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This is a review of and is an honest review written by someone who has nothing to do with the company except placing an order with them.

Xbox Live is an awesome service but it is not worth buying Xbox Live Gold over the dashboard as it is more expensive, Microsoft makes it hard to cancel and auto renews it so you may be paying for Xbox Live when you have got rid of an Xbox - not cool!

I have already discussed where you can get cheap xbox live gold if you live in the U.S.A and other options for getting Xbox Live Gold.

The good news is many places sell Xbox Live gold subscriptions online and this is a review of one site called

 Xbox From Originally from
Xbox From Originally from

Are they genuine?

The simple answer is yes they are a genuine site but it did take a lot longer for my code to come to my email than they suggested.  It took me over a day to receive the card but there were some problems as I shall explain.  

I ordered the card fine and paid only £26.99 for a 12 month Xbox Live Gold membership which is pretty good considering you pay £40 over the xbox dashboard.  Then after a while I received an email saying they had received my order but they needed to verify the time I ordered, the date and give a landline and mobile phone number.  This is what caused all the problems.  Apparently once you have done this you don't ever have to do this again.

The thing is the site does look genuine but with any site like this you do ask is this a scam and a real site. At this point they had took the money from my Paypal and I was starting to ask myself that question.  I did not really want to send them an email with my phone number but I did so anyway.

However then I would not let me send an email.  I tried again and again and again and no emails would get through.  At this point I thought the site was a scam.  I then saw on their website you could send an email under the contact us section and sent them a message saying that I could not send them an email from my email account and I would like to have my card now.  

Within a couple of minutes I got my card sent to my email address.  I quickly hurried to my Xbox 360 to make sure it worked and happily it did!

Would I recommend the site?

Probably not - the verification thing was a pain in the arse but the prices were pretty good and it turned out to be genuine.  I would rather personally order from and get it slightly cheaper than it would be from the dashboard and save myself about 2 hours of worrying!

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kirk 3 years ago

Don't use this website it is a scam, i ordered my microsoft points, didn't receive them then got numerous emails stating that they will refund me. I still haven't received any refund that was 9 days ago, i have received numerous emails saying i will get refunded today, again that was 9 days ago.. Very dodgy company, and the correspondance from them is bad too, no explanation, and out of pocket, i strongly suggest you don't use this site unless you want no microsoft ppints or live, and out of pocket!

Leo 3 years ago

I bought xbox gold live code and I have not yet received anything. Their ad says 3-5 days...its been 7 days now and I have contacted the verified email on paypal as well as contacted the website and both have not replied. Its been 3 days since I contacted them...I already filed a dispute with paypal. Hopefully, I get my money back or if, and that is a big IF, they are legit, they get into action and email me my codes...I will never buy from them again, legit or not.

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 3 years ago from UK - England Author

Oh dear. Guys that doesn`t sound good. While my codes arrived when I ordered with them I didn`t really like the site and it was not instant but to be fair they did arrive.

Maybe they have become a scam website again!

Leo 3 years ago

Yeah, its been 9 days now and nothing. Even paypal contacted them and they have not responded. But I still have to wait until June 16 just for paypal to get to a decision. Never will I buy anything from an independent website again unless its proven legit.....

ns1209 profile image

ns1209 3 years ago from UK - England Author

I would not never buy from independents but it is worth doing a bit of research on them before buying. Paypal should be able to help you anyway - good luck.

I might update this if I get a couple more comments like yours!

Anton 3 years ago

The site is a pain nowadays. I went on there to buy some MS points and XBL. I've bought stuff there before and it has always worked well.

No on the other hand the have a verifications process which is both stupid and extremely slow. And it makes you feel that they want all your information. (here is a site you can use instead)

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