Can you have a son or daughter in Skyrim? (Video game)

Can you have a son or daughter in Skyrim? Photo: Wikimedia / Bethesda
Can you have a son or daughter in Skyrim? Photo: Wikimedia / Bethesda

Can you have a son or daughter in Skyrim?

If you can have a son or daugther in Skyrim? Unfortunately, you can not have a son or daughter in Skyrim, even after getting married to one of the women of Skyrim. It would cause some problems with the timeline of the story of the game mainly, but it is an interesting idea, that is for sure, and the interest among gamers definitely seems to be out there.

However, marriage in Skyrim provides other means of benefit, for example your spouse may aid you in your quests, bring you gifts, cook you meals, and will even share their revenues from their shops (if they have one). Different spouses provide different benefits. To marry someone, you will first have to impress them; normally this is done by completing a quest, bringing them a gift or doing a good deed or an action of charity. You can marry almost anyone in the Skyrim game, which is an amazing feature by the Bethesda studios; once you marry someone they will move in with you (if you have a house) or you may move in with them. Be aware that there is no official means of getting divorced in Skyrim, so an.. ehm.. tragic accident would have to suffice should you fall for someone else after marrying 'the one'.


Q - How do I get married in Skyrim?

A - Wear an amulet of Mara in front of the person you want to get married to, they will either show interest or not. If they do not, it is most likely due to you not having done a quest or some other action (sometimes the action may be as easy as giving a beggar 1 gold coin) which is required to win the person over.

Q - How do I get divorced in Skyrim?

A - Unfortunately, there is no official way of getting divorced in Skyrim. So, to get divorced before you eventually re-marry your spouse would have to be the victim of a 'tragic accident' or similar. A courier will arrive after this, giving you their will, and a paper which allows you to re-marry.

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What ??? ha ha not a clue about this subject. Banned myself from playing any type of game.

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