Castle Defenders Minecraft NPC Mod

Castle Defenders, archers at front right and left, knights in the middle, hired mercenary back left, unhired mercenary back right. Click to view full size.
Castle Defenders, archers at front right and left, knights in the middle, hired mercenary back left, unhired mercenary back right. Click to view full size.

Minecraft NPC mods are grand, but most NPCs are fairly self absorbed types that either steal your treasure, think of nothing but cooking pork chops or swim in lava at their earliest convenience. Not many of them are what you might call genuinely useful. They're more Wilson to your Tom Hanks than Sancho Panza to your Don Quixote. But the Castle Defenders NPC Mod is different. It introduces three new NPCs who do nothing but defend you and what's yours with the sort of blind loyalty usually reserved for dogs.

The three NPCs are Archers, Knights and Mercenaries. All three of these NPCs come in two tiers, which tier they are depends on the materials you make their spawn blocks out of. The NPCs don't spawn naturally you see, you must make them spawn by giving them their very own special place to exist. A knight, for instance, is created by putting an iron sword in the center of the 3 x 3 crafting grid and then placing iron ingots top, bottom, left and right of it. This creates a tier one knight. If you need additional defense, and you have the diamonds to spare, you can spawn a tier two knight by using the same recipe, but filling in the diagonal corners with diamonds. A knight is a noble NPC with a great deal of health who will wander about attacking monsters on sight.

Archers are formed in precisely the same way, as knights but instead of using an iron sword, you use a bow. Archers are not able to move around and so should be put in relatively protected positions if you don't want them being destroyed before they've really begun their work.

Mercenaries are a slightly different kettle of fish. A tier one mercenary can be spawned by placing an iron sword in the center of your crafting grid and placing wooden planks top, bottom, left and right then placing gold ingots in the diagonal corners. To create a tier two mercenary, you need to use a diamond sword. It will always cost gold to create a mercenary. Mercenaries are the least dependable of the three NPCs because they are born in gold and subsequently need to be paid in gold to defend you. Scum.

Castle Defender requires Mod Loader, but is otherwise a simple and obliging install with few crazed desires. It's certainly a boon to anyone who plays Minecraft pretending that they're in an RPG or the Middle Ages. Apparently they're almost the same thing.

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