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Finding a cheap PS3 is much easier than you probably think. Their production has finally caught up to the demand, so finding a good deal is a breeze. It's so easy, I've done all of the work for you! In this post I'll show you some cheap PS3 consoles that are available on Amazon, as well as some other tips for saving even more money.

An added way to save money by shopping through Amazon is the lack of sales tax in most states. If you were to buy the 120gb console and a game from your local store, you would end up paying close to $30 in tax (@ 8% sales tax). You're saving that money right off the top!

The basic PS3 console (slim or old-school) comes with the system, a controller, RCA cables, and the power cable. This usually leaves you needing to buy an HDMI cable to play in HD, another controller, the Blu-Ray remote, and games. The easiest way to get all of the stuff that you need for the full gaming experience is to bundle it all together. With the PS3 listings below, those are the unbundled prices. Amazon always has great bundle deals once you click into their site. Usually, there are some that will include all of the controllers and the HDMI cable. Be sure to check those out!

With the new motion control peripheral, Move, coming out soon there is even more reason to get a cheap PS3. Many of the Playstation Move games that are coming out this holiday are going to be some of the hottest around!

Should You Buy A Used Cheap PS3?

That's a risky proposition.  Most used systems won't come with any sort of warranty, and should the console break you end up having to buy a brand new one.  It's possible to save a chunk of cash this ways, but there are better ways to find PS3 for cheap!

Having the warranty is important because repairing a system like this is expensive.  Plus, you never know what the PS3 went through before it comes to you.

Cheap PS3 For Sale

If you are looking for a new and affordable PS3, choose the new PS3 slim. Sony reduced the price from the "classic" PS3 (which is what I'm stuck with!), but added more storage space and a ton of new features.

As with all PS3 consoles, these also play Blu Ray discs so you are getting one of the best video game systems, along with the top of the line movie systems.

When compared to the older PS3 models, the slim is much more efficient and uses less energy, is much quieter, and the new Bravia Sync system that gives the highest output and picture quality for those that also have Sony Bravia HDTVs.

For the finest in video game experience, it doesn't get better than the PS3 Slim!

Cheap PS3 Slim 120GB Bundle

This cheap PS3 bundle is the perfect way to get started with the Playstation.

It has the same PS3 Slim and controller that is described above, but also comes with:

  • High output HDMI cable
  • Blu-Ray remote from Sony
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (a great game)

All you need is a couple of Blu-Ray movies and you are all set up to get the most out of your new PS3!

Just remember that you need an HDTV to use HDMI and Blu-Ray!

Other Cheap PS3 Bundles

PS3 120 GB Console with 2 Dualshock 3 controllers
PS3 120 GB Console with 2 Dualshock 3 controllers

Get the 120gb PS3 Slim with an extra controller and save a few extra bucks!


Finding A Cheap PS3 System Isn't That Tough!

There may be other options out there for you to find a cheaper PS3, but none of them will have the same reputation, safety, and security that shopping through Amazon does. Also, Amazon's return policy is very easy, so if it turns out you don't like it you have options that you might not get from other retailers.

The most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase.  A PS3 is something that is going to be with you for a while, so you want to make sure that you get everything you need.  New games are coming out all of the time, but without the right system you might miss out.  The PS3 Slim is the system that you need to stay on the cutting edge of video games for years to come!

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nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

very informative. thanks

madeline Oscar profile image

madeline Oscar 6 years ago

PS3 Slim Console releases when i planned to get a Ps3 console. I am happy that i got the newer version. It has got great new features as mentioned above.

brettb profile image

brettb 6 years ago from London

I wish I had a slimline PS3, my older one is really noisy!

Liam 6 years ago

The ps3 on the amazon website is it in us$ or in nz$?

Playstation 3 5 years ago

I love what Sonny did recently. They reduced the price for the new playstation 3 so that they are equally or similarly priced to xbox for example. Before, playstation was definitely the most expensive console on the market, but always offered the best price performance-ratio.

Thanks for sharing!

ps3 remote 5 years ago

Watched Todd play Skyrim for quite a while. Had no idea he was playing PS3 version until he held up controller. So PS3 owners, don't fret.

Danial 3 years ago

I wish I can get a slim ps3 coz my mum can't afford to buy it coz she was a single parent hope my wish will come true

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