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Carl Schlechter Co-Champ 1910-1912

Carl Schlechter Grand Master

 Carl Schlechter born  03/02/1874 , died 1918 from malnutrition during World War One.

He was born in Vienna.  He was a really strong Grand Master. He was known as the drawing master because at the age of 19 he drew world famous, powerful,  Grand Master George Marco in a ten game match. Carl drew all ten games!

In 1910 his fame and prowness was so sterling that the current World Champion the great Emanuel Lasker offered Carl a ten game match for the World Championship.  Carl accepted the match. The match was a draw.  Due to the thinking paradigm in 1910 it was "accepted" by all that Carl did not get the title of World Champion because he drew. 

I played over that match. Carl was as every bit as powerful as Lasker.  Indeed in the final game Carl could have forced a draw and won the  title, World Champion out right.

I am changing the accepted paradigm;  Carl Schlechter and Emanuel Lasker are Co-Champions for 1910, 1911,and 1912.  Why you ask?  Because the two powerful Grand Masters were equals in direct combat.   It is unfair to deny a soul that lives for chess the title of World Champion because of outdated, and unfair practices ("I retain the World championship if win and if I draw the match").  Very good chance Grand Master Carl Schlechter would not of died of malnutrition if he were co-champion for those two to three years!

You have to play over Carl's games. You will get an idea how strong he is.

A lot of my data comes from books I read about chess as child, I also owe a lot to               for their excellent  online archives.  Go to that site and play over Carl's games and enjoy.

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