Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode Features & Details

Like previous Call of Duty entries, we pretty much know what to expect in Modern Warfare 3. A very action oriented single player experience that will deliver large scale firefights, unique action oriented moments, and a linear gaming experience. While some fans of the series may be getting bored with the same formula year after year, some people may say "if it's not broken, don't fix it." Which seems to be the case with infinity ward.

Modern Warfare 3, however, will feature a completely new game mode this year called "Spec Ops Survival Mode". Every single map will be able to be played in Survival Mode. Survival mode is essentially a game mode where endless waves of enemies will attack you. Similar to Gears of War 2's horde mode or Black Ops Zombies (and many other contemporary shooters that have similar modes).

The Survival mode in Modern Warfare 3 will feature a currency system. The player will be awarded for doing things such as killing enemies, getting killstreaks, and completing individual round criteria. You'll be able to purchase new weapons, refill your ammunition, buy perks, equipment, and more. In fact, you can actually call in air strikes to help you defeat the endless waves of enemy soldiers. Allied infantry can also be called upon as well.

Modern Warfare 3 survival mode

In Survival Mode, players will not only fight enemy soldiers, but also suicide dogs, suicide bombers, and fight against bosses. The boss battles will be enemies like Juggernauts & helicopters. The beginning rounds will mostly be basic enemy soldiers, but as you progress, the battles will get increasingly difficult.

Unlike Gears of War Horde mode, the survival mode in Modern Warfare 3 will have no wave limit. It is endless, so expect to see high scores on the leaderboards. Let's just hope nobody hacks the leaderboards, which seems to happen on a lot of online gaming.

One of the main differences from this survival mode and Treyarch's zombie mode, is that you'll be fighting against smarter enemies. Enemies that will shoot back at you, flank you, and attack you in an intelligent manner.

Modern Warfare 3's survival mode looks promising. While we can still expect the same action packed campaign and robust multiplayer, survival mode looks to be a great new addition to add variety.

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"""""""""""""" 5 years ago

kijk jongens. net als black ops zombies, dat was fantastich survival zal ook een succes worde

Nae 5 years ago

Can I play survival mode with two people on one xbox (split screen) while connected to a third playing via xbox live at a second location?

5 years ago

mw3 is far the superiour cod out of them all

Henk 5 years ago

Personally i think COD MW3 aint that good, i personally loved black ops because i could do Zombie killing in a lan with 2 playstations, survival mode = 2 players max even online, so it kinda sucked, i wish i never had bought the game....

Angie 5 years ago

Can I play survival mode with 3 people on ps3 without being online

whogivesa 5 years ago

To Henk who gives a **** if u can't play survival mode with more than two people at a time go play the awesome campagne or multiplayer you no life. Play me sometime

Bossness 5 years ago

Do u need a xbox account to play survival mode??


So what your saying is that black ops is a much better game and I agree 100%

person 5 years ago

survival mode is extremely boring after 5 times of playing it DO NOT BUY MW3

bombexplosion11 5 years ago

im on rank 33 and ive only been for 4 days and its EPIC


Another tick on the to-do list! 5 years ago

i can't play survival mode on mw3, need help

Cody 5 years ago

I went and bought the game so I could 'system link' the survival mode... they never programed the survival mode for system link.... how lame... 1.5 out of 5 stars... Blacks Ops btw is 4.5 out of 5 stars

rick 4 years ago

waarom kun je bij mw3 met survivelen maar met 2 spelers ik denk namelijk dat het met meer spelers leuker is nu doe je met 2 spelers en logt er een andere vriend van je in en dan kan die niet meedoen

greetz rick

Steve 4 years ago

MW3 is horrible. Way to go on being creative with maps. O let's just take old maps and tweak them a little bit. Yeah, way to make a game.

Parker 4 years ago

MW3 is awesome me and my pal ar on wave 129 on outpost and still gowing CoD rules

Dad Knows Best 4 years ago

If the MW3 makers were a little more devoted to making an awesome game and not so devoted to forcing people on line to make more money they would make survival mode 4 players. consoles support 4 controllers for a reason.

When will these makers man up and get over their greedy weakness.

Mum Agrees 4 years ago

Yes Dad I Agree,

online will never have the same atmosphere you get with 4 players in the one room. Nothing quite like yelling, screaming and shooting from the one couch!

Not to mention the ease of organising and carrying out tactical strategy!

Can only hope the makers of the next COD have the ability to deliver what the people

really want and make 4 player split screen call of duty Zombies and 4 player survival mode. I'd even play twice as much!!!!!

whogivesa should listen to Henk!!!

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