How To Play Chinese Jump Rope

Did you play Chinese jump rope as a child? This game uses an elastic or long rubber rope around 6 metres long whereby two players position the rope around their ankles while a third player stands in the middle and needs to jump to avoid hitting or stepping on the rope.

It’s a great game to play outside this summer, and if you are looking for outdoor activities to play with your children then visit the 7 best outside toys for children.

How to play Chinese Jump Rope

As mentioned above, you start with the rope around the ankles of two children who stand facing each other with the rope outstretched.

Then the child in the middle does a sequence of moves and if they make a mistake they are out.

The typical moves go IN OUT SIDE SIDE ON IN OUT CROSS OUT.

On IN the child jumps into the middle of the rope, OUT they straddle the rope so that both legs are on the outside of it.  Then they jump from each side of the rope whereby they straddle each side with one foot inside and one food outside.

The next jump they land on top of the rope and then back in then out.  The final move they move their legs and cross them over so that they drag the rope over each other and then jump back out.

If a level is completed successfully, then the rope moves a little higher on the outside children making it harder until the player is out.

Basic Chinese Jump Rope Moves

Where do you buy Chinese jump ropes?

Most of the larger toy stores should have them in stock, but if you are having trouble finding them you can always order one from Amazon.

Or if you are looking for a budget alternative you can make your own with sewing elastic.

Chinese Jump Rope with Style!

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