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Online games quite possibly wouldn't be the same without all the opportunities that they present to us through cheats, cracks, codes, hacks and a huge number or tricks that allow us to work our way through the ranking systems in order to become high level game players. Many of the online games are getting harder and more challenging, and you could quite literally spend a lifetime trying to work your way up the rankings! Therefore we are extremely grateful for any little bit of help that we can get, and any walkthroughs can be a huge bonus! Enjoy the cheats....

How to Build Prestige Quickly - Easy Free Gold - Hacking Fog of War and More.......This is a great tip which will enble you to build your prestige up to the maximum. All you need to do is focus some energy on your alliances. If you can find and join an alliance which has a high number of members then yo will be rewarded with some really great prestige. The more members - the more prestige. The only difficult part of this crack is to actually get people to allow you to join their alliance. Even if you the lose the alliance you will still keep your prestige points, whereas if you were to leave the alliance then you would be deducted a conisderable amount of prestige!

Grepolis is a NEW internet browser strategy online war game that allows you to build tribes and alliances, and conquer other tribes in order to gain more lain and more bonus rewards. Grepolis is extremely easy to start playing and required just a Username, Password and an email address to get started. Unlimited Resource Cheat..It is of key importance to work out a lot about your market. You need to choose your village and then compare it with the other villages..............Read on

Newbie Hint - If you have been playing desert ops for a while but have never managed to get far with your researching due to constantly being targetted by high level experienced players; then you should consider signing up and starting fresh. The reason for this is because the new desert operations has protection for new players up untill 20,000 points. The older versions didn't so you might have missed out on some opportunities here. Bots and Automatic programming - It is possible to create bots and automatic programming for playing desert operations................Read more

Do not rush it! You are not under any time limit so therefore get each shot exactly where you want it and take your time. Quality is better than quantity!  Don't make the mistake of aiming for the edges all of the time. Try to play your shots into the heart of the spinning wheel, this will eliminate more bubbles should you it your targets correctly. Always look at the next bubble coming after the current one. If you keep your eye on this then you can plan ahead. Planning should be 80% of time spent, and execution 20%. .... More

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