool grand $1000 instead of a wallet busting 5gs. Your welcome the Cable Guy

jack 6 years ago

knifing gets 130 points when u get a kill

donald duck 6 years ago

i think you left the most important thing out for round 1 put in 4 shots to the body then knife round 2 5 shots and knife round 3 8 shots n knife round 3 16 shots n knife round five throw grenades and knife round 5 open top 2 doors buy mp40 and go for steady aimed headshots you btw let zombies in until round 5 so you can get power ups

xsKiitz 6 years ago

- 4 pistol shots then a knife is the best way to get maximum points in a kill

- Only use grenades if you have to

- Dogs come every 5 rounds and drop a Max Ammo every time


My best tips :)

der random dude 6 years ago

hah, that freakin doctor always makes me mad on the "five" on black ops, he is hard to kill man! claymores work well, but i found a great way to kill him almost every time. first find the teleporter hallway labeled 4 in the underground lab, then position yourselves there. he will come at you mad and just really caveman obvious shoot him! he will sometimes come out through the teleporter so have a guy watch it a lot. and easy enough just seconds before he gets you switch to your crappiest gun then hunt him down with your better one! works every time

Butters  6 years ago

@ pooky

get a juggernog,leave a crawler alive,have him hit u once,and when the time is right, jump(exactly when he hits u,jump)

wkdmike 6 years ago

Why jump when it hits you? Tip lay in t a corner of the first room on first round and get someone to dive ontop of you. However you both die and need reviving but you get double the amount of perks from the zombies loads of max ammos and best of loads of fire sales add me wkdmike on ps3

wkdmike 6 years ago

Don't know if it works on any other than kino der toten though if it does would be great to know

sarah 6 years ago


the corner thing works in Five too

mintuz1990 profile image

mintuz1990 6 years ago from United Kingdom

add my PSN id guys. mintuz Also got steam. mintuz again haha.

6 years ago

A stradegy I picked up is when you get to a good corner or spot,with 3or4 people playing is one or 2 players fire.Then when they need to relode the next person or people fire to cover them while they relode.Do this for 2or3 more rounds,create a crawler get ammo find another good spot,and repeat the process.

Nufchardcore 6 years ago

I have xbox360 my name is nufchardcore hard core what is best zombie gun all my m8s say thunder gun some say ray gun plzzzz help!

ninja assassin 6 years ago

for you people who play on the pc and want to cheat on zombies. go to your config file. (if you don't know where it is look it up on youtube) after you go to your config file open it up in wordpad. and find the word monkeytoy. after that change it from "0" to "1" the ngo down the bottom of the file and at the end where it says spu hit enter twice and type in bind 1 "god" bind "2" give all bind 3 "give ammo" and bind 4 "noclip" make sure to hit enter after each bind and this also works for single player too. ive tried it on mw2 singleplayer and it works but instead of monkey its cow and its takes a way your scondary weapon. hope i helped and let me know if i missed anything or u need help :)

ninja assassin 6 years ago

oh and by the way make sure to put in the hyphons things (") or else itt wont work and after you save the file tight click on the file location and go down to properties. after that ghange it to read-only. if you edit it again just make sure to take it off read only before you do, and after your done just change it back

NORMIE 6 years ago

my name is N0RMIE with a zero

NORMIE 6 years ago

on xbox360

Leinad580 6 years ago

My max round is round 25 with 2 people offline on Kino Der Token, we only died because my friend got greedy with his kills and got boxed in and 2 hoards of about 70 zombies each trapped me the double straircase. I had Porters X2 Ray Gun and SPAS 24, (both ate pack a punched vertions) my friend had Porters X2 Ray Gun and Zuescannon (pack a punched Thunder Gun) we had all perks and bowie knife, and monkeys, also the next round i had 20K points so we were gana leave a creaper (the little ones that release nova 6 on death) and have me use myster box till thunder gun and pack a punch it, BTW even pack a punched ray gun with double tap and speed cola for it sux starting around round 22.

JoeyG8889 6 years ago

In the first four or five rounds... knife the zombies. You get more points by killing the zombie by knifing then you would by shooting it.

JoeyG8889 6 years ago

@Leinad580 btw only one person in the game can get the thundergun. Just like in the world at war maps only one person can have the wonderwaffe. no matter how many times you open the mystery box, you will never get the thundergun if another guy in the game has it

Wonder Waffle :) 6 years ago

Pack a Punch the M1911 and kill like 20 zombies at a time. Buy juggernog before any other perk

abubakr algabri 6 years ago

if you want maximum points up until lvl 10 then you have to have 2 or more players, then those players have to make as much money they could until lvl 4 without buying anything, then if open the upstair doors or the downstair doors, but that costs 4250 all together, than turn on the power, but make sure everyone has 3000 points to buy the bowie knife, then kill them 1 hit kill up until round 9 or 10, but try buying the joggernog right after you get 2500 because its really helpful

scutman032 profile image

scutman032 6 years ago from nowhere u.s.a

wonderful tips and great strategy. would you mind reading my hub on black ops and commenting on it? scutman032

black ops king 6 years ago

nice hub very useful but it would be better at the start to shoot 5 pistol shots then knife much more money

widetide0 6 years ago

Its beter to knife theme cuz u get more points when you kill theme

Blusteelbimmer 6 years ago

Great tips, I always like to knife the first 10 zombies if possible. Especially in the new zombies level "Ascension". Where is the most likely place to find the ray gun though? In the illuminated ammo box maybe?

xxHEAD-X-SHOTZxx 6 years ago

In the first round shoot the zombies 6 times on the foot on the second 10 on the third 14 and if u still haven bought a wepon (I don't) and have got max ammo then aim for the leg untillthey almost break in then aim for the head and this means u won,t die. When I was online playing I got to round 6 until I bought a wepon and had over 6000 points.I have a ps3 and me my names above

silentmurder247- on xbox 6 years ago

heads up! its seven shots with m1911 and then knife. and knifing has the same amount of damage as a m14. add me on xbox!(silentmurder247)

omgbakiie 6 years ago

lol,its much easier to play with two.

less zombies.shorter rounds.

dsmythe profile image

dsmythe 6 years ago

In the first 5 rounds slice all the zombies and board up the window. By that time you should have about 5,000 points. Then when the dogs come run to the room with the dual staircases where the speed cola is and get the gun at the bottom of the stairs. That gun is good for racking up points. I never even played any COD before black ops came out. I don't even really play the normal game just zombies. That game is soooooooooo addicting!

profile image

DJ123 6 years ago

If any body needs some tips about zombies ask me becasause ive bean to round 43 at five with 2 people and on kino der toten ive been to 32 with 3 people and at ascension ive been to level 27 with 3 people and all of these have been on 360. My gamertag is E3DION

profile image

DJ123 6 years ago

My strategy for all maps is to stay in the first room for as long as posible ( try and stay till end of round 4 at kino der toten ) and only knife, because i knifed till end of round 4 and had at least 4000 points.But for the map five atleast stay until end of round 6.My strategie for kino der toten is for 1 person try and do the rape train which you can find on youtube,and the rest just to a cicuit around the map.but for five you should camp at the pack-a-punch room.

profile image

DJ123 6 years ago

When i got to round 32at kino the only reason we died is because my friend had to go and we were doing so well because i had thundergun and g11 pack-a-punches and i had claymores,monkeys,all perks and mate had ray gun pack-a-punched and AUG pack-a-punched he also had claymores,monkeys,all perks and he had about 50k

bob 5 years ago

bob rulz wit capitol Z

Jan 5 years ago

Not past level 9? (first comment)

I can knife my way up to level 9, without firing a shot xD

slasher 5 years ago

there is a easy way to run the mystery on multiplayer you just leave one zombie and let him chase you while the other player runs the box.

frozendeath405 5 years ago

Nuke at the end of the round only so u get money for kills and the 400

Dylan 5 years ago

Hi,my gamertag on Xbox360 is Chucksknux and i can get to round 19-? if i have a good team add me and we can do a private kino der toten match together sometime.

skywalker102 5 years ago

here are some tips i know...

1.never buy weapons off the wall because its a waste of money and your going to have to get rid of it.

2.never open door without your team mates being ready because your going to get ran over by a crowd. the second door make sure EVERYBODY gets the mp40.

4.once your on the stage camp for a while when everyone is ready turn the power on near the m16. juggernog,speed cola,and quick revive because you will need it in higher rounds.

do look for the mystery box and hope you will be lucky like me to have the ray gun and the thunder gun at the first time.

good luck! ; D

zeek0207 5 years ago

Can anyone tell me strategies about call of the dead?

profile image

bestgifts 5 years ago

Glad to see my husband and I already figured this out on our own. Definitely helps to be strategic.

sz0784 5 years ago

in round 1, let them in then knife

round 2,same thing

round 3, if u got a max ammo in 1,and 2,shoot 8 times in each zombie then knife

don't buy weapons off the wall

round 4, buy the door upstairs(750) and the next door(1000)

buy mp40 and aim for headshots.

round 5 camp in the mp40 room.

round 6, buy the next 2 doors (1250) and (1250)and get juggernaug. each player must have at leas 4000 before opening the 2 doors. if this is the hellhouns round,everybody should capm by juggernaug and aim for headshots.reload be4 getting max ammo

round 7,if you have lots of money, buy bowie knife. it is beside juggernaug. (it really gets you a lot of money)

round 8+ its time to go to the mystery box don't waste all of your money.1 person should run around the stage and shooting the zombies behind him. if this is 2 player, the other player should run around the half of the map you unlocked.if 4 players, you guys might as well camp by juggernaug. remember to conserve ammo and pay attention to what's in front of you. pap guns and use traps

boogr 5 years ago

I heat to read some much

Micheal 5 years ago

people say u shouldn't kill the crawling zombies because that give u more time to look for the mystery box and get more ammo. when your done then u r ready and prepared to start a new round. P.S. i am a kid i know this stuff.

fiachras The ViPeRZZx 5 years ago

i will not open any doors until round 5 today i got to round 22 but i go points my ray gun!!! Nice

damon 5 years ago

My xbox live gamertag is toasty pichu (yes its from pokémon, big deal) anyway if you wanna add me go ahead I only have 30+ friends so I have plenty of room, and I will add you when I get better internet and renew my subscription to xboxlive and my psn is sackboyfan12

Mabin 5 years ago

ive made it to round 80 just a bunch of circles and on round 80 theres a biplane that crashes through the roof by the way im on solo and i have packapunched my thundergun spas and raygun and thundetgun takes 8 hits to kill a zombie on round 79 anyways a zombie looks like hitler WTF he is evil i cant get past him he shoots you if to far and gets rid of all your perks if he hits you he also has 3 hell dogs protecting him he killed me because i ran out of ammo so i said as nikolai ''oh no im going to die click click''

kick ayss 5 years ago

I got to level 112, 1 player, and I only used the thundergun and juggernog. I got 75k saved up. LEVEL 100 IS HARD! A freakin nazi with a chainsaw freakin chases u swinging away at u.

Ricktoven 101

don't got online

Waytoorawr 5 years ago

If you really wanna learn how to get to round 99msg me on xbox gamer is waytoorawr but u needs add me. Before I can hear u ._.

lynx 5 years ago

don't you hate the stoner i mean its tough but cmon give it some more ammo

profile image

kingbaldy 5 years ago

also when you get a nuke if there is not many more zombies left, say 1 or 2, then knife or shoot (with a not very powerful weapon) a couple of times, then get the nuke. this maximizes your points as you get the 400 from the nuke plus the points that you get from knifing or shooting.

Zombie Killer15 5 years ago

My highest Round is 35 solo but you know when A man gets tired. P.S. my friends and cousons really don't know how to Save each other and when they get down I don't say anything but they scream like crazy man! Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 price: 59:99

mystery guy haha 5 years ago

my highest round is 563

FreneticEarth58 5 years ago

Actually my highest round is NOT 563 i just joking FreneticEarth58 my name


rodders 7 5 years ago

if u get a ray gun in the first 7 rounds don't use it on kino.on five i saw someone get a deathmachine and there was there of us in a lab and we was shooting zombies and died at that piont.

a person 5 years ago

iv gotten to round 27 by myself had m14 paped and thunder gun got bored so i suicide bombed zombies

stars 5 years ago

Add me on steam if you ever want to play zombies. Starkiller565

deadmau5 113 5 years ago

while i was playing zombies...........well i was playing on moon then my xbox360 jus instanly shut off.........soo i got mad an took out the hard drive an took out the game an!!!!

Badman Titch 5 years ago

add me on ps3 im a very sick player Lup0Wf2

UNCLEbubles6661 5 years ago

ADD ME ON XBL!!! My GT is ----UNCLEbubles6661----

always get to round 20+ and usaly get a 1.5+ K/D on public

pimpdaddyg14 5 years ago

hey guys i just wanna say that its ofically 2012and id like to say i made it to round 155 by myself idont mod i don't no how i don't like it but my method is to first buy the doublebarrel shout gun because if u play on solo u can get quick revive right as it the start and u get it three times than its gone its only500 dollars so i buy the shot gun first and nknife till round 3 than use pistols than the shot gun i always use the top doors to get to the teleporter cuz theres better weapons and better chance of living only use the guns off the wall because if u use the random box u cant replish the ammo so i keep the doublebarell for all the game and trade the pistols for the mp40 because it gives u a lot of points or money the only time i use the double barell after i buy the mp40 is when i gotta reload ok so look once u get to the door thats right out side from the power switch u stay till ur trapped than move bk reload shoot till u absouletly need to reload than open the power stand till the zombies get close than sprint around the whole thang don't take the middle way cuz u may get side trapped so if u have 7500 buy jug after u link tht one side of the teleporter than take out the few zombies tht are there than link it never touch the bottom door take the long way up to the teleporter than use it than u pakapuch the mp40 and than pop off any greandes excpect for one than u leave when u get back to the spwan spot u use tht one grande in tht one door tht opens when u turn on the power than u just keep runing the same routine till u get nine thousand five hundred by than ur probly getting realy low on ammo bwteen the round so u well need to get mulekcic than the m14 than pakapunck the double barell than when u come back use all ur grandes u have save any crawlers just crouch than use the m14 tht shouldn't be pakapunched yet to take them out it doesn't matter what round ur on u can kill them just spray but make it head shots than buy speed cola in the room tht has the mp60 than save 5000 dollars than u paka punch the m14 never try to fight ur way to the teleaporter using the door tht opens when u turn on the power ok so by the 20,s u should be able to turn on the traps save all ur money for traps and guns run up staris to the square room uptop use the trapp stay there for 30secondsthan start movin making ur way to the teleporter always have the teleporter linked to escape when u need to finally just keep the routine up leave spome crawlers so u can rebuild stay on the stage while ur waiting when u get over ran up there u have two descison one is to run to the door tht opens when u have turned on the power than just turn around behind the bar and shoot like crazy and even turn on tht trap but watch ur back thts the method u should try to use most of the time u can repeat the process several times but the traps do have to cool down remember tht and rember watch ur back if the trap by the door under ther staries the one tht opens when u have the power on than run them up staris and use tht trap stay for only 30seconthan make ur way to the stages number 2 is the method u should only use for emergecy rember always have the teleportber linked turn the machine gun on than use the teleporter than before u use the teleporter try to have a few zombies there not a lot when u use it so the teleporter well kill them use some of the graned and the m14 while up there save some grandes for when u come bk other tips the ammo for the pakapunch guns are 4,500 but without having to buy a lot of traps and teleportbers u should haveenough but never be stinge always chose the traps and machine guns over the ammo un tile ur compeletly empty wit it all than buy the mp40 ammo and work u way up to the m14 than the double barlle save the shout gun ammo for sticky situations and hellhounds my gamertag is pimpdaddyg14 wanna hit me up im on xbox360 see ya and good luck also the reason i say to turn on the machin gun is because all the zombies got to the middle section when u use the teleporter so most well die

AustinMoody88 profile image

AustinMoody88 5 years ago from North Carolina

Well people you should play with me. My highest round on kino der toten is 253 solo my gamertag for xboxlive is highrollercpc add me and lets play

RiitzC 5 years ago


1st round - shoot them in the leg 8 times then knife.

2nd round - shoot the body 8 times then knife.

Around the 3rd or 4th round, someone should pick up a max ammo. Avoid buying a gun in the first room. Get a better gun when the dogs come.

Jug comes first then quick revive. The 3k knife only does well in the first few rounds. Its not worth buying after level 10.

Avoid standing in any room besides the stage. Zombies will nee spawning a room ahead of you.

Don't pack a punch until the gun is out of ammo. This especially goes for the thunder gun and only use the thunder gun when absolutely necessarily. It can save you and your team but only if it has ammo.

Don't pack a punch crappy guns like the ones off the walls or famas/semtre etc.

If you use a trap, nuclear bomb, or thunder gun, keep running. Killing a lot of zombies at once means they spawn back very quickly.

You can create a circle of zombies on the stage which is easy to gain points with but watch for other players. If another player darts through the circle, the zombies are no longer set in the same pattern and can easily trap any players in the area.


bobby 4 years ago

at round 3 and 4 frow granads to get crowles you get a lot of points and if you kill most of the zombies and get insta kill just kill them and let the next round start and then get all the zombies in a line and nife them you will get

a lot of points and the next round will start after hope this helped

bestmess223 4 years ago

hey guys in my opinion ...u should never upgrade ur weapon if u just got around 7 or 9 thousand ...lets say u upgraded ur weapon u will have about 2 or 3 thousand ...if u died ...u will looosee ...when i got about 30,000 at lvl 25 i start upgrading one of my guns (upgrade ur weapon that has no ammo it will auto-refill )...for the perks i recognize u to buy jogger not ...speed cola ...revive and 3 weapons holder ( buy them in the order ) really important ...and finally Good Luck ...lets the smartest one winn ;)

jung 4 years ago

u could knife them

kristian 4 years ago

how do you get black ops for pc i need it im 11 plz help!!!!!!!!! also dose anybody no how to become invincible on ps3 kino plzz . i know how to get 5 and doa.. here it is put in 3arcunlock then put in 3arc intel!

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