Card (Bridge) Table Covers

Description of Card Table Covers

These card (bridge) table covers are soft and naturally textured, providing the look and feel of top quality suede at a fraction of the cost. Trimmed in no-shrink grosgrain ribbon. They are stain resistant and are machine washable and machine dry. The suede-like fabric is made in the USA, and all of the card table covers are cut and sewn by skilled USA residents. The brand is Sanders Classics and they are the only company in the USA that makes card table covers from suede-like fabric. An on-line store that offer the Sanders Classics card table covers is Classic Personalized Gifts (

Whether you use the card table covers for bridge table covers, bunco table covers, poker table covers, or for your other favorite card or table game, you will be pleased with the material's eloquent appearance and game enhancing qualities.

The card table covers are available in nine (9) colors--Hunter Green (most popular), Navy, Black, Taupe, Tan, Mauve, Wedgwood Blue, Silver Gray, and Burgundy. They are available in six (6) sizes--44" square, 54" square, 64" square, 54" round, 64" round, and 74" round. One of the most often asked question relates to sizing which is discussed in the following paragraphs.

To some extent, the appropriate size of card table cover is determined not only by the size of the table, but the purpose of the table. If the table is to be used for bridge or other game playing, most people prefer a 4" to 6" drop. A longer drop will result in the edge of the table cover being in the guests laps. A significantly shorter drop will not allow the table cover to hang down appropriately. If the table is not going to be used by guests seated at the table then most people prefer a longer drop--say 8" to 15". The longer drop provides a more eloquent appearance.

So now that you have determined the length of drop you desire, you are ready to determine the best size for your table. Measure the table's diameter (side edge to side edge) and add 2 times the desired drop length. The result is the desired table cover size--select the size closet to your desired size. For example, your table is used for playing bridge and is 34" X 34" and you want a 5" drop--34" + (2 X 5") = 44"--the 44" square card table cover is the perfect size. Another example, your table is a decorative piece with a lamp and is 40" across (round table) and you want a 12" drop--40" + (2 X 12") = 64"--the 64" round card table cover will be the perfect size.

Many people elect to add a classical monogram to their bridge table covers. The optional three (3) letter monogram in white thread adds additional style to these card table covers. Personalization is always in style, and if the card table cover is being presented as a gift, or just to indulge one's self, the personalization option makes the bridge table cover very special.

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44" Square Card Table Cover

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Helen 4 years ago

I received a card table cover from your it, but would like to know if there is a solution to keeping it from slipping.


Bill 4 years ago


The best solution we have, which customers have told us works well, is to go to Home Depot or Lowes carpet dept and buy "rug grabber", cut it to your table size, lay on top of table, and card table cover on top--no more sliding.

Helen aschenbrener 4 years ago

Thank you helen

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